marijuana job openings
marijuana job openings

Where are the Cannabis Job Openings in 2022? Yes, Even Utah Has One!

How can you find open marijuana industry jobs updated weekly?

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Chiara C on Wednesday Jan 5, 2022

open marijuana jobs

Will 2022 be a banner year for the cannabis industry at the Federal level? Probably not, but that will not stop the states’ momentum of adding medical and recreational cannabis programs to their tax-base. Where are the cannabis jobs in 2022?  What are the job trends and positions that are most in-demand?


Taking a look at the job board, we see that the usually suspects like California and Washington lead the charge with the most marijuana job openings right now, with 73 and 42 open weed jobs right now.  One interesting tidbit is to scroll down and check the newly legalized states, or states where either a medical program or recreational program was recently introduced.  Ohio lists 6 job openings, while New York shows 8 openings on the marijuana job board.  Even Utah, the most conservative state on weed with Idaho, has a job opening.

The Crop Physiology Laboratory at Utah State University has an opening for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with background in controlled environment Cannabis physiology and production.

Incumbents in the Postdoctoral Fellow position are provided the opportunity for advanced academic preparation and research training often under the guidance of a supervising faculty mentor. Postdoctoral appointments are temporary by nature and are designed to develop the postdoctoral scholar as an independent researcher and to enhance their professional skills in academia. Positions are typically subject to the availability of funds.

The position is available immediately.


If you filter by title or “industry”, you will see sales job rule the roost as many companies are looking for ways to get their brand into new venues and dispensaries. Sales positions can be fruitful in cannabis if you get with the right company, as the “product sell itself”, as they say, if the company has high quality products.

Budtenders, aka cannabis associates, and delivery drivers, make up some of the listings in California, with brand new companies in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida looking for the same. Some locations need general managers and sales floor managers as new dispensaries tend to have to cover 5 to 6 days a week being open, so one person cannot fill that role. Those listings may actually be hiring two managers, a front-half and back-half type set up, or weekdays and weekends type flip-flops.


For example:

EMBR is looking for a Retail Floor Manager to join our team in La Mesa, CA! This is a full-time position with the schedule to include weekends and holidays. The hours for this position will be 5-8 hour shifts between the hours of 6:30AM - 9:30PM. A Budtender Shift Lead is expected to work three to five (3-5) shifts per week and must be available weekends, weekdays, evenings, and holidays.
We are seeking talented individuals with a professional demeanor that love this industry. Applicants must have exceptional customer service skills and budtending experience inside a dispensary. In order to be considered for employment, please read the entire post and carefully follow the directions below.
If you have previous work experience in the cannabis industry inside a dispensary, please make sure to provide a detailed work history within your resume. Please include a link to any social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


If you are looking at getting your foot in the door in the cannabis industry, check out the open job listings that are updated weekly at the job board, click here!



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