booze for weed
booze for weed

5 Reasons I Am Ditching Booze For Cannabis This Holidays Season, And Why You Should, Too

I am switching from alcohol to weed this holiday season

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DanaSmith on Monday Dec 17, 2018

Why I’m Ditching Booze For Weed This Holiday Season, And Why You Should Too

5 Reasons I Am Ditching Booze For Marijuana This Holidays Season, And Why You Should, Too from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


For as long as I could remember in my adult life, the holidays only meant two things: liver kill season, and anxiety. Lots of anxiety.


Reunions, gatherings, parties… while I used to look forward to those in my younger years, as my thirties crept up on me, the pressure of social obligations only resulted in crippling anxiety. Then there’s the copious drinking that comes with all those gatherings, also resulting in anxiety the next day – sometimes lasting for two or three days after. It’s the worst kind of hangover.


And while many people choose to imbibe during the holidays for happy reasons, many others, myself included, drink for less happy reasons. The holiday blues are a real thing in my life, and it’s only signifies stress and loneliness for me. I don’t enjoy mingling at parties as much as I used to, and this is why it was all too easy to drown my sorrows with the bottle in the past. It always, as predicted, had detrimental effects on my mental health. Alcohol is a huge downer and it just makes everything worse.

This is why I’ve chosen to ditch the bottle for weed instead this holiday season, and all the rest moving forward.


Better Sleep


Even though alcohol effectively (albeit temporarily) numbs my pain during the holidays, it always results in terrible sleep. I’m sure many of you can relate to the dreadful feeling of lying in bed, physically exhausted from the revelries, yet unable to sleep. That’s the booze. The last thing anyone with anxiety needs is lack of sleep, because we all know that turns us into horrific monsters when it comes to our emotional state. Good sleep is EVERYTHING, and cannabis helps me achieve the best sleep ever.


Better Health


Booze leads to lots of bad decisions, including food. When I’m stoned, I still have a state of mind clear enough to make smarter decisions with regards to what I’m eating. I know that doesn’t apply to everyone, but it does for me. Bad decisions with food are made much easier with tons of sugary treats lying around from the holiday season, but weed keeps my diet in check.


If you’re going through something this holiday season, trust me, ditching the bottle for weed will also do wonders for your mental health.


Better Socialization


Alcohol is no doubt the most famous social lubricant. That’s only because it’s completely legal. But cannabis can do the same for people, as I know it has for me. I mean, just ask anyone who’s ever passed a dutchie to their left hand side! Jokes aside, when you find a dose that’s right for you, you can use weed socially instead of surrendering to a couch lock. I’ve also found that a little pot goes a long way in terms of becoming more tolerant of embarrassing or awkward situations. In the past, alcohol has made me react way too impulsively, leading me to say or do something that I’ve regretted later on. Pot has never made me do that.


Better For My Wallet


If social obligations give you anxiety like me, I recommend learning how to say no. Choose one or two holiday parties with people that actually mean something to you, and stick to it. Your sanity will thank you! Also, your wallet will thank you. It’s so much cheaper to learn how to say no to gatherings, curl up at home, get stoned, and relax for a few hours without thinking of anything else.


Time For Reflection


A lot’s happened this year, and I’m guessing the same has for a lot of you, too. Personally, my dad’s surprising death caused a glitch in my matrix, and made me reexamine my life using a magnifying glass. I’m a sucker for clean slates, and the few days right before the new year are a perfect time to reflect on the year that’s gone by, the kind of person I am and want to be, and the achievements I want to accomplish in 2019. A few puffs of some good old cannabis oil always helps reset my mind and puts me in a blissful state; a happy place. Alcohol makes me feel like hell in every sense of the word.


Do yourself a favor and try abstaining, or at least reducing, your alcohol intake this holiday season. Smoke a few puffs instead.

5 Reasons I Am Ditching Booze For Marijuana This Holidays Season, And Why You Should, Too from CannabisNet on Vimeo.



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