Snoop, Wiz, Reefer Report
Snoop, Wiz, Reefer Report

The Reefer Report For The Week Of April 7, 2016

DEA, CBD, And Woman Grow All Making News This Week

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Laurie Lyons on Friday Apr 8, 2016

Welcome back to the Reefer Report! This week’s news includes a lot of fun stuff including a pot-sniffing dog, a new weed mini-mall, and some incredible news from the world of medical marijuana. Pull up a pipe, and enjoy!

Big News

We’ve launched our Cannibisseur Network! It’s the “Facebook of Weed,” and you have the chance to win some great prizes by signing up, posting and inviting your friends. Get in as an early adopeter on this new social network for stoners.

In Other News

The DEA may be rescheduling marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug a but sooner than we think. Huffington Post obtained a letter from the DEA that discusses their hopes of having an answer to this issue during the first half of 2016. If it is declassified, it could make medical research significantly less challenging and help to begin the process of decriminalizing cannabis.

These assholes over at CB Scientific announced earlier this week that they are beginning evaluations of their Test4THC kits with a large government agency, reports MSN. The mobile marijuana testing kit will help law enforcement, schools, private companies, the military, etc test products that include edibles, oils, and concentrates for the presence of THC.

Legislation & Politics

Last weekend saw a giant protest at the White House regarding rescheduling marijuana from Schedule 1 that included a smoke out and giant inflatable joint. This weekend’s protests in D.C. will focus on growing marijuana, so go get some free seeds and bring cuttings from your plants for a swap with other growers. The event is planned to help protest marijuana prohibition, but also to help grow the local marijuana community, according to Green Rush Daily.


Forbes talked to a few cannabis industry insiders about the role of emerging technologies in the industry, ranging from sales software to brain scanning tech. These are fascinating times we’re living in, people.

Cannabis entrepreneur Chris Elkins is the “World’s First Pot Mini-Mall” will host five marijuana related stores under one roof in Trinidad, Colo. The Santa Fe New Mexican has a great story about the mini-mall, as well as the sleepy little town just north of the New Mexico border that has become a frequent stop for weed lovers.

It’s a great week to discuss the equality of women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, as a number of publications have featured articles about them, including Forbes profiled Women Entrepreneurs Taking Charge in the Cannabis Gold Rush, The Guardian delves into The Unlikely New Frontier of Feminism-Marijuana, and Black Enterprise profiles cannabis entrepreneur Wanda James. Finally, be sure to check out our feature article Women in Cannabis Companies are Turning a New Leaf.

Forbes looks into the increasingly convoluted problems that emerge between state and federal legislation in the cannabis arena, and how they affect the advertising world in The Lurking Law That Turns Marijuana Ads Into Felonies.

Medical & Health

HuffPo Canada ponders the question of whether cannabis is The Solution to Canada’s Painkiller Epidemic, while at the same time comparing and contrasting the differences between social stigmas about medical marijuana in Canada and the U.S.

Vogue digs deeper into the new topical cannabis phenomenon, including those products used for eczema, pain, and sex.

CNN features a story about a toddler in Israel who has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth, but has seen his seizures nearly disappear after his parents started giving him medical marijuana.


Ann Arbor, Michigan hosted the Stash Bash last weekend, and former Red Wings player Darren McCarty was there to speak out about how marijuana has help save his life, particularly with his struggles with alcoholism, MLive reports.

A cannabis dispensary in Denver wants the chance to have their name on the Mile High Stadium, which would be the best play on words ever on a venue. Native Roots wants to sponsor the stadium and see their name in giant letters, if the opportunity comes available. Currently, Sports Authority is the stadium sponsor, but may not be for long if their financial woes keep up, reports Denver7.

Everything Else

Get ready for one of the biggest weed-filled concerts you’ll ever imagine, as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa just announced their High Roads tour. The 33-stop tour also features Jhene Aiko, DJ Drama, Kevin Gates, and Casey Veggies.


Mama’s blazin on some Mom Weed in the laundry room in this skit from the “Jimmy Kimmel Show.” It gets a little dark toward the end, but mom or not, it’s easy to identify with the need to smoke before doing housework.


In hilarious journalism news, Time posted a thinly veiled mockery of the Denver Post as the Colorado publication searches for a reporter for their cannabis vertical. The catch is, they have to be able to pass a drug test. Talk about not getting to become a subject matter expert. I’ll take a hard pass on that one.


7x7 profiles Dee Dussault who first brought ganja yoga to the US in 2012 and operates a successful studio in San Francisco. I’m getting calmer just thinking about doing high yoga.

Now this is some cool shit. Green Rush Daily has a profile of Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque whose work will absolutely blow your mind. He uses weed smoke to create paintings and gets really, really high to do so.



The tide of public opinion seems to be shifting, as a new survey released by the Associated Press and the NORC Centers for Public Affairs Research. According to the survey that evaluates public perceptions on substance abuse, 61% of their respondents believe that marijuana should be legal. The Motley Fool digs deeper into the date in their article about it.

The best dog in the entire world lives in Missisissippi, and her name is Miley. Apparently Miley found a big bag of high grade weed worth $1,000 and brought it home to her dumb parents who called and reported their kid to the cops, reports Time Magazine. I totally wish my dogs had those kinds of skills. Also, the irony that she shares a name with a certain weed-loving celebrity is not lost on me.

The Washington Post has a fascinating story about the limbo land of Washington, DC, where marijuana is legal to possess, but it’s not legal to commercial is, told through the lens of the enigmatic businessman known as Kushgod.

What did you think?

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