sun grown cannabis
sun grown cannabis

The Benefits of Sun-Grown Cannabis

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DanaSmith on Sunday May 21, 2017

The Benefits of Sun-Grown Cannabis



Growers, farmers, and cultivators can prosper more (and help the environment) if cannabis is grown outdoors sustainably.



Imagine walking in a field of flowers… but cannabis flowers. Sure sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? These cannabis flower fields do exist but in secret locations around the world. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ve already been to one.



From a business, health, and environmental standpoint, sun grown cannabis has significantly more benefits than indoor cannabis. In fact, outdoor grows have been practiced by humankind since ancient times. Back then, hydroponic systems, LED lights, and air regulators didn’t exist. Cannabis thrived in the great outdoors, in tropical countries, in mountainous regions. The sad truth is that because of federal prohibition, outdoor grows today are hard to find and even more difficult to operate.


sun grown marijuana


These are the reasons why sun-grown cannabis is so important and beneficial:



  • Sun-grown cannabis will reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. The Journal of Energy Policy estimates that indoor cannabis grows takes up 1% of the entire United States power consumption. Indoor grows use an average of 8 times more energy per square foot as commercial buildings. That is A LOT of energy! Growing cannabis indoors requires an intense amount of light to mimic the sun, and using artificial light to successfully grow cannabis means that farmers need to use high-intensity light bulbs, which are responsible for the high energy consumption.



As if that weren’t enough, each of these light bulbs contain around 20mg of mercury, which has been linked to serious environmental and health issues.Mercury can also cause detrimental health problems for humans as well as animals. Sustainable lighting options are available, however, nothing can compare to actually giving your plants the light they need through sun exposure.



  • Sun-grown cannabis results in bigger, healthier yields. Any grow website will easily tell you that outdoor grows will give you bigger yields. Outdoor grows result in more yield in each plant; plus it requires much less supervision than indoor plants.





Farmers and growers know that sun-grown cannabis is ecologically superior. Growing the plant outdoors will give you a much better, high quality product since it’s grown under the sun’s full spectrum of rays, giving you a more complex plant. While many dispensaries already receive high-quality sun-grown cannabis products, as a consumer you have no idea if you’re consuming weed that has been grown indoors or outdoors. The challenge here is for cultivators who want to educate consumers through proper branding so that everyone will be able to tell the difference when it comes to the taste and overall quality of outdoor cannabis.



Even the most carefully cultivated indoor plants will never be able to compare to healthy cannabis plants that have been grown outdoors, when you look at both the size and yield. Outdoor plants that are well-tended to, and have been given everything that they need to grow optimally, will be able to give you up to 4 times more usable product than an indoor plant of the same size. Outdoor cannabis grows also do have a longer growth cycle but this is the reason why it has a much higher yield. The longer growth cycle also plays an important role in the development of trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes, an overall potency.



  • Sun-grown cannabis costs less to grow. Even if you have a small indoor setup, you’ll still need to spend on several things including containers, nutrients, lighting, timers, air circulation, grow media, and many more. On the other hand, if you grow cannabis outdoors, all you really need is healthy soil and some seeds. There are things that can help you further improve the quality of your yield, such as feminized quality seeds, organic fertilizer, and pest control.



  • Sun-grown cannabis is better equipped to fight off mold and mildew. As a matter of fact, outdoor cannabis growers use significantly less pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. When cannabis is grown in the right environment and using the proper techniques, they are naturally more resilient to pests as well as other elements. This happens because when cannabis is grown outdoors, it becomes part of the natural ecosystem and thus stronger.



Any other plant can become more resistant to threats in the environment over time. Sun-grown cannabis will eventually interact with environmental elements in order to develop resilience against pests as well as changes in temperature.



  • Sun-grown cannabis helps the plant’s natural life cycle. This is another reason why outdoor plants yield healthier grows; since the beginning of time cannabis has always thrived when placed under the sun’s rays. Through photosynthesis, cannabis, as well as other plants, have been able to take advantage of the sun’s energy to grow bigger, better, and healthier.



No matter how expensive or complex an artificial lighting system you use, it will never be able to mimic the power of the sun. When grown outdoors, cannabis also interacts with the moon and this full spectrum of light and energy in its natural cycle helps it develop a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.



Have you tried sun-grown cannabis? What differences do you notice?





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