halloween cannabis costumes
halloween cannabis costumes

7 Cannabis-Themed Halloween Costumes To Light Up Your Halloweed Night!

Think out of the box this year for your weed-themed Halloween costume!

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

7 Out of the Box Halloweed Costumes for this Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means - time to get creative with some killer Halloweed costumes! As your resident cannabis enthusiast and spooky season fanatic, allow me to suggest some out-of-the-box ideas to represent the pothead community in style.


These concepts range from pop culture parodies to original stoner characters that are sure to leave revelers both amused and impressed by your dedication to the craft. And I'll provide plenty of tips to help bring each vision to life.


Halloween is a time of the year that people get to truly let loose, and express themselves through a myriad of projected concepts. While it’s been years since I dawned a costume, as my kids get older – my time for dressing up are coming once again.


Nonetheless, for those of you who still get dressed up and want to honor the stoner inside of you, this article is for you.


So spark one up, and let's dive into some dank disguises to rock this Halloween!


Puff the Magic Dragon

puff the magic dragon

Let your stoner spirit soar with this classic psychedelic twist on the beloved 1960s folk song. Become Puff in dragon form by getting a furry green kigurumi-style onesie and affixing red scales and wings. Add a wizard's hat shooting out smoke rings and a wand emitting LED clouds.


Roam fests spreading cannabis cheer through uplifting lyrics like "In a land called Honah Lee" (say it fast - sound it out, you'll get it). Hand out custom lyric sheets to passersby so they can sing along. Your meditative ode to imagination and nature's leafy bounty will be a sublime addition to any Halloween. Just don't forget your pipe stuffed with Puff's favorite herb!


Bud Lightyear


To infinity and beyond baked! This crossover between cannabis culture and Toy Story's iconic Space Ranger action figure is perfect for lovers of both animation and flower. Get a Buzz Lightyear costume and customize it with weed leaf symbols, Rasta colors, and a NASA helmet labeled THC Space Program.


Attach Styrofoam nugs and colorful pipes to your suit. When fellow revelers say "Hey Bud, let's spark one!" respond "To the bong and beyond!" in your best Tim Allen impression. Vaporize instead of laser vaporize any "evil emperor Zurg buds" harshing your mellow. And prove weed can make you feel like you're flying high just like Buzz!


Edible Arrangement


If you want a sweet disguise with some horror edge, disguise yourself as a divine yet devious human-sized bouquet of fruits and goodies from Edible Arrangements. Get a plant costume and glue on realistic plastic versions of their signature items like pineapple slices, apple wedges, chocolate-dipped strawberries.


Offer "samples" to the delighted yet wary crowd. Say creepy things like "Eat me to join me" in an eerie tone. Eventually reveal your true sticky form by pulling out a comically oversized joint tucked amid the fake produce. This one pairs tasty treats with a trippy twist sure to leave 'em shook.


High Voltage Electrician

thc currents high voltage

Watt's up guys, need your vibe inspected? As a master cannabis electrician, I'll keep the buzz flowing and ensure nobody kills the mood. Deck out in electrician coveralls and tool belts, attach fake wire spools, outlet boxes, breaker panel stickers. Add arc flash safety signs saying "Stay Lit My Friends" and "Let's Get Amped!"


Offer to bump start people's highs by pretended to shocked them with volt meter leads yelling "CLEAR!" Then pull out a makeshift socket and lightbulb bong to demo your craft. Nothing lights up spirits like my special electrical connections! Stay safe though, THCcurrents are strong!



THC Exchange Student

thc exchange student

The classic foreign exchange student gag, crossed with a love for learning about terpenes and getting schooled on strains. Use spirit gum to attach fake sideburns, thick eyebrows and hair to embody your Russian "Canatov Ganjikov" persona.


Dress in Adidas, chains, and a track suit, speak in a cheesy accent. Offer people your homemade "motherland candy" - DIY weed gummies in vodka bottles. Ramble about wanting to experience true American stoner culture and ask revelers to teach you "your ways with the sticky icky!" An epic chance to enjoy the holiday through a cross-faded foreign persona.


The Great Weedini


Abracadabra, altoid tin turned bubbler - behold, it's The Great Weedini! Magicians get a psychedelic makeover with this costume. Rock a pot leaf corset, top hat and magician's suit with trippy patterns. Attach collapsible cup rigs and stash spots for quick cannabis illusions.


Wow the crowds by having them pick a nug, only to reveal you've already ground and rolled it into a joint! Perform "carded" magic tricks like guessing their favorite strain or making glass pipes disappear. Smoke bubbles instead of blowing smoke rings. Your mystical herbology and sleight of hand will transfix fellow Halloweenies in magical reefer madness!


The Walking Baked


Lurch and stumble like a zombie, but rather than craving brains, you seek only to quench the munchies! Outfit torn, bloodied clothes in archetypal zombie fashion. But customize with rolling papers falling out of pockets, half-smoked roaches, empty bags of chips and candy.


Shamble around muttering "Need snackies!" in a stoner drawl. When people offer you joints or edibles, perk up and revert to a friendly stoner thanking them profusely. Bonus points for hemp fabric skin and bloodshot eyes. The walking baked just wants to medicate and chill!



The Sticky Bottom Line


It’s my hope that this list of out-of-the-box concepts inspired you to come up with something unique and fun. In fact, why not share your ideas and maybe we all can brainstorm some new concepts. I don’t know how “new” these are, but these were the ones I found to have a high appeal to the stoner in me.


There you have it - 7 ways to rep cannabis culture this Halloween with creative costumes. These out-of-the-box concepts guarantee memorable stoner flair at any fest. Have fun brainstorming the little details to fully embrace your alternate persona. And however, you choose to celebrate, be safe, be chill, and happy haunting!





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