Massachusetts delivery licenses
Massachusetts delivery licenses

Massachusetts Awards Exclusive 3-Year Weed Delivery Licenses Solely to Social Equity Applicants

Social equity and economic empowerment applicants will have a 3 to 5 year monopoly on delivering wed in Massachusetts

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HighChi on Thursday Oct 21, 2021

Massachusetts Awards 3-Year Weed Delivery Licenses Exclusively to Social Equity and Economic Empowerment Applicants

Massachusetts delivery licenses

Massachusetts' focus on addressing the damage wrought by the war on drugs has caused it to approve an unprecedented policy. The new policy awards social equity applicants, as well as economic-empowerment applicants with the exclusive right to man the weed delivery industry.

State officials say that both groups deserve to be given an opportunity to thrive in an unsaturated sector within the cannabis industry— with zero competition, unlike the retail and cultivation sector.

This policy came to be on August 28th during a voting session by members of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). These minority groups have been assured of an absence of new entrants for the next three years.


Massachusetts Social Equity Program; A Model For Other States

Cannabis entrepreneurs and government officials in Massachusetts believe that this unconventional policy will be the start of great innovations within and outside Massachusetts. The state remains focused on regulating the fairly new cannabis industry, however, officials believe that social equity has a huge role to play.

Like other states, the war on drugs put millions of residents in many communities at a disadvantage. Rather than wait for the federal government intervention, states have begun to put structures in place to address the damage caused.

By allowing only companies owned by social equity applicants to get licensed for weed delivery, Massachusetts has significantly bolstered the hope of many individuals in disadvantaged communities.

This new policy gives minority owners who have been impacted by the war on drugs a chance to have a headstart over regular companies for the next three years. After three years, other companies can begin to apply for licenses to deliver weed within the state. This duration will begin to read once the delivery of weed is fully legal.


Guidelines Put In Place

To ensure the weed delivery program stays on track, strict guidelines have been put in place to explicitly define the program.

Officials of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission have defined the goal of the equity program as a means for creating a sustainable cannabis industry. The industry must have a significant impact on people who have been out at a disadvantage by the disproportionate arrests and high incarceration rates.

Eligible social equity applicants who are selected will receive exclusive licenses, as well as fee waivers. This unique license gives the business owner exclusive access to delivery-only license types that remain valid for thirty-six months. They also have exclusive access to social consumption license types. Waived fees include application fees, monthly programs fees, as well as a 50% discount rate in annual license fees.


The criteria for social equity applicants entails

  • An income that is less than 400% of the community's average income.

  • Must have resided in disadvantaged areas for at least five years in the last ten years.

  • Cannabis-related conviction.

  • Relation to someone with a nonviolent marijuana-related conviction.

  • Must be a person of color, either Black, Latino, or Hispanic.

  • Experience in an area that has been negatively impacted by the war on drugs.

Only Colorado has been rumored to have plans to enact a similar licensing program for disadvantaged residents within the state.


An Opening For Young Entrepreneurs

The new policy has opened up pathways for young Massachusetts residents that grew up in disadvantaged areas.

These young entrepreneurs would have been left without a shot if this policy wasn't approved. What makes it more unique is that it specifically opened up this door for people of color. They will be the first in line to benefit from the latest development.

One of the newest weed delivery companies to take advantage of the new policy is "We Can Deliver".

The brand had teamed up with Cultivate, a respected cannabis retailer, and the Lantern app.

Brianna Grignon, selected spokeswoman of the Cultivate group, appreciated the policy and said that the latest development will set the tone for cannabis delivery applicants in Massachusetts. She said that finding the right fit was an intense selective process.

One of the motivating stories to come out of this recent policy is that of Gabe Salazar. He is the owner of the delivery business called We Can Deliver. His story is one of grass to Grace. In the past, Gabe was caught in possession of cannabis and was arrested based on an intent to deliver charge. Now he is indeed delivering weed but on a legal scale.While sharing his story, Gabe gave a vivid description of how he was once stabbed in the head for an ounce of weed. He also said that he had been shot at over a pound of weed. He said his current position as a legal weed delivery man still feels unreal.

The legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts has changed his story for good. Now he can deliver recreational weed without the fear of being stabbed or shot at. In his words, he says he feels amazing delivering weed legally.

To order for Gabe's services, you only have to go on the Lantern app to confirm if delivery is available for your area, after which you can go ahead to place an order.

Brianna made it clear that the safety of the delivery driver and customers are guaranteed. The drivers have body cams on their vehicles, and even in their trunks. A team is on standby to monitor the movement of drivers on delivery runs.

The entire operation has been tested and proven to ensure everything that needs to be done is getting done.


A New American Dream

Brianna stated that these latest projects may give birth to a New American dream. One where those who were previously overlooked are sought after to head niches in various industries.

Massachusetts is bettering a wrong that has been done to thousands of people whose generations have been disproportionately affected by the failed drug war.

People like Gabe can now look forward to the future with big plans for their businesses. All they have to do is to manifest their dreams.

Will other states copy the model presented by Massachusetts to have a racially and economically diverse cannabis industry? We'll see!



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