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cannabis chocolate

The Best Edible Chocolate Company That You Have Never Heard Of

ALL KIND May Have The Best Tasting Medical Chocolate Ever

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Oaktree on Tuesday Sep 20, 2016

The Best Tasting Edible Chocolate You Have Never Heard Of...

The Best Cannabis Chocolates You Have Never Heard Of...Yet. from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Cannabis.Net sat down with All Kind, the most under the radar edible chocolate company in the industry. Well, the caregiver behind All Kind Candy that is.



Cannabis.Net : Hello there!  How is your chocolate so good and no one knows about you?  Are you in California?


So nice to meet you! I’ve been here, in Maine, where life is good, for some time now.  If you haven’t been here yet, come! We have a bourgeoning cannabis scene amongst beaches, mountains, and an incredible food scene. In fact, it seems we are the California, Oregon and Washington of the East Coast.


So how did I get into this edibles thing?


I knew I loved cannabis, for ALL the reasons. It is a plant that has virtually limitless possibilities and potential, creates natural solutions and brings people together like no other plant. I have certainly have been in love with all things cannabis, since my first medicinal toke. I also knew I loved chocolate, but that part came a bit later.


I have been in the ganja scene for a hot minute. I have lived to see the growth and progress of the re-normalization of marijuana. It has been a part of my adult life as an undercurrent, quietly gaining understanding and acceptance. It’s been positive! In my opinion, the reintroduction of weed into our culture needed to take a little time because of the complexity of the marijuana plant itself. It’s exciting to see it all coming full circle and I am glad to be a part of it.

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Why Edibles?


Here we are now, in 2016 and you asked me how I got into developing an edible business: I am a Caregiver in the State of Maine, but before that I worked in the restaurant business. I have been obsessed about food and ingredients, flavor profiles, wine/beer pairings, service and satisfaction throughout my tenure. I met my husband in the midst of the excitement of Portland, Maine’s growing food scene. He is a seriously talented chef. We both worked in restaurants with kitchens that had access to some of the best ingredients in the world, much of which was sourced or grown right here in Maine. Luckily for us, Maine has the highest density of small organic farms in the country and they sometimes produce much more than food. I found myself apprenticing with a grower that had an unbelievable Cannabis resume, if there is such a thing, and there is. My experiences were more than coincidence. They were sweet life training for what came next.  As a Caregiver, I worked to grow and process high end flowers for individual patients but I found that this was often not specific enough to treat patient needs. Many of my patients were searching for medicine that was easier to utilize. They could no longer traditionally smoke and vaping is a style unto its own.


Patients began asking for an edible and I was well equipped to make one.  Commonly, the patient wants an edible to actually be enjoyable, but there are other dietary requirements that are important as well.  Many patients requested a product that would be gluten free and/or vegan. I knew it was important to listen to my patients and to realize what their needs truly are, but I didn’t want to sacrifice taste. This is where my love of chocolate comes in. I knew that a top quality Belgian chocolate was the answer. A THC infused chocolate bar would work perfectly for all of those things. Naturally gluten and dairy free, my first offering in edibles has all the health benefits of rich, dark chocolate, as well all the healing powers of cannabis. Anti-stress, anti-anxiety, pain relieving and anti-insomnia, cannabis works through chocolate for individual bodies. It alleviates symptoms naturally.  My first offering, called All Kind Candy’s 100mg THC Dark Chocolate Bar provide an easy, enjoyable way to medicate.


Not to get ahead of myself, I decided to simply make the best chocolate bar that I could. I had seen other people making sub-par products. They were using the cheapest ingredients and even worse, lying about the content. Frankly, I was fed up with the low quality, toxic ingredients that other edible producers in the area were using. I cared more for my patient’s well-being and those low-brow practices infuriated me. I knew that the only way to do better would be to make a better product. 


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So you are a team with your husband?


My husband taught me how to properly temper real chocolate and only allowed perfect products passed inspection. Once we could confidently say we could make a perfectly blended, great tasting chocolate bar, we moved on to adding the THC.  Together, we researched the science behind infusing THC into food products. It was at this point that the professional testing labs came on the scene in Maine and the East Coast. In a very exciting and expensive (but worth-it) endeavor, I made and sent samples to different labs. I compared test results from multiple labs and many, many edible test batches to truly dial in the dosage and effectiveness of my own product. It’s been pretty fun and I’ve developed some great relationships along the way.


Scientists have some very nerdy information about cannabis. It’s totally awesome. I have always loved to talk with people and who get super passionate about the world of cannabis. It is even more interesting now, because we have a variety of scientific tests available at our fingertips. There are so many nuanced intricacies that go into making a chocolate bar like this, its helpful as a confectioner to have some quantification via testing. Its also important for a patient to have a clear understanding of what medicine they are enjoying. With that in mind, I created All Kind Candy’s 100mg Dark Chocolate Bar. Each bar is made up of 15 individual pieces, so it’s easy to snap off your perfect dose. Results include feelings of relaxation, the lessoning of joint-pain, anti-anger, increased appetite, increased enjoyment of flavors, the alleviation of anxiety, alleviation of sleeplessness and many others including a better sense of well-being.  


Hand poured and hand packaged, each bar is made of a blend of high quality Belgian Chocolates and all kind, artisanal cannabis. With 50g of Chocolate and 100mg of THC per bar, you choose your dosage of medication. If you are not a patient in Maine, maybe you should be? If you would like more information about my product, please visit my website Now accepting patients in Maine. Contact us for more information.




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