women hide their cannabis use
women hide their cannabis use

Why Do the Majority of Women Hide Their Cannabis Use from Friends and Family?

Almost 40% of American women use weed, but the majority keep it a secret from friends and coworkers

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Nanci Chi-Town on Friday Mar 24, 2023

women hiding their marijuana use from friends and family

New Study Says37% of American Women Consume Cannabis, But Most Keep It a Secret from Parents, Children and Coworkers


According to a recent study by The Harris Poll commissioned by cannabis retailer MedMen Enterprises, many American women age 21 and older regularly use cannabis. The study, held between February 28 and March 2, 2023, featured 1,020 women nationwide. According to the findings, 37% of those polled admitted to consuming marijuana, with over a quarter of them doing so at least once a month.


An interesting finding from the survey was that women mostly use cannabis for medical reasons, such as anxiety alleviation, improved sleep, and pain treatment. This fits the expanding trend of using cannabis as a non-prescription remedy for various diseases.


In the survey, 65% of participants acknowledged that people do not know they use cannabis. These results, obtained before the official publication, show that stigmas and preconceived notions about cannabis usage continue despite the drug's increasing acceptability and legality in many places. Many women are afraid to talk openly about their cannabis usage, even with people closest to them, for fear of being judged or suffering harmful effects.


This secrecy may also have repercussions for the cannabis sector. It may indicate that current marketing and outreach initiatives are not effectively reaching or serving a sizable part of consumers. Additionally, it emphasizes the necessity of ongoing education and activism to dispel prejudices and advance appreciation of the potential benefits and safe use of cannabis.


The majority of women who use cannabis choose to get it legally from a dispensary, according to the report. Nearly 90% of female cannabis consumers (91%) said they got their weed from a legal dispensary. The study also found that 32% of cannabis-using women make monthly purchases at the dispensary of at least $100. A surprising finding from the survey was that 35% of customers prefer to shop with a female budtender, showing a desire for a more individualized experience when buying cannabis goods.


The survey indicated that among female cannabis users, edibles are the most popular way of intake (57%), followed by flower/pre-rolls (43%) and vapes (39%). Furthermore, 20% of female cannabis users said that their primary worry was being subjected to drug testing, even though a sizable portion (27%) said they had no concerns about their cannabis usage. This demonstrates the ongoing difficulties that cannabis users confront, particularly those who work in fields where drug testing is strictly enforced.



Comments from Karen Torres

In an email, Karen Torres, Chief Product Officer of MedMen, stated that representation is essential in the cannabis sector. As a queer woman of color employed in this field, Torres stresses the value of diversity and inclusion at the corporate level. She claims that MedMen is devoted to prioritizing these ideals throughout the board.


By putting diversity and inclusion first, she thinks MedMen can better represent and serve its clientele and communities. This strategy fosters a more friendly and inclusive environment for both workers and customers. It enables MedMen to offer a wider selection of goods and services that cater to a diversified consumer base's unique requirements and preferences.


Torres further emphasized that MedMen understands the expanding trend of women resorting to cannabis for their wellness requirements. Even while there are still stigmas associated with cannabis usage, the survey's findings show that many women consider it as a common form of self-care, particularly as they look for natural ways to manage their stress, worry, and pain.


According to Torres, the poll results show that more and more women use marijuana to relax and improve their wellbeing. She declared that MedMen is dedicated to offering all clients, including those who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes, a safe, inviting, and inclusive atmosphere. MedMen is assisting in developing a more positive and encouraging environment for women in the cannabis industry by recognizing the advantages of cannabis use for health and wellbeing, actively striving to combat stigmas, and advocating for inclusivity.


In Torres' opinion, the poll results are crucial in assisting MedMen in adapting to the evolving cannabis market and user base. She stressed that through establishing an inclusive and empowering retail environment, MedMen is dedicated to understanding and satisfying the requirements of its female clients.


According to Torres, MedMen intends to increase the number of high-end brands women own as part of this commitment. MedMen aspires to improve its status as a pioneer in the cannabis market by empowering female entrepreneurs and providing a wider selection of high-quality goods that satisfy a variety of client preferences.

Survey Method

The survey, commissioned by MedMen and conducted by The Harris Poll from February 28 to March 2, 2023, provides valuable insights into the cannabis consumption habits of American women aged 21 and over. The survey was conducted online in the United States, and 1,020 women participated, with 391 reporting cannabis use.


To ensure the accuracy of the results, Harris employed a Bayesian credible interval, a statistical measure that accounts for sample size and variability. Based on this method, the sample data is accurate to within + 3.6 percentage points, with a 95% confidence level.


The use of rigorous statistical methods to analyze the survey data suggests that the findings are reliable and represent the broader population of American women who use cannabis. As such, the survey results can inform industry trends, consumer preferences, and product development strategies for cannabis companies like MedMen.



The survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of MedMen sheds light on the growing popularity of cannabis use among American women, particularly for therapeutic reasons. The report also emphasizes the pervasive stigmas associated with cannabis usage and the significance of establishing a friendly and inclusive retail setting for clients.


According to the survey's findings and Karen Torres, the cannabis sector is adapting to meet its clients' shifting demands and tastes. Cannabis businesses like MedMen are well-positioned to thrive in this quickly changing industry by prioritizing diversity, inclusivity, and customer pleasure.


Overall, the study highlights how crucial it is to comprehend and meet the needs of a broad client base and to encourage an open and accepting mindset toward cannabis use. The cannabis sector can develop and broaden its appeal as a viable alternative for health and wellness solutions with more research and initiatives to lessen stigmas.



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