NH sells to Canada
NH sells to Canada

The International Weed Trade Kicks Off in New Hampshire - NH to Allow Reciprocity Sales to Other States and Canada, Too!

New Hampshire only has a medical marijuana program but will sell to international patients as well

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Jul 13, 2023

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The Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has announced that starting from June 28, 2023, New Hampshire's Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) can provide therapeutic cannabis to visitors from out of state and Canada who are certified to receive it in their state or province.


Therapeutic cannabis is used to alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions. New Hampshire established the Therapeutic Cannabis Program in 2013 under RSA 126-X, similar to programs in other states. However, federal law prohibits the transportation of cannabis across state lines or international borders, regardless of its therapeutic or recreational legality in the involved areas. To address this, New Hampshire has amended its state law, allowing visiting patients to safely access therapeutic cannabis during their visit without violating federal regulations.


According to DPHS Director Tricia Tilley, individuals from other states with severe medical conditions who use therapeutic cannabis to alleviate symptoms are welcome to travel to New Hampshire, knowing they can safely obtain it while visiting.


Under the updated law, visiting patients can purchase therapeutic cannabis from New Hampshire's ATCs up to three times a year using a valid therapeutic cannabis identification from another state or Canada. If the out-of-state patient has a documented qualifying medical condition approved by New Hampshire, they can purchase cannabis at the same frequency as qualifying patients in New Hampshire.


Visiting patients must present their out-of-state cannabis ID card along with a matching photo identification. Each patient is limited to possession of 2 ounces, and the maximum purchase within 10 days is also 2 ounces. Visiting patients must comply with all relevant state laws regarding the therapeutic use of cannabis.


New Opportunities for Non-Residents in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's recent policy change has opened new doors for out-of-state visitors and Canadians seeking therapeutic relief through medical marijuana. This shift in approach signifies a significant milestone, as New Hampshire now welcomes individuals, regardless of residency, to access medical cannabis within the state.


Previously, legal restrictions prevented individuals certified for medical marijuana in their own states or provinces from purchasing it while travelling. However, New Hampshire's progressive stance permits these individuals to obtain medical marijuana from the state's Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) during their visit.


This policy change brings much-needed relief to countless non-residents who rely on medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms related to various medical conditions. By creating an inclusive environment for visitors seeking therapeutic benefits, New Hampshire recognises the importance of facilitating access to treatment options for patients beyond its borders.


While the new policy allows out-of-state visitors and Canadians to purchase medical marijuana, it is essential to emphasise the importance of compliance with relevant regulations. Visitors must possess a valid therapeutic cannabis identification issued by their home state or province to ensure a seamless process when obtaining medical marijuana in New Hampshire and benefiting from its potential in managing their medical conditions.


As New Hampshire takes this progressive move, it serves as a model for other states and countries, prompting discussions about safe and legal medicinal cannabis availability. The ability for non-residents to seek therapeutic relief while visiting New Hampshire benefits their well-being and develops an inclusive and compassionate climate inside the state's healthcare system.


The Implications of NH's Decision to Allow Cross-Border Medical Marijuana Purchases

The decision to allow Canadians and out-of-state tourists to acquire medical marijuana in New Hampshire will have a big impact on removing obstacles that previously prevented access to this type of treatment. This policy change recognises that patients must have easy access to medical marijuana, regardless of where they are physically located.


By removing restrictions on cross-border medical marijuana purchases, New Hampshire addresses the legal hurdles faced by patients travelling from other states or Canada and highlights the importance of patient-centric healthcare policies. This progressive approach emphasises the significance of prioritising patients' well-being and providing access to treatments that can alleviate their medical conditions.


Furthermore, this ruling has the potential to affect broader discussions about the regulation and accessibility of medical marijuana. New Hampshire offers an example for other states and countries to follow by actively embracing the requirements of patients from various locations.


However, it is essential to recognise that while New Hampshire allows cross-border purchases of medical marijuana, compliance with local regulations is crucial. Visitors must ensure they possess the necessary documentation, such as a valid therapeutic cannabis identification from their home state or province, to stay within the legal framework while seeking treatment in New Hampshire.


Breaking barriers through New Hampshire's decision to enable cross-border medical marijuana purchases signifies a significant step forward in promoting patient-centric healthcare practices and fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits of medical cannabis. By prioritising patient access and well-being, New Hampshire sets a precedent for other jurisdictions to consider more inclusive and compassionate policies regarding medical marijuana.


Guidelines for Out-of-State Visitors and Canadians Seeking Medical Cannabis in New Hampshire

To navigate the process of obtaining medical cannabis in New Hampshire, out-of-state visitors and Canadians must adhere to specific guidelines and regulations. These guidelines ensure a smooth and legal experience while accessing the therapeutic relief they seek.


Firstly, visitors must possess a valid therapeutic cannabis identification from their home state or province. This identification serves as proof of eligibility and allows individuals to engage with New Hampshire's Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) for purchasing medical cannabis. Additionally, presenting a matching photo identification establishes their identity and ensures compliance with state regulations.


Visitors are limited to a maximum possession of 2 ounces of medical cannabis, with purchases restricted to 2 ounces within any 10 days. By adhering to these limits, visitors comply with the law and contribute to the responsible and safe consumption of medical cannabis.


Bottom Line


New Hampshire's groundbreaking decision to allow out-of-state visitors and Canadians to purchase medical marijuana demonstrates a compassionate and patient-centric approach to healthcare. By breaking down barriers and providing access to therapeutic relief, the state sets an example for others, promoting inclusivity and understanding of the benefits of medical cannabis. This progressive move prioritises patient well-being and contributes to broader discussions on the regulation and accessibility of medical marijuana. New Hampshire's policy change reflects a forward-thinking and compassionate stance, paving the way for a more inclusive and patient-centred medical cannabis landscape.



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