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talk about marijuana

How To Have The Marijuana Talk With Your Bae

Time To Talk About Your Smoking With Your New Love

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DanaSmith on Sunday Sep 4, 2016

How to Have "The Weed Talk" With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

So you’ve recently started to date someone new, and things are going pretty well…and with the growing recreational as well as medicinal use of cannabis all throughout the country, there’s a pretty big chance that a non-smoker could end up dating a cannabis enthusiast such as yourself. I’d consider them lucky - dating a stoner isn’t really all that different from other kinds of relationships anyways - in fact it’s probably even more FUN!

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Now if the person you’re dating isn’t into pot... there could be an elephant in the room…. And the elephant in the room is telling you that might be high time to open up about your pot-smoking habits. Coming out of the green closet is crucial to building the foundations of an honest and strong relationship down the line.


Marijuana can easily fit into any kind of relationship, provided that both parties are accepting and non-judgemental. If your relationship is getting intimate, hiding your marijuana use can dampen things, especially if your partner finds out that you’ve been keeping it from him/her.


These kinds of discussions can go in either one of two directions: up in smoke, or all good and flowery. To avoid things from going up in smoke, check out our relationship advice on how to talk to your partner about your marijuana use:


If your partner is ultra-conservative, you may want to start out by explaining how using the plant benefits you. If you’re using cannabis to calm anxiety, activate your creative side, treat depression, or manage one of the multitude of illnesses both emotional and physical that the miracle herb helps with, explain the details to your partner so that they can understand the true medicinal benefits that marijuana offers. Even in this day and age, there still are people who aren’t aware of the many health benefits of the plant, so spending time with you can be a valuable educational opportunity for them to learn about marijuana and how it can really help people.


Try to convince your partner to have a smoke out session with you. This way you can set a positive example and show them that you are a responsible user, which is particularly helpful especially if they already have preconceived notions about stoner stereotypes. Invite your partner to have a puff or three from your joint, or better yet use a vaporizer. When dealing with first-timers, don’t give them edibles or encourage them to get stoned out of a bong or else you’ll scare them and you’ll just end up single and lonely again.

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Getting stoned together is the perfect opportunity to show your partner that pot isn’t like booze: you won’t get violent, black out, and can still remain in control while enjoying heightened sensations together. But if your partner is hesitant, don’t pressure them and wait for another time.


If your partner is apprehensive about approaching cannabis completely, gently probe so that you can try to understand why. They might have had a bad experience in the past. It could also be that they had a parent or family member who was suffered from substance abuse and they might correlate marijuana to other kinds of harmful substances. Whatever their reason is, finding out more will help you better convince them of the positive and medicinal qualities of the plant. It’s important to respect their opinion no matter what they end up saying, and you can use this to gently sway their opinions about pot. It might also be helpful to be prepared and show them evidence and research about the benefits of cannabis.


There are studies that show how helpful marijuana can be for couples. In fact, there has been a study showing that couples who use cannabis reduce the risk for domestic violence as compared to couples who don’t. The study analyzed more than 600 couples over the span of a 9 year marriage. The researchers found that when couples who partook of marijuana with greater frequency, the less likely the incidence of intimate partner violence or IPV.

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When used responsibly, marijuana can help foster a strong, healthy and intimate relationship. Couples can also bond over marijuana smoking sessions as it can make for a mutually beneficial and fun hobby for both to enjoy. If your partner refuses to partake of cannabis, there should be nothing wrong with doing it for your own enjoyment.

Have you ever encountered dating someone who didn’t enjoy cannabis as much as you did? What was it like?






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