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Are You Closely Monitoring These Conditions In Your Cannabis Greenhouse?

Cannabis Greenhouses Need Some Attention

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Sep 27, 2017
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Are You Closely Monitoring These Conditions In Your Cannabis Greenhouse?



Cultivating cannabis can be challenging especially for first-time growers. There are many aspects that need to be monitored especially if you’re growing cannabis in a greenhouse to make sure that the plants are always in optimum conditions and in a healthy environment. Some growers opt to use a monitoring system for their cannabis greenhouses. 


These are the conditions you should carefully monitor so that your cannabis plants grow as healthy as possible:


greenhouse temperature

Temperature: It’s extremely critical to observe temperature levels whether you’re growing cannabis in your closet or in a greenhouse. However, in a greenhouse, the temperature should be warm enough to enable photosynthesis and nurture the plants. If your greenhouse is on the wrong temperature this will have a direct negative impact on the yield of your plant as well as the pace in which it grows. If the temperature is too hot, this will cause stress; but if the temperature is too low this will hinder the growth of the plant. Ideally, the optimum greenhouse temperature should be between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Greenhouse temperatures should be adjusted based on the growth density you’re looking for as well as the stage your plants are in.


cannabis humidor

Humidity: Photosynthesis and transpiration are directly affected by humidity levels. The ideal relative humidity (RH) for cannabis is 60%. If the humidity levels are too low, water can evaporate too quickly, preventing photosynthesis from occurring; but if the humidity levels are too high will result in mold, fungus, and poor plant growth. Paying close attention to moisture levels in your greenhouse will support your plants as they undergo transpiration; proper humidity levels increase their absorption of nutrients and promote better overall health.


co2 air cleaner

 CO2 Levels: Just like other plants, cannabis needs CO2 to survive. CO2 levels need to be monitored to make sure that your cannabis plants have enough to grow in a healthy manner. The amount of CO2 that your greenhouse will need depends on its overall size as well as how much light your plants are getting. For a standard greenhouse, the CO2 levels should be between 1,000 to 1,500 parts per million; anything less will delay the growth of your plants while if it’s too high it would result in wasted CO2.


sun light in a greenhouse

Light: During the summer months, your cannabis plants will naturally get a lot of light. During the winter months, it’s a different story since giving your plants adequate light during this time of the year can be difficult. Additional lights in your greenhouse may need to be installed during the winter months to supplement for the lack of light. If your plants are in the budding phase, they should be getting 12 hours of light a day but if the plants are in other phases they may need additional light. When cannabis is in its growth stage, they sometimes require being exposed to light up to 18 hours a day. 


Air Circulation: Proper air circulation in your greenhouse enables you to get rid of hot air while supplying fresh air inside. Ensuring that your plants have access to proper circulation can increase your plant yield and growth speed. An exhaust system in place will also help you efficiently manage humidity and temperature while stopping the growth of pest and mold.


Irrigation: Overwatering cannabis plants is just as bad as letting the soil go dry. Cannabis plant roots require oxygen to survive, while the leaves breathe CO2. If the soil becomes waterlogged, the roots can’t do their work. Without oxygen, the roots won’t be able to receive nutrients and engage in photosynthesis, resulting in wilting. Adequate soil moisture will depend on the size of your greenhouse, as well as humidity and temperature levels. It’s essential to closely monitor soil moisture to support the health of your cannabis plants in the long run.


Security: Intruders are always a risk for growers that are cultivating something valuable, and these days cannabis is recognized as the most lucrative cash crop. Both wildlife and human intruders may pose a threat, but with the proper security measures installed your greenhouse can be fortified against unwanted presence. 


Successfully growing cannabis in a greenhouse will take a lot of time and effort, but by paying close attention to these details you’ll ensure better chances of bigger yields and healthier plants. 




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