What are turbo relationships
What are turbo relationships

What are Turbo Relationships and Why are They Thriving During the Lockdown

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Sep 12, 2020

What are Turbo Relationships and Why are They Thriving During the Lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has definitely been the most talked about topic of the year 2020. There is no sector of the modern-day world that has not in one way or the other been affected since the beginning of the pandemic and this has not left out businesses as well. The part of the present-day world that has been affected the most however has to be the lifestyle modifications and the effects on the way we live our lives. The situation with the pandemic has placed many in the hospitals, affected the health of others, necessitated the use of facemasks in some places and many countries have had to put lockdown restrictions on its populace. These necessary steps have had their impacts on relationships between couples that have been married for long and newly married couples as well. One trend however that seems to be on the rise during the time of the pandemic is what many call turbo-dating.

What is turbo dating?

Turbo-dating is a new word that many young people use nowadays for the situation whereby many fresh couples skip most of the usual steps of relationships and quickly move in together. Another term that is constantly being used among many young ones to explain this phenomenon that seems to be on the rise during the pandemic is corona-cuffing.

Since the implementation of the lockdown in many regions in the early months of the year, large waves of new couples who were probably dating for a short while before the pandemic were seen moving in together in large numbers so as to be able to better deal with the strains of being in closed quarters. The understanding of this seeming oddity has to be looked at from the stance that many have sought to be closer to their loved ones during these periods. This has now resulted in many new couples jumping many traditional or should I say conventional steps and moving in together.

 Statistics during the pandemic have supported this trend. A survey has posited that 59% of couples that have been living together during this pandemic have shown an increase in commitment to the partners since the beginning of the lockdown. This stance can be attributed to the fact that since most couples are living together, many have had chances to come to terms with the peculiarities of their relationships. The reality of living together has seemed to make many come to a newfound sense of deeper closeness which may be a reason why turbo-dating seems to be on the rise especially during the lockdown.

Why is turbo dating on the rise?

The purpose of the lockdown is to limit human interaction so as to restrict the transmission of the virus between people and this has resulted in loneliness and isolation for many. This is another reason why turbo-dating seems to be on the rise during the lockdown. Due to the fact that many of these couples want to avoid the reality of being isolated at home during the lockdown, many new couples have resorted to moving-in together to make these times easier to bear. The benefit of this is that it is easier and better for two people to deal with the emotional trauma of the lockdown as opposed to dealing with it in separate locations. This has then resorted to a high influx of people resorting to online dating platforms in a bid to find a way to deal with the threat and problem of loneliness and isolation during the period of the lockdown.

Turbo-dating has also helped a number of new couples to acquire as many necessary experiences as possible for the improvement of their relationship. This is helped by the fact that many couples are equating two months together under isolation and lockdown conditions as two years of living together.

The benefit of this is that it creates new ways for them to bond, form relationships and experiences, have a deeper understanding of your partner, and promote connection. The physical and emotional connection of the couple is also helped by the living conditions because apart from dealing with the effects of the pandemic together, it helps couples know their partners better. Both parties are more open in such conditions and they get to see their likes and dislikes play out which can be worked on to strengthen the relationship.


There are still many things that still have to be carefully threaded upon when it comes to living together especially couples that are turbo-dating. This is because self-care is very important especially for new couples that will be living in close quarters.

Statistics also still show that 17% of couples have seen that there is no future in their relationships when they were subjected to living together during the lockdown. It is paramount that each partner takes time to create their own personal niche even while cohabitating because this allows both parties to respect each other and their space.

The goal of turbo-dating especially during the pandemic and lockdown is to ease stress and make dealing with the pandemic easier but all this could easily be turned on its head. If both partners do not carefully manage their space and find ways to allow each other to breathe even while living together, the relationship itself could then be the source of stress. This is because living together will definitely put relationships and tolerance of both partners to test especially for couples that have not been tested for a long time as is the case with couples that are turbo-dating.

Bottom line

Whether this trend will continue with the easing of lockdown restrictions still has to be seen. The lockdown won't be in place forever and when there seems to be a return to normalcy will turbo-daters continue with their new status quo or return to life before the lockdown? Will these relationships yield good results? only time can tell.

 Are you currently in a turbo relationship? If no, What do you think of turbo-dating? Drop your opinion in the comment section below.








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