Cannabis Bonsai
Cannabis Bonsai

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bonsai

Marijuana plant Bonsai designs are getting popular

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DanaSmith on Friday Jan 18, 2019


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Unleash Your Inner Mr. Miyagi And Make Your Own Gorgeous Cannabis Bonsai Tree


Both cannabis and plant enthusiasts alike can derive great joy from growing a cannabis bonsai. The art of growing these miniature trees originated in ancient China and Japan, with the goal of creating plants that seem identical to those found in nature. However, the only real difference would be in its size.


Contrary to popular misconceptions, bonsai trees are not genetically altered. In fact, just about any kind of tree can be made into a bonsai, but naturally there would be some species that would be more appropriate for growing into a bonsai plant.


But why would anyone want to grow a cannabis bonsai plant?


Bonsais are actually all about art. Many cannabis and plant enthusiasts find great fulfillment growing bonsais because it requires time and care, and the result, when done well, can be extremely satisfying. Bonsais are like tiny creatures; they look like trees and can live for a very long time. Bonsai translates to “planted in a container” in the Japanese language, and cannabis can very well thrive in containers and pots.


Another advantage to growing cannabis bonsais are legal size limitations. It allows you to grow cannabis discreetly without a risk. You won’t get as much of a yield as you would with a normal plant, of course, but it’s also a fun experimentation learning all about ganja cultivation.


Here’s are the basics for growing your own cannabis bonsai:


  • A 2-3 week old cannabis plant, already in a pot

  • Gardening twine

  • Electric drill

  • Wooden stake




  1. Drill several holes all around the pot’s sides. These holes are where you will be running the gardening twine, with the purpose of suspending the branches of your bonsai in various directions. Make sure that the holes you’re drilling are wide enough to fit the twine, otherwise you may end up wasting time on expanding them later on.

  2. Next, place the wooden stake right beside the trunk of your cannabis plant. The stake’s purpose is to help you arrange the position of the bonsai trunk. Now, you must be very careful in this step because if you aren’t gentle, you can easily damage the roots of the cannabis plant before you even got started. Avoid this by slowly pressing the stake down onto the soil, and once you have successfully coiled the trunk in the way that you want, tie it using the twine and connect it to one of the nearer holes that you’ve drilled into the pot. When tying the twine, keep in mind to avoid using too much pressure, and leave some allowance for the trunk to grow.

  3. Third, it’s time for branch training, which involves tying the branches of the bonsai. This is done similarly to tying the trunk. Think about the direction you want the branches to go, and once you understand this, simply tie them with twine, then connect them to the drilled holes. Again, leave some space for the branches while arranging the wires, as this allowance is crucial for helping your branches grow without being constricted. If your vision for branch growth is horizontal, you can tie them down with twine. On the other hand, if you prefer a vertical style, don’t make the wirings too tight.

  4. Fourth, it’s time to prune the branches. When your cannabis bonsai grows, pruning is necessary to limit the quantity of branches that grow. Doing so will enable you to create that traditional bonsai appearance while preserving air flow for your plant. When it comes to pruning your bonsai, only do so for the new branches. Don’t cut the vital branches because this will only impede the growth of your cannabis plant.

  5. When your cannabis bonsai has finally reached the flowering phase, which you’ll know by the presence of the white trichomes, you can now cut them off. Leave the cut buds in a room that is well-ventilated so that they can cure well. Once you can remove the stem from the branch, it’s time for you to do the curing process.



Now you know how to cultivate a beautiful little cannabis bonsai plant. One of the best things about bonsais is that you can keep it for many more seasons, and allow it to flower for years to come.



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