European Cannabis News Alerts

European Cannabis News Alerts

The UK sees debt go away, France turns over a new leaf, Greece Hosts MMJ

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jsp1073 on Sunday Jun 10, 2018

Europe Cannabis News

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France Cannabis Laws Turn A New Leaf

French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn disclosed on an interview with France Inter Radio that she is contemplating on the regulation of medical cannabis. The announcement, albeit unexpected, became controversial even if her statements won’t necessarily translate to immediate implementation.


However, Buzyn did acknowledge that France lags behind when it comes to cannabis policies, and that there are people who could benefit from these changes. “France has fallen behind in the research and development of cannabis-based medicines,” she said.


Should things go as planned, it would mean that patients in France would have access to the medicine they need, legally and safely. Scientists would also then be allowed to study the plant, and it would give investors and entrepreneurs a piece of the green pie.


Buzyn’s statement was timely, considering that the Cannabis Europa conference just wrapped up in London on May 22. The conference showed a significant interest among attendees for the European medical cannabis market. The panelists focused on Germany, the UK, Italy, and Greece although there wasn’t much mention of France. However, the lack of attention wasn’t surprising since it didn’t seem like France would be changing their minds about cannabis in the near future.


France, the country with the second biggest population in Europe, may be a lucrative market for medicinal cannabis. Aside from market size alone, legalizing MMJ in France would have a huge impact on politics because next to Germany, they are one of the leaders in shaping European policy. Discussions in France are currently focused on how the regulations will be carried out. Things like which kinds of cannabis products would be allowed to patients, will imports be accepted, will medical cannabis be subsidized by social security, and so on.


Although it’s going to take some time, hopefully Buzyn’s announcement is a hint that France is taking the necessary steps in the right direction.


A UK Legal Cannabis Market May Offset NHS Deficit

If the United Kingdom legalized cannabis, this has the potential to generate at least $1.33 billion in tax revenues alone. This figure is enough to offset the growing NHS deficit.


According to Health Poverty Action, an international development group, “the so-called ‘war on drugs’ was built on shaky foundations”. They recommend that regulating cannabis could “protect vulnerable groups and support public health”, says a recent report.


The report also adds that prohibition is not only costly, but it’s racking up a bill to. On the other hand, creating a legal cannabis market could generate the funds needed to offset the deficit. To come up with the figures, they looked at other comparable markets such as the Netherlands, where legal cannabis generates $1.87 billion each year, while Washington and Colorado see around $3.02 billion yearly.


The Green Party of England and Wales, the Liberal Democrats, and the Health Poverty Action support the regulation of cannabis in the UK, saying that it would bring other benefits because the products sold would require testing. Additionally, only products that meet the potency limits would be sold which would reduce the pressure on supervision from law enforcement.


Greece Prepares For First-Ever Government Supported MMJ Expo

Greece continues full-steam ahead on cannabis activity after it legalized hemp cultivation and cannabis imports last year. They just held the first ever medical cannabis expo last Friday, called the Balkannabis Expo 2018 where over 120 businesses, entrepreneurs, and exhibitors meet in Athens to present a variety of MMJ products to the public.


The large event isn’t just about showcasing products, but it will also serve as a gathering for politicians who are supporting the government’s plans to earn revenues through the legal cannabis industry.


“From now on, the country is turning its page, as Greece is now included in countries where the deliver of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal,” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipiras at a press conference.


Greek government officials are even backing the expo, says the Greek Reporter.


The rise of MMJ in Greece will help revive the struggling economy. The country is having a tough time paying debts, and it suffered the consequences that were imposed by European leaders. Thankfully, the progressive government sees medical cannabis as a way out of debt and as a means of boosting the economy.


The Balkannabis was attended by virtually all sectors of the medical cannabis industry, including nutrition companies, seed cultivators and producers, hemp clothing manufacturers, medical researchers and more. The event also included 35 notable speakers from 17 countries who discussed the uses of medical cannabis.

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