Dispensary at the mall
Dispensary at the mall

Foot Locker, Food Court, Weed Shop - San Fran Mall is First to Have a Cannabis Showcase Store

Will you be buying weed at the mall after Federal legalization?

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Chiara C on Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

weed dispensaries at the mall in san fran

Guess what? You can now visit a new mall In San Francisco a real legit way and see cannabis products lining up the shelves!

This new establishment is called Joy Reserve, a store with a bright and welcoming front within Westfield Center.  In an interview with 48 hills, one of the new workers at the mall said that they felt they had come full circle in life. Starting at Spencer Gifts in the local mall while also seeking cannabis in between shifts outside the mall to now selling cannabis flowers at a fully legal cannabis showroom in the same Westfield Center mall is quite crazy.

Joy Reserve

This is not a cannabis Dispensary per se, and the shop does not showcase real weed and its related products. Located on the second floor of the mall, the shop is a front for displaying weed and cannabis-derived products as well as delivery systems. It uses the space and functional materials to educate consumers on the upside of cannabis consumption.

To locate this shop, visit Westfield Center, it takes up residence between the J. Crew and Bloomingdale's on the second floor. Each day, workers are on the ground to provide answers to inquiries made by customers. In addition to the employees, companies whose products are showcased also have representatives at the mall to give information on all the company's materials that a customer might find useful.

Each display has promotional materials, stickers, and pricing information written on a card. Each product also has a QR Code.

Once the customer selects the products they would like to have, they are asked to scan their barcode and pay for it. However, they walk out of the store empty-handed. What happens is that the goods are delivered to the person at safe locations outside the mall. The store is not a regular cannabis Dispensary, and it has been likened to back-door weed dealing. However, this ingenious idea could be the start of something awesome. As stated earlier, everything that goes on in this store is completely legal.

A Store and a Showroom in One

Vivian Vu, the owner of Joy Reserve, mentioned in an interview that the store is equipping customers with information; many times, when shy or intimidated customers visit the store, they end up leaving more confident that they walked in. She explained that she wanted the store to be a place people curiously walk into to learn about what's going on. For instance, an older woman sorting through her grocery shopping with her daughter and granddaughter (at least 21 years old) and then stumbling across the store before deciding to see what the fuss is all about.

Vivian Vu told 48Hills that she got into the Cannabis Business after she experienced firsthand the massive benefits of cannabis medically. Her mother has a disease condition that can only be managed with cannabis-based medications. The store has a familial air that is made better with local cannabis workers mailing and chatting. Everyone is positively excited about Joy's reserve, as well as its unique shopping experience.

The store is first and foremost a showroom where cannabis and cannabis products are made accessible to men and women who are legal American adults. Vivian added that the experience she wants for customers in the store should be interactive and educational.

In states where recreational cannabis is legal, like California, there are very strict regulations that make it difficult for growing Entrepreneurs to set up dispensaries. In areas like San Francisco, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to open a dispensary. There are hoops and red tapes strewn across the path to renting a store and then setting up for operations to commence. There is also the bias process involved in getting licensed to operate cannabis stores awarded to you.

In creating this unique establishment, Vivian Vu was able to work her way around the various challenges. She understood that weed stirs do not necessarily need to have the actual product on the premises. What better way to open up sales and appeal to customers than the novel weed mailing strategy.

Cannabis in Premium Locations

The cannabis industry is one of the few that wasn't impacted negatively by the pandemic. In fact, the industry waxed stronger during this period. Now that things are starting to settle again, cannabis entrepreneurs have begun renting out storefronts that were previously occupied by businesses that have to pack up shop due to the after-effects of COVID-19.

The novelty of this hasn't worn off yet because once upon a time, cannabis retailers were relegated to alleyways, industrial wasteland, hidden paths, and rarely visited locations. Now, you can buy cannabis flowers, oil extracts, edibles, vapes, bongs, gummies, pills, and even marijuana powder in stores located on main busy streets, malls, dispensaries, and pharmacies.

The designs in these cannabis stores are something else to watch out for. Each store has its own theme and vibe. Some are chic and glossy, while some are luxurious. Some stores have themes that pay homage to musicians, bands, or even fun houses. There are cannabis stores that are designed to look like art galleries or gadget stores.

The owners of these establishments put enough thoughts into the designs of their locations because cannabis dispensaries deserve high visibility. If not to derive more sales, then to quell the stigma usually associated with cannabis use and sales.

Hiding a cannabis store makes it seem illegal, and it isn't. 19 States, including Washington D.C and Guam in the US, now permit the use, sales, and possession of recreational cannabis.

Last Words

Joy Reserve could be the first of many cannabis stores that operate with the weed mailing strategy. Some of the available brands offered here include Kivaz Kinslips, Potli, Cann, Green Bee Botanicals, Protabs, Clarified, Cannadescent, and  Kings Garden, to name a few. The cannabis industry needs more innovative stores like Joy Reserve to regulate the consumption of cannabis in communities, as well as ensure that the local population is consuming safe products.





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