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Merry Jane And Dixie

Pot and Prejudice: Awareness Campaign for Change and Reform

It Is Time To Change The Image Of Marijuana In Society

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DanaSmith on Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Pot and Prejudice: Awareness Campaign for Change and Reform


The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) together with Dixie Elixirs launched a campaign and 3-part video series to educate the public about the negative effects of marijuana prohibition.

One of the saddest realities about the current war on pot in the United States is the fact that the harmful social effects and failed policies aren’t being made public. Changing this is of the goals of the Pot and Prejudice

Campaign, which uses a video series to educate and inform the public with the end goal of changing the overall perception of marijuana consumers around the country.

The issues being covered by the video series includes broken homes, lost tax revenues, and racial biases.

Learning how the war on pot negatively affects society can help consumers push the government into law reform.

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is the organization behind these efforts; they are also the largest non-profit organization working hard towards law reform in the United States.


Support The MPP Through Their Partners


MPP has partnered with Dixie Elixirs  as well as Merry Jane Media for the campaign.  If you are in California and Colorado, each purchase of the Dixie Elixir Limited Edition 100MG Wildberry Lemonade Elixir will donate $15 to support the MPP.  Dixie Elixirs will also donate another $15 for every crate of Wildberry Elixirs that are sold.



The limited edition Dixie Elixirs product features 100mg of THC, a new bottle sleeve design, a stronger wildberry flavor, and the brand’s patented child-resistant dosing cap technology. Dixie Brands has been creating CBD and THC-infused products since 2009. They originally started out with just one product but today have over 30 different items and over 100 varieties. Today Dixie Brands is synonymous with the country’s best-quality elixirs, tinctures, topicals, and extractions.


Another way you can help is by shopping at the Merry Jane Store as monthly proceeds from the entire month of April will go to the MPP.


Other ways to help:


1. Educate yourself by watching the Pot and Prejudice videos

2. Donate directly to the MPP now

3. Find the nearest dispensary that carries Wildberry Lemonade Elixir, click here to check the map.

4. Share your experiences with cannabis on social media by using the hashtags #PotandPrejudice and



What do you think of the campaign? Will you be sharing the message?

What did you think?

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