Idaho says no CBD for pets
Idaho says no CBD for pets

Idaho Is So Anti-Weed That They Won't Even Let Your Pets Have CBD for Arthritis or Anxiety

Want to live in a place 100% against cannabis in every form? Move to Idaho!

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Joseph Billions on Friday Sep 23, 2022

idaho says no cbd for pets

From the 1st of November, in the state of Idaho, the trade of CBD for pets and other hemp-derived or infused products will be banned. 


Chanel Tewalt, the deputy director of the Department of Agriculture in Idaho stated that the products are seen as adulterated products and they are seen that way both at the state and federal levels.


The Department of Agriculture of the state released a memo back in July noting that hemp or its derived products, including but not limited to CBD, are not acknowledged by the Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) or the United States Food and Drug Administration as legitimate feed ingredients.


It seems apparently doggy treats are not left out of the CBD craze.


The declaration in July highlighted how state regulators across the country have needed to give chase to an ever-developing CBD market that became a reality due to congress passing the 2018 Farm Bill that made hemp production legal.


Shortly after the bill, other states positioned themselves to adopt their separate new hemp regulations. This also included Idaho, which just last year enacted its own law on legalizing hemp. Idaho became the last state in the nation to make industrial hemp legal as a result of the bill.




In the previous year, the Governor of Idaho state, Brad Little, signed a measure into law that gave permission for the cultivation and shipment of hemp containing up to 0.3% of THC (the component of cannabis that gives marijuana its high), according to a story from the Associated Press at the time.


However, as the department of agriculture of the state pointed out in a document it issued in July, "the new legislation did not authorize hemp in every context or in all the possible product kind.


In a similar vein, hemp is not accepted under Idaho law as a feed or medicine ingredient. State or federal law has not yet defined safe concentrations of hemp and products produced from hemp in animal feed. Because of this, it is illegal to combine or add these goods to commercial feed as they are not authorized to feed materials. The department of agriculture stated that this includes treats, feed, and medicines made for livestock, pets, or other animals.


As hemp production starts to take place in Idaho, The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) is collaborating with new hemp license holders and animal feed manufacturers to clarify the state's laws relating to them. The demand for hemp-based animal feeds and medicines have increased substantially, and these goods are now widely available both online and in physical locations. We acknowledge that certain states have passed legislation and regulations allowing hemp to be used in both human and animal food," the department continued.





In a statement, the department of agriculture stated that it enforces animal feed law throughout the state and it also recognizes that a lot of retailers have already been supplying products with hemp or hemp-derived compounds under the idea that these items are authorized in Idaho."


Beginning on November 1, the department of agriculture will begin screening for hemp and animal feeds and treatments produced from hemp," according to the government.


The memo stated, "These items are not authorized in Idaho, and if discovered on or after the first of November this year, will be susceptible to a cease sale and additional action by the department.


According to the department, there has been a nationwide push by the feed regulators, animal health officials and the animal feed industry to push for more studies of hemp products so as to create uniform regulation, including a joint letter from the American Veterinary Medical Association and over a dozen different animal care groups focused on addressing health issues of hemp in the feeds of animal and also the safety of food-producing animals consuming untested products in the food chain of humans.


Animal medications are products designed to support an animal's structure, health, or function and they are frequently added to animal meals or taken orally as supplements. Except when these items are mislabeled with nutritious claims or are deemed adulterated, animal treatments are free from feed restrictions in the state of Idaho. In the memo, the department of agriculture said that contaminated and illegally promoted and distributed animal treatments containing hemp were being sold in Idaho.


Due to concerns that the cannabinoid might be harmful to animals and the food supply, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May issued orders to three hemp businesses in different parts of the country to cease the distribution of CBD products to animals. In the meantime, the first batch of industrial hemp seeds in the state of Idaho has been harvested at a farm in Buhl since the beginning of this month.


In the U.S, the state of Idaho was the last to make the production, distribution, and trade of industrial hemp legal.




Businesses have created a petition on asking Idaho Governor Brad Little to intervene. They are pleading with him to postpone any enforcement of a ban on dosage form CBD pet products until the 2023 legislative session to allow for adequate deliberation on the matter.


There are already about a thousand signatures on the petition. One of the signatories stated that this situation can be seen as another instance of naïve and foolish governmental overreach.


Another stated that they require options for caring for their dogs as their elderly dog no longer needs to take medications that would harm his liver over time because of CBD oil.


A rally will take place at Bark n' Purr Boise's location on September 24, 2022, starting at 1 pm in addition to the petition.




Just as it was with human use, CBD for pet medical use has hit a snag, as the state of Idaho has decided to prohibit the use of CBD products to treat or as feed to pets. Despite one or two positive claims, the state feels there just isn't enough evidence to accept the use of a potentially damaging substance to pets.





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