vape pen features
vape pen features

4 Things to Look for when Purchasing a Vaporizer Pen

What features of a vape pen should you look for before you buy one?

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Laurie Lyons on Sunday Jul 7, 2019

4 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Vaporizer Pen

vape pen features

Vaping has grown in popularity over the years, and it shows no sign in slowing down. Many use a vape as a way to cut back on their smoking habits, or to quit altogether. It's enough to cut the cravings in between cigarettes to allow people to smoke less and less over time.

With the introduction of vapes, it's almost brought in different flavors. Although flavored tobacco is not something new, vaporizers do have a broader range of flavors available, making them appealing for those who would prefer to smoke indoors and those who do not like the smell of a traditional cigarette.

Since vapes are so popular, this is a variety of vaporizers to choose from. Not every vape performs the same way, so it's important to research beforehand the different features available. We have a guide that will help you choose the best vape pen for you.

Vaping has come to symbolize two different ideas in America, vaping nicotine based e-liquids, like the pods and Juul system, and vaping cannabis based products in common 510 threaded cartridges.  To the outsider who just hears the word "vaping", they don't understand the pros and cons of each system and not all vape pens are the same.  When a smoker uses a vape pen to kick the smoking habit, it works in similar way to transdermal patches, slowly lower the amount of nicotine intake until the person is no longer addicted.  Ths is a good use of vaping, as it is healthier than smoking.  When teens get vaping pods with nicotine based e-juice, this is vaping used for a negative purpose.  Cannabis users, who use vaping as a healthier way to ingest cannabis, never touch nicotine based e-juices, and are just using a concentrated form of cannabis in their vaping cartridges as medicine.

Vaping is short for vaporizering, which is just a physical process of turning a liquid into vapor so that it can be inhaled, much the way a humidifier works.  What is vaporized in your vape pen is where the controversy begins over substance, age use, and purpose of vaping.  


What You'll Put In It

Depending on what you put in the vape, that will help decide what type of pen to get. Typically, when using a vape, you put either a liquid ingredient or a dry material into the pen. Some pens allow for both. However, usually, it is one or the other.

For vapes that use dry materials, there is a special chamber for the ingredients to go into. You'll want to look at keywords like “convection” and “conduction” when talking about the heating method. On the other side, for liquid vapes, there is a tank and a coil system that makes the vape work.


The Price Tag

Vapes come in many shapes, sizes, and with different features. The more advanced of a vape you look at, the more expensive it becomes. Your budget will likely be a significant factor when choosing a vape. Set yourself a budget and try to look at devices within that range.


Battery Life

The battery life of a vape, as with most electronic devices we use, plays a major role in our choice. Depending on what you're using the vape for, as a way to quit smoking or to use casually, that will influence your choice in battery life.

When considering the battery, it's important to note that the longer battery life you want, the bigger the battery will be. If you're looking for something smaller and discreet, expect that the battery won't last as long.


Heating Methods

For vapes, there are two heating methods to choose from. The first is a convection heating method and is the method preferred by most people. It's a bit more of an elaborate system, but gives off a more flavorful vape. With convection, the vape works with liquids and heats each mouthful of vapor you inhale. This allows you to preserve a small amount of whatever you put inside your vape.

For vapes that use the conduction method, the heating system is in direct contact with the ingredients in the chamber. This method was the first one on the market over the convection method. It is more user-friendly and less expensive, but may not always give off an even heat.

There are many features to consider when chosing a vape, and these are just a few. When visiting a vape store, spend some times going through the different options to ensure you purchase the best vape pen for your own personal needs.








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