COVID lung and smoking weed
COVID lung and smoking weed

Are Your Lungs Shot from COVID So You Can't Smoke or Vape Weed, Anymore?

Got bad lungs from COVID, what are your options for getting weed in your body?

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HighChi on Wednesday Jun 23, 2021

Are Your Lungs Shot from COVID So You Can’t Smoke or Vape Weed, Anymore?

covid lung and marijuana smoking and vaping

People are reporting that that COVID has wrecked their lungs so they can’t smoke or vape weed anymore.


Were you a cannabis smoker or enjoyed vaping cannabis oil, but have found that after COVID, your lungs just don’t have the same capacity or stamina anymore?  What can you do now?  What if you can’t smoke weed anymore, physically? What if vaping is just too much coughing or painful now?


Have no fear, there are other options.


Edibles – Yes, you can actually eat weed.  Cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and candy are becoming big business. Consumers are flocking to edibles and pre-rolled joints as two main categories of marijuana that consumers are enjoying the most.  Edibles can be strong and can take up to an hour to kick in, so be cautious as you get started. As Snoop says, edibles are great, but they don’t have an off switch.  One option for a beginner is to start with a 5mg edible or start with tinctures.  Tinctures come with a dropper, and you just squeeze drops under your tongue. This is great for beginners as you can try 3 drops one night, 5 drops the next, or drop back down to 2 drops. You can find your “sweet” spot to get high or sleep and figure it out over a weeklong period.


Other options include breath strips that have THC by Tommy Chong, and even hard candy you can suck on that has THC in it. 


Beverages - A relatively new entrant in the cannabis game, beverages are taking off in legal states, as most states cap doses at 5mg per can or bottle.  That allows for a 2-drink experience to get to the standard adult does of 10 mg.  Why is that important, socially speaking, it takes a good 30 to 45 of socializing and slowly drinking to get high.  That is a big difference from just popping a gummy or chocolate in your mouth and eating it in 3 seconds. Cannabis beverages introduce a new social element, and extended time element, in getting high.  There is not a similar activity, even passing a joint around a group of people (10 minutes, 2 hits) that allows for the extended social time that drinking a beverage with friends allows.


Change Your Cartridge

While smoking or vaping cannabis oils may be too harsh now for your lungs, there are some smoother alternatives that may be okay to vape or smoke.  Delta-8 THC hemp and hemp pre-rolls are not as harsh as some of the cannabis oils sold today, while they won’t get you as high right off the bat as regular THC, they do create a calm mind and very relaxed body.  If you find yourself coughing and hacking too much with your standard material, try toning it down to hemp-based oils and pre-rolls.  Many stoners on Reddit groups have reported COVID lung issues and trying softer or toned down vape oil and smokable things like hemp-based CBD strains and vapes.


Last But Not Least…

If all else fails and you just can’t smoke or eat cannabis, many report the quickest and best way to get high from any drug is to put the drug on the fastest absorbing tissue in the body, the rectum canal. While commonly associated with cocaine use, some cannabis users reported the quickest way into the blood stream and feeling the effects the fastest by going through the dark channels of the underworld.  While not the easiest way to share weed with friends, it will save your lungs.





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