European Marijuana Bill
European Marijuana Bill

European Medical Marijuana Bill Inches Closer To Reality

European Parliament Conference on Medical Cannabis

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christalcann on Wednesday Dec 14, 2016

European Parliament Conference on Medical Cannabis




On November 24th, in Brussels, was hosted by the European Parliament, the first international conference on medical cannabis. The European cannabis parliament conference witnessed some of the most intense and engaging deliberations on the future of medical marijuana in Europe. The European  conference in Brussels embraced various interested parties which encompassed political figures, supporters, medical experts and professionals. The focus of this meeting was to reevaluate EU’s posture towards medical marijuana in view of mounting proof of marijuana‘s relevance and benefits.



The conference was  organized by the GUE/NGL, a European political group that supports egalitarianisms and social equality in the European parliament.  Some of the most important considerations that were highlighted at the conference were focused on the monetary benefits of cannabis and the many therapeutic applications of medical marijuana(and particularly CBD oil) which has deprived many patients accesses to adequate treatment because of retrogressive laws that area propelled by ignorance rather than scientific proof.



Most of the cogent arguments put forward by MEP Stelios Kouloglou emphasized the huge and important monetary benefits of marijuana in various economies in the areas of revenue generation. Similarly, the conference pointed out the need for extensive and holistic research into medicinal marijuana, coupled with proper investigations into the extent to which marijuana can be adapted for a wide range medicinal purposes.



Teaching physicians on the effective use of this alternative treatment option was also one of the suggestions put forward in the conference.  Ireland’s Graham De Barra stated that the primary objective should be “to provide adequate patient health care, quality assurance, and investment into clinical trials.Dominique Lossignol, a Belgian cancer and pain treatment expert, also spoke on the unfounded notions and erroneous views that are held by most medical experts and neurologists that trivialize marijuana. He purports that while medical marijuana may not be an effective treatment for all patents, those that are well-adjusted to the medicinal herb and can be effectively managed using marijuana treatment should not be deprived.


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Dr. Franjo Grotenhemen, from the Association for Cannabinoids in Medicine (IACM), offered a clear-cut overview into the state of cannabis legislation in Germany and possible progressions that may occur in the nearest future. He stated that “the German government has prepared a bill,” and that it was compelled by a forced by court decisions” but he also made it known that he changed his posture concerning the herb. Ultimately, the bill is a step in the right direction as it would give way to more progressively liberal marijuana laws that allow for unrestrained access to medical marijuana, particularly for patients that need it. Unarguably, austere legislations on cannabis in Germany are beginning to give way to more liberal and accommodating marijuana laws with very persuasive arguments that is hinged on the staggering monetary benefits that would be gained from the legalizations of cannabis as well as the countless number of patients that would enjoy exceptional therapeutic gains of marijuana.



The war against retrogressive and narrow-minded anti cannabis laws is far from over; however with more politicians beginning to reconsider their stance on marijuana legalization, we would certainly witness the introduction of more relaxed legislative reforms. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel as current legislative reforms would inevitably usher in more progressive laws that allow unencumbered access to the therapeutic herb.






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