weed over alcohol
weed over alcohol

Why Choosing Weed Over Alcohol is Smart this Holiday Season

Ditching alcohol for cannabis during holiday season has many great advantages

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Dec 16, 2019

Choose Weed Over Alcohol for the Festive Time

weed over booze

With the festive season on top of us, there are more opportunities for partying! If it is not the office Christmas party, it is a family gathering or hang out with friends. It is time to hang loose and let go. In a bar or restaurant, people have mostly the option to consume alcohol. Weed not so much. In legal recreational markets, it changes a bit and people can choose. Why is it better to choose cannabis over alcohol? Let us take a look at it.

For many, alcohol is an acceptable part of social life. They grow up with it in their homes. They are introduced to it since a young age and for many, drinking alcohol means a license to the grown-up world. The legality of alcohol makes it even more acceptable, whereas weed is considered harmful. After all, it was illegal until not so long ago. In fact, in many parts, it is still illegal. But looking closer to what both stand for, things tend to lean more in favor of cannabis.  


What does Science Say?

Alcohol has been researched for far longer than cannabis. Therefore, there is more data available on alcohol. But even so, alcohol tends to be more harmful than marijuana for many reasons. There are quite a number of factors at play, like the effect on your behavior, brain, and heart. Some effects would be immediate, where others could show up over longer times. It is also somewhat like comparing apples to oranges as the two are quite different. But none-the-less, weed seems to be the winner of this fight.


Reasons why Marijuana is Better than Alcohol

There are many reasons why alcohol could be more harmful than weed. We will look at a few:

  • Alcohol can Kill – In a study in 2014, 30,722 Americans died from alcohol causes. Keep in mind that these deaths did not include accidents or homicides caused by alcohol. If that number would have been included, the death toll would have been closer to 90,000 deaths. When it comes to cannabis, no deaths were reported at all. In a 16-year study, it was found that healthy cannabis consumers would not likely die earlier than healthy people not using cannabis. Alcohol is furthermore linked to various types of cancer, liver failure, and cirrhosis.

  • You Get Fat on Alcohol – while cannabis gives you the munchies, it does not cause weight gain. In fact, it might have the opposite result. Alcohol to the contrary leads to obesity. Most alcohol is high in sugar as well.

  • Alcohol has Nasty Side-effects – When too much alcohol is consumed the day before, most people wake up with a nasty hangover. It goes hand-in-hand with heavy headaches and nausea and an unquenchable thirst. Some people might also experience a weed hangover, but it is not a smidgeon on the hangover alcohol causes.

  • Alcohol Links to Cancer – Some top US doctors treating cancer, asked in 2017 for people to drink less alcohol as it increases the risk of developing pre-and postmenopausal breast cancer. Even as little as 1 glass of wine or beer per day could have a negative effect. Cannabis is not linked to any cancer-causing effect. Alcohol is considered to be a carcinogen

  • Alcohol has a Higher risk for Driving – It is true that when you smoke a heavy joint, it is advisable to wait a bit before driving your car as it cognitively might slow you down. The same can´t be said about alcohol. Just a 0.05 % blood-alcohol level can increase the risk of having an accident to 575%. When alcohol and weed are used simultaneously, the risk increases dramatically.

  • Cannabis has Medicinal properties; Alcohol Not – cannabis is used to treat various conditions for a long time now, even before it was recognized as a potential remedy. There is no medicinal value to alcohol.

  • Alcohol is Addictive- While alcohol consumption is very high in society, weed consumption does not fall far behind. At least half of all adults have tried cannabis once. People are more likely to get addicted to alcohol, but it doesn´t mean some won´t get addicted to weed. In a study, it was found that about 9% of all users might get addicted to weed. For alcohol, this percentage is about 15%. Most often this is related to people who have a diagnosis of addiction.  

  • Alcohol and Violence are Closely Linked – Alcohol abuse leads to aggressiveness and violence, as a result, it is far more happening. Alcohol and domestic violence are almost a synonym. Cannabis is creating rather a sense of relaxation and reduces violent behavior.


After Thoughts

With all things taken into consideration, it is clear that alcohol poses a bigger risk than marijuana. So, if you have a choice, stick to cannabis this festive season. It doesn´t mean you can´t ever have an alcoholic beverage. Just practice moderation rather than abuse.








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