Allen Iverson Viola Brands
Allen Iverson Viola Brands

Practice? Practice? We Talking About Weed, Here - Allen Iverson Partners with Viola Brands

Former NBA star Allen Iverson partners with former player Al Harrington at Viola Brands

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Lemon Knowles on Monday Aug 16, 2021

Allen Iverson and Viola Brands Join Forces in Epic Partnership

Allen Iverson Viola Brands

Partnership in the cannabis industry has always been known to have a big impact on the direction of things in the cannabis industry. Cannabis companies through amalgamation with other parastatals look for new and exciting ways to improve marketing, sale, and production through partnerships. This is the goal of the new partnership between Allen Iverson of the NBA and giant cannabis company Viola. Read on as we look into the in-depth details of this partnership and what it means to the persons involved.

The unique partnership

The goal of the partnership between Viola Brands and Allen Iverson is to bring about the introduction of exclusive cannabis strains into different markets across the country. The cannabis space is quite diversified but as we know equity is hard to get if it is not fought for. This is why Viola Brands, one of the few Black-owned brands in the industry is fully focused on establishing equity and improved the status and rights of minorities in the cannabis industry. Allen Iverson is a household name of the NBA and the Hall of Fame legend is sure to help push the message of Viola Brands to as many people that legal cannabis is for everyone.

The issue of segregation and stereotyping in the cannabis industry is not necessarily a new concept. Much like other industries like this, it is natural for some people to hold on rigidly to the idea that cannabis is only for stoners and such people should be in prison. This view couldn’t be more wrong however as the cannabis industry and its products apply to all including professionals working in the medical, banking, and even legal space. With this in mind, we must not forget the prisoners especially people of color who are behind bars as others enjoy the benefit of cannabis legalization. This is what the partnership with Allen Iverson hopes to attend to.

The CEO and Founder of Viola Brands Al Harrington have stated in a press release by the brand that the vision of Viola Brands is to create a collaboration that is bound to lead the cannabis industry across product lines. It is also worthy of note to state that Harrington is an NBA legend himself which must have played a role in him bring star power from the NBA to help propel the vision. The NBA is known for having its fair share of black personalities of repute and these persons can help in influencing policies and black advocacy in the cannabis space. This makes partnering with Allen Iverson the right step for the brand to take in arriving at its set target.

For many that do not know, Viola Brands was founded by Al Harrington in 2011. The name of the brand was inspired by this grandmother who struggled with glaucoma before cannabis remedies came to her aid. This pushed Harrington to ensure that Viola is a top representative of the few leading Black-owned producers and licensed wholesalers of premium cannabis products in the cannabis industry. It has also been the promoting factor for some of the other endeavors of the association. 

One part of the industry that naturally needs more work to be done is the participation of the minorities in the industry and this is something that Viola Brands is majorly committed to. With minority ownership in the cannabis industry lingering at about four percent of the industry, it’s no surprise that Viola considered it worth looking into. Another factor that makes this more troublesome is the fact that many Blacks and other POC are behind bars wither for mere cannabis possession or cannabis distribution. This is why Viola and other brands like them are particular about increasing minority participation to change this trend.


Details of the partnership in full

While working to rubberstamp the monumental partnership there was a need for Iverson and Harrington to get together in the Viola grow operation in Detroit to have a good look at the facility. Harrington’s humility is well-renowned as he still retains his position as the head grower of Viola despite his NBA legend status and CEO status. This helped him in ensuring that Iverson got the full picture of operations in Viola and helped him in showing how much care Viola puts in its production and cultivation process.

The nitty-gritty of the partnership will involve both cannabis and non-cannabis products. With a specific Iverson Collection which contains an exclusive series of strains that are set to take over the Viola markets very soon. The first strain is set to launch in California this October and it is to be sold exclusively at Elevate and Jade Room. Al Harrington has also stated that Viola is bound to impact the cannabis industry the same way Allen impacted the culture. This means the brand is set to push boundaries as the introduction of Allen will surely encourage people of color to participate in the cannabis space.

The partnership between Iverson and Harrington doesn’t stop at this series of exclusive strains as it extends to Harrington’s wellness CBD company which is simply called “rePlay”. Information around this new venture is still scarce but more announcements are sure to pop up soon about the details of the partnership. The cannabis industry is holding out to see what dynamic innovations this partnership will birth for the cannabis industry and beyond. Viola is well known in the industry for the different range of products that it offers which includes high-quality flowers and premier butane extracts. This is why it is set on the mission of proper reforms on regulation and representation in order to give equal opportunities to persons of color in the cannabis industry.

Bottom line

The beauty of this partnership can only be seen if the involved parties put in their best towards its aim. This is sure to happen with the quality of personalities on hand to propel the movement. More epic partnerships like this are expected to follow very soon in the cannabis industry. A success story from this will surely prompt other cannabis companies to go into partnership with different worthy personalities for the good of the association.








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