Swiss recreational cannabis
Swiss recreational cannabis

High Up in the Alps? - Switzerland to Start Recreational Cannabis Sales this Summer, But Just for 400 People

How high up are the Alps just took on a whole new meaning in Switzerland!

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Joseph Billions on Monday May 2, 2022

Swiss recreational cannabis

Switzerland Aims for Summer Start of Recreational Cannabis Trial Program

The cannabis industry in Europe has grown considerably over the past couple of years and it looks set for another giant leap. This summer is set to see a cannabis trial program begin in Basel, Switzerland. There have been numerous speculations on what the outcome of this trial will be and its impact on the cannabis industry. Not to worry, we have a full package of all that one needs to know about this special recreational cannabis trial program. Read on as we shed more light and take a closer look into the nitty-gritty of this trial program.

Switzerland Recreational Cannabis Trial Program

As stated earlier this special program is a trial program which means it is only open to some selected persons and there are specific outcomes being monitored. About 400 people have been chosen to take part in the trial program. These persons will be given access to procure recreational cannabis products from designated pharmacies. The cannabis products to be used in this program will be produced by Pure Production which is based in Switzerland.

The participants of this trial program will be carefully monitored over the period of the program and questioned regularly. The questions the participants will be required to answer will be hinged on their mental and physical health. The impact of the procured products on their normal physical routine will be monitored. The participants will also be assessed based on their responses to seeing their ability to manage the psychoactive effects of the natural herb. Assessment of the participants will be done using prepared and validated questionnaires throughout the program.

The selected participants of the program are all above the age of 18. The participants have all been warned of the regulations that come with participating in the trial program. This includes the fact that participants will be duly penalized if they are caught passing cannabis to other people. Researchers and authorities from the local government will be involved in the trial program which will run for two and a half years. Experts from the University of Basel and University Psychiatric Clinics, Basel will also be involved in the trial program.

This trial program had earlier received the go-ahead from the Parliament two years ago before its implementation this year. The lower house of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland approved the bill after it saw the advantages a recreational market can offer the nation. This follows the footsteps of other European countries when it comes to the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis. The trend has always been to the first set up a trial program before embarking on full legalization and needed regulations.

Importance of the Recreational Cannabis Trial Program for Switzerland

The Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland explained that this trial program will help it to understand how to regulate sales of cannabis. It also states that it will help the government know alternative regulatory forms to use seeing as many people use the drug. One major aim of the exercise is also to see of purchasing the product legally has an effect on the general consumption of the drug. The state government believes legal procurement will reduce the illicit activities of black market vendors that are thriving in the nation.

The program will also help the country see if legalization will curb the effects of the black market which is already thriving. Switzerland has a ban on the cultivation, production, and consumption of recreational cannabis yet the product is widely used in the country. This is due to the successful activities of black markets according to the Federal Office of Public Health. This is why this recreational cannabis trial program is being monitored by many in the country as it can be the answer to many questions.

Recreational cannabis has gradually seen a change in the disposition of different governments towards its legalization over the past year. Malta took the first step last year by becoming the first country in the EU to fully legalize recreational cannabis. Germany and Luxembourg are expected to follow in those steps very soon and if this program is successful, Switzerland might not be too far behind. This is why many recreational cannabis advocates in Europe are paying a close eye to this trial program because its success has huge potential.

Possible Drawbacks to Effectiveness of the Program

The good side of this cannabis trial program in Switzerland is that it sets an important milestone for the cannabis industry in Europe. It is expected that other similar countries will follow suit and establish theirs as well. There is however some degree of concern among various experts regarding its effectiveness. The premise for these concerns is hinged on the fact that recreational legalization in Europe has been known to always be slow in pace. This is largely because the success of these programs is usually sabotaged by different types of delays and bureaucracy.

The Dutch pilot program is an example of a cannabis trial program in Europe that did not reach its intended potential. The purpose of this program establishment was to promote limited cultivation and distribution of recreational cannabis. However, the program has been faced with multiple delays and holdups since it was first announced. The program is now expected to commence in the early months of 2023. The debacle of the Dutch pilot program has many believing that the summer recreational cannabis trial in Switzerland might suffer the same fate.

Bottom line

While there are many positives that can be taken from the success of this program, its failure will have huge consequences. Its failure or delay could mean the halt of the proposed growth of recreational cannabis in Switzerland and Europe. Two and a half years is a long time in the cannabis industry but that is the required time to see what this trial program will yield. In the meantime, recreational cannabis advocates in Switzerland and Europe are hopeful the trial program will be a success.








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