no college degree for a cannabis job
no college degree for a cannabis job

How to Build a Cannabis Career Without a College Degree

Can you break into the cannabis industry without a college degree, you bet!

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jun 7, 2020

How to Build a Cannabis Career Without a College Degree

no college degree job in cannabis industry

The future looks bleak, you want a path to channel your passion but you're unsure on how to get started. Well if you are in the dark before, know this,  the cannabis  industry is the perfect opportunity for you to turn your passion to work. With passion and hard work you can build an impressive career in the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry has witnessed a massive turn around in recent years and this has opened the doors for numerous opportunities. So whatever qualification you have, the cannabis industry is open for you, all you need to do is think on the role you want to fill.

It's important to note that pursuing a career in cannabis is very risky, especially if you have little or no knowledge about what the industry is all about. You should know building a career in cannabis is not like smoking weed, it is not the same thing. Everything in life requires preparation and planning and just like football players train before a match, you need to do a concrete assessment of yourself and your knowledge of cannabis. As a starter in the industry, there are some important things to consider before taking that huge decision. Below are a few pro tips to help smoothen your journey to a cannabis career.

Get Sufficient Knowledge and Understanding of The Plant

Without proper research and knowledge about what you're about to delve into, there might be a lot of confusing things staring you in the face. Adequate knowledge about cannabis is what should be your first step in your career path. Recognize the fact that some individuals are part of the executive and they are constantly working towards a better cannabis industry. The constant change in guidelines coupled with regular procedures is what you should be ready to face. Knowing all about what cannabis entails is very important, cause when you know your onions you will slice it well. To build that dream career, knowledge and understanding about cannabis is crucial.

Respect the weed

You can't thrive in a business you don't have maximum respect for. Your smooth journey into the cannabis industry is dependent on your attitude towards cannabis. You should respect the plant and everything related to it and also be ready to put it in its appropriate place of honor. In simple terms, your driving force should mainly be passion and not money.

Study the blueprint of the industry by heart

Knowing the structure of the cannabis industry will do you a lot of good. You have to know that the role of a budtender is not the same as a delivery driver, and a grower is different from a packager. The industry can be a bit challenging sometimes due to the constant change in rules and regulations but with constant education you'll know how to navigate through.


Strength is gold

If you're the type that can easily relate with people and you can know everything about weed and it's products, then your destination is sales department or customer service. And if you know how to run errands efficiently without any hindrance, the delivery area might be your calling. Knowing what your strength is before venturing into the industry is very necessary, you have to know your main objective for choosing this path. How can your strength help shape your career in this industry? Does your strength have a role to play in your success in the industry? These are questions you should answer sincerely.

Skill is key

The cannabis industry has a wide range of departments, there is enough room for people with different skills to flourish. Possessing a skill makes your journey in the industry quick and productive as there are several opportunities available for you to pursue even without a college degree. Content creators, writers, digital marketers, sales reps, budtenders, Graphic designers and so on are all in demand in the cannabis industry. As long as you have a skill, it'll be a lot easier for you in the cannabis industry. Having a skill is very important, don't start a cannabis career without a skill.

Pursuing a cannabis career is something that should be done with all conviction after careful and proper consideration. Don't bother to go on this road if you don't have a passion for the weed because you might not last. Have concrete knowledge about cannabis, know your strength, and most importantly get a skill! It will help you a lot. Good luck.

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