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European Cannabis News - The UK Could Have MMJ in a Few Weeks

England Goes For Medical Marijuana and France Shuts Down CBD

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HighChi on Sunday Jul 1, 2018

European Cannabis News

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MMJ May Be Available In The UK Within 2 Weeks


The British government is preparing for the legalization of emergency medical cannabis use within the next two weeks. Sick kids and adults in England who are suffering from conditions that cannabis-based therapies could treat are struggling with access to the same kinds of medicines that are already available in legal cannabis markets such as those in the United States and in Canada.


Local reports say that the issue is now a top priority for the British government, especially with the case of Billy Caldwell in the limelight, as well as other pediatric epilepsy cases. Airport authorities confiscated Billy’s medicines at the London Heathrow Airport, which triggered the 12-year-old boy’s seizures needing emergency medical attention. After he almost had a seizure that needed hospitalization, the authorities returned his high CBD, low THC medication manufactured by Canadian cannabis producer Tilray, which Billy’s parents acquired during a trip to Canada.


In two weeks, UK doctors will soon be able to prescribe cannabis medicines but only on an emergency basis. However, it still remains unclear exactly how many doctors will be willing to do so. Patients are required to have “exceptional clinical need”, and UK doctors don’t have any training on the endocannabinoid system nor the medicinal uses of cannabis, also face the risk of being held liable for undesirable patient outcomes. According to Nick Hurd, policing minister, “Clinicians must be at the heart of the process to provide the reassurance that prescribing unlicensed and potentially untested products is in the best interests of the patient.”


Home secretary Sajid Javid also launched a new review into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis after public pressure from two families whose children have intractable epilepsy that can only be cured with cannabis oil.


Two Paris Cannabis Coffee Shop Managers Charged After Raids


After Paris’ brief fling with cannabis coffee shops, two people were charged for illicit drugs after raids were conducted, according to Paris prosecutors on Friday.


The two were part of a group of four people detained who were detained after the Paris coffee shop craze, where queues of people were lining up for CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC which the French government permitted.


The detainees were charged for importing and distributing illicit drugs, and “encouraging the use of narcotics.” A third man was questioned before a judge on Friday, and the fourth person has been released. The coffee shops allegedly sold cannabis flower, oils, and other products that should have been below the legal limit of 0.2% THC but according to prosecutors, an analysis of two kinds of herbs for sale had THC levels reaching 0.26 and 0.55%.


While the French government has plans to reduce the penalties for cannabis consumption that would involve decreasing the prison sentences and opt for fines, cannabis use will still be considered illegal.


MMJ Will Be Available In Malta Pharmacies In A Few Days


Malta’s first batch of medical cannabis is expected to be available anytime now, since Aurora started shipping two cannabis strains to Malta. These strain are Pedanios 22/1 and Pedanios 20/1.


“We are very pleased that through Pedanios, Aurora is the first supplier of medical cannabis to Maltese patients,” says Aurora Chief Global Business Development Officer Neil Belot. “With an established and highly regarded team, as well as unique regional distribution relationships, Pedanios provides Aurora with an early mover advantage in the large, highly regulated European market. Supplying products to the Maltese medical cannabis system further strengthens our visibility and brand recognition in Europe and internationally.”


Aurora is a subsidiary of German company Pedanios GmbH, who became the very first licensed cannabis supplier for Malta last June 5. Aurora was able to obtain an export licenses from authorities in Germany on June 21.


“These products are two strains of cannabis flowers that are both high in THC and low in CBD – the sativa is 22% THC and 1% CBD and the indica is 20% THC and 1% CBD,” said Dr. Andrew Agius, of the Pain Clinic.


“They will be available in preparations of 10g tubs in dried form and can be vaporized in an approved medical vaporizer, or can be made into tea for those with respiratory difficulties,” he explains. Dr. Agius says that these medications are ideal for people who have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic pain; conditions that respond well to THC. However, he acknowledges that the system is only starting. “In the meantime, there is more than one pharmaceutical company working very hard to get products to market including various oils and tinctures and capsules,” he explains. “They are working hard on getting tinctures to Malta because that’s the most convenient way of administering the medicine to those who have never smoked, or the elderly.”


European Marijuana News - The UK Now Has Medical Marijuana from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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