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7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Vaporizer

Tips for buying the best vape pen for your lifestyle

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Lemon Knowles on Thursday Dec 21, 2017

7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Vaporizer

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Like with any item you are comparing for purchase, you must consider the price range which is most applicable to you. Not all vaporizers are affordable options, however the market has grown so extensively in recent years that vaporizers which were once extortionate prices are becoming far more accessible to the average Joe. With the selection to choose from growing and the overall prices falling it is important to learn how to differentiate between affordable quality and a cheap mistake. Take time to consider all you actually get for the price you are paying before making a mistake you regret. This is where we can help you.



While there is continuous growth in the Vaporizer market and a whole host of new companies who promise you the tastiest and highest quality vapor more frequently appearing, it is becoming more and more easy to ignore the Vaporizer stalwarts who’s years of research and development have brought them to the heights they are. Companies such as Storz & Bickel and Pax have for many years receiving rave reviews which have helped both their reputation and profits grow. Try to look into the company you plan on buying from and read reviews from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers before ultimately making your decision. Spending that little extra in the beginning may save you money in the long run, that is why reputation and reviews are so important.


Desktop or Portable

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a vaporizer is where and how you plan on using it. If you are looking for a model which you can take on the go or even just one for your house there are any amount of vaporizers out there for you to choose from. While desktop vaporizers which aren't easy to transport are extremely popular for their purpose they don’t suit everyone. Naturally enough a larger and more powerful unit will produce strong clouds but this isn't necessarily the be all or end all. There are a number of portable vapes taking the market by storm now which are more than capable of recreating the powers of a desktop. With an ever growing number to choose from the portable vaporizer market is booming, with the introduction of vape pens making the pleasures of vaping as discreet as you like it. Consider where and how often you hope to use your vape before deciding as with every good thing there comes limitations.


Herb or Concentrate

After considering how much you are willing to spend, the company you wish to buy from and the size and kind of vaporizer you wish to invest in the next step is considering what it is you are actually going to be vaping. While not entirely aimed at the vaporization of Cannabis, a vast portion of manufacturers have this in mind when creating their design. Considering the growth in legalization and acceptance worldwide the Cannabis community is an ever growing entity. The vaporizer world has taken notice of this and some have even used famous stoners like Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa to promote their products for them. With the demand for Cannabis growing stronger, the demand for Cannabis by products is growing too. In recent years we have seen and introduction of a number of concentrates, waxes, oils and resins which have blown the old familiar dry herb out the park. With accessibility to these highly potent concentrate becoming easier and easier it is up to you to decide if its the old familiar or the new age Marijuana that you plan on toking on. A number of vaporizers which have the capabilities of burning both are beginning to pop making this decision a lot easier.


Heat Type

The way in which vaporizers work is actually quite easy to understand. Introduced as a healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers heat the materials you wish to vape to a point where they turn to vapor. While not actually combusting the herb or concentrate, the vaporizers chamber acts as an oven giving your material the most even possible heat. While each vaporizer is different there are two particular kinds of heating which are by far the most frequently seen, convection and conduction. While there are hybrids of both available it most common to see one or the other in use separately. Convection heating uses a medium, most commonly hot air to heat the materials while conduction uses direct contact with the materials to heat them. The different heating techniques can influence the quality of the vapor you produce and the flavor it possesses.


Vapor Quality

The strength, the potency and the flavor of the vapor you produce is almost completely down to the vaporizer you are using. Like I mentioned before, each vaporizer is different and each has their own characteristics. Like the G pen elite is known for its flavor, the Plenty is known for its extra strong vapor. There are so many variables to consider when considering vapor quality it is sometimes a better practice to find a happy medium. Things such as the material of the chamber affecting flavor and airflow affecting draw strength are all associated with choosing a vape. Taking a clever yet reserved approach to what it is you want from your vapor is definitely a wise practice, each vaporizer has there own flaws and tendencies and by reading reviews and taking note you will soon learn the vaporizer which is right for you.



A very important aspect of any purchase to consider is the warranty offered, While some companies are particularly confident in their products and can offer warranties anywhere from 3 years up to 10. By considering the length of the warranty as the confidence the manufacturer has in their product we can definitely save money in the long run. By buying a unit which is known to be defective after continued use is a foolish move. While obviously saving money on a lesser quality product with a shorter guarantee is a short term fix you will inevitably find yourself either replacing or paying for new parts sooner than you would want.


In this article we learned the basics of what set the ever growing vaporizer apart. Be it a high powered Desktop Vaporizer like a Volcano or an extremely discreet Dr Dabber ghost vape pen there is sure to be something for you.


While there are plenty of vaporizers out there which will suit you, I felt the Pax 3 had everything I wanted in a vaporizer. It mixed portability with usability beautifully and managed to do so while not sacrificing looks or discreteness. I found the quality of the vapor produced was more than sufficient while the taste was hard to beat. Considering the price, the reputation and the guarantee provided, it seemed like a no brainer to choose the Pax 3. Take your time to decide what you want and consider everything you have learned before making the big purchase. Happy vaping.









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