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European cannabis news

European Cannabis News Roundup

London Eyes Cannabis Tax Revenue While German Police Want Legalization

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European Cannabis News Roundup

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Portugal Health Minister Calls For Cannabis Legalization To Shut Down Black Market


In Portugal, it’s still illegal to sell or grow cannabis. But just like other drugs, possession and use of pot has been decriminalized since 2001.


However, in the recent weeks, Portuguese health experts have been pushing for cannabis to be regulated and sold by pharmacies at street value. Former MP Dr. Andre Almeida and Dr. Ricardo Leite, member of the parliamentary Health Committee and the current MP, are advocating the legalization of cannabis. A document called LEGALIZE – A Strategy for the Responsible Legalization of Cannabis Use in Portugal, will be used by debate by Bapista Leite during the Social Democratic Party’s conference on February 2016.


Portugal’s health minister and the Doctor’s Association are both backing the legalization of medical cannabis. The proposal of Almeida and Baptista Leite takes it a notch higher, as they ask for “a responsible and safe legalization strategy for the use of cannabis in Portugal.” Part of the motion also calls for the regulation of the entire supply chain, from cultivation to distribution. Portuguese newspaper Publico states that legalization intends to “reduce the supply and consumption of drugs in Portugal,” but more importantly the objectives of regulating the market and sale of cannabis is to protect the young people from the potential side effects of cannabis and to shut down the illegal drug trade.


The proposed strategy is similar to other forms of cannabis legalization regulations being practiced around the world. The measure calls for restricting recreational cannabis sales to adults who are aged 21 and up, which is the same framework being adopted by several US states. But the main difference is that should the motion be approved, Portugal will permit the sale of cannabis by commercial retailers – in particular, state-licensed pharmacies. This model is already being practiced in Uruguay. Additionally, the authors also maintain that strict regulation over cannabis sales will allow them to efficiently monitor consumption patterns. 


German Police Want Complete Cannabis Legalization, But May Prohibit Cannabis Users From Owning Firearms


The Association of German Criminal Officers (BDK) is pushing for complete decriminalization of cannabis.


“The prohibition of cannabis has historically been seen as arbitrary and has not yet been implemented in an intelligent and effective manner,” says Andre Schulz, head of BDK. “In the history of mankind there has never been a society without the use of drugs; this is something that has to be accepted,” he says.


“My prediction is cannabis will not be banned for long in Germany.” The BDK is campaigning for “complete decriminalization of cannabis use,” Schulz says, saying that the current regulations are encouraging criminality. Schulz believes that focusing on responsible drug use and welfare for consumers and addicts as well as child and youth protection is better in terms of drug law reform. 


However, Schulz believes that for safety reasons, motorists should still be forbidden from both smoking cannabis and alcohol intoxication but there is still some “uncertainties and loopholes in the law” with regard to the differences between cannabis and alcohol consumption.


Study Says London Can Generate $231 Million From Cannabis Taxes


A new study, conducted by Seedo, looked at the costs of cannabis in 120 cities around the world. Seedo is in the business of manufacturing automatic cultivator devices. The study, entitled the 2018 Cannabis Price Index, revealed that both New York and London could generate substantial tax revenue if cannabis is legalized.


Seedo’s report analyzed locations where cannabis is currently legal, illegal, and partially legal. It also took into consideration the cost of pot per gram in order to come up with the potential tax figures that could be generated should the location legalize cannabis.


“Take New York City for instance, which has the highest consumption level in the study at 77.44 metric tons of cannabis per year,” says Uri Zeevi, Seedo’s chief medical officer. “If they taxed marijuana at the average US cannabis tax level, the city could make $156.4m in potential tax revenue per year. This is equivalent to providing nearly 3 months worth of free school meals to every single public school kid in New York City,” Zeevi says.


However, in London, where the price of cannabis is $8.99 per gram and an annual consumption of 31.4 metric tons, there is the possibility of making as much as $53 million yearly assuming it’s taxed in the same way as the US. If London taxes cannabis in the same way tobacco products are being taxed, they could generate as much as $231 million. 




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