Moms using weed
Moms using weed

Moms are Using Cannabis More Than Ever During Pandemic Says Survey

How are Moms coping with the pandemic shut downs? Weed says new survey

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Aug 29, 2020

Moms are Using Marijuana More Than Ever During the Pandemic Says Survey

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been the most talked about topic of the year 2020. The pandemic has swept across the world and affected different sectors. Since the pandemic began, it has affected the way of life, finances, the economy, and  so on. A lot of industries were affected and the cannabis industry is not in any way left out.

The effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on numerous businesses differs depending on the role the business plays in helping to either deal with the health problems and safety issues of the virus or helping to deal with the mental effects the pandemic has had. These two types of businesses are bound to have positive returns at this time as they are largely in demand. The cannabis industry falls into the category of businesses that help people in dealing with some medical conditions and the mental effects of the coronavirus pandemic. These, among many other reasons have resulted in a surge in sales of cannabis products.

The increase in the sales of cannabis products during the pandemic period is largely due to the fact many people are turning to the use of cannabis to deal with mental problems such as fear and anxiety caused by the pandemic. This has resulted in an all-time high in terms of sales and demand for the cannabis as seen across different cannabis dispensaries in legal states in the United States. The trend was also assisted by the lockdown measures that were placed in different starts which caused many cannabis users to panic-buy cannabis.

How does this affect a family?

Bringing the lens closer to the family and away from the businesses, we see that many families have struggled in dealing with the issues that have risen with the pandemic. Young individuals are turning to turbo-dating to cope with the new normal and many married couples with kids are finding it even harder to attend to their kids and cope with the present situation. The unusual state of things has caused most parents to resort to the use of cannabis to help alleviate some of the mental pressure and workload of dealing with all that's going on and maintaining the home.

This trend of more parents relying on cannabis to deal with the social distancing issues, businesses being shut, kids being stuck at home, and lockdown precautions is supported by a report by Oasis Intelligence. In their report that is based on a survey of almost a thousand customers. The survey shows that a good percentage of parents with kids at home are purchasing more cannabis than usual predictably to help deal with the problems of the pandemic.

Is cannabis helping moms to cope?

A closer look into the statistics gives a clearer picture of which of the parents is more inclined to the purchase and use of cannabis during the pandemic. 16% of moms, as opposed to 11% of dads, have relied on the use of cannabis during the period of the survey which corresponds with the period when the effects of the coronavirus were starting to take a toll on the American public.

The statistics showing mothers having a higher percentage of cannabis use as opposed to the dads should not be unexpected because the conditions of the pandemic have increased the number of responsibilities of many mothers. Since all the kids are at home, the role of attending to the education of the children and the monitoring largely falls on the mother in most homes. Many mothers are working during this period and still have to play the role of caregivers to the young ones which can take its toll. This seems to be why many mothers are consuming more cannabis both for the energetic euphoric high produced by THC-dominant cannabis strains and calming and the sedative effect produced by CBD-dominant strains.

It should also still be remembered that a good number of people still rely on cannabis for a different number of medical reasons ranging from sleep disturbances, pain, inflammation, and a host of other conditions. Oasis also reports that a staggering 85% of adults using marijuana under the survey were using it for different medical reasons. This also helps to paint a clearer picture as to why many moms are using marijuana more than ever during the pandemic. The rise in parents as a primary cannabis demographic and moms, in particular, makes it important and necessary to pay a closer look at this trend.

The peculiarity of this trend is also improved by the fact that Oasis also records that only 7% of men without children were prone to the use of cannabis. This can probably be ascribed to a lesser number of burdens that seemingly plague a single man as opposed to parents during the pandemic.

The results of the survey by Oasis also gives a closer look into the medical conditions that are requiring the use of cannabis by the majority of participants in the survey. 40% of the users ascribed the use for stress and anxiety which seems to be going around during the pandemic and it is understandable why many parents will resort to the use of cannabis to deal with the situation. 30% of the cannabis users relied on the calming and sedative characteristics of CBD to help to improve their sleep. 30% of the people also expressed the need to use cannabis to offer relief from depression which can arise from the weight of financial problems, job insecurity, and other uncertainties that have risen as a result of the pandemic.

A good picture has been painted as to why there seems to be a surge in the sales of cannabis products during the pandemic and why moms seem to be using marijuana more than ever during the period of the pandemic. We're living in a whole new world and people need to adapt and adjust so as to cope. What better way to deal with the negativity filling our world than cannabis, the relaxing gift of nature.

Have you made use of cannabis to deal with some of the things we're all going through? Let us know in the comments section below.








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