vaporizer comparison
vaporizer comparison

Battle Royale - Arizer Extreme Q vs Volcano Vaporizer

Which balloon vaporizer fits your lifestyle the best?

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The Undercover Stoner on Monday Jul 23, 2018

Battle Royale: Arizer Extreme Q vs. Volcano Vaporizer

Battle of the Bag Vaporizers - Extreme Q vs. Volcano from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

Comparing two vaporizers, not least two with such a big difference in price, is never going to be an easy task, but this is a challenge we are certainly willing to take.

In terms of their functionality both these desktop vaporizers are not actually that dissimilar, however when it comes to the quality and manufacturing that’s a whole different issue. The Volcano vaporizer from Storz and Bickel has something of a reputation for being one of the best vaporizers that money can buy so the big question is just how does the Arizer Extreme Q, with its significantly smaller price tag, measure up to the rather legendary Volcano?


Design and appearance

At first glance both of these contenders in our Battle Royale are rather impressive to look at. Aesthetically, the Volcano vaporizer not only looks tough but is feels like it is really built to last, and it also has a somewhat sleek and contemporary look to the design.

Arizer haven’t done a bad job with the Arizer Extreme Q either. It is a lot smaller and lighter than the Volcano, which gives the impression that is may not be as sturdy. However, it does feel surprisingly well built for such a cheaper unit. When it comes to the control buttons on the front, though, you can see the difference in the quality. The buttons on the Extreme Q feel somewhat cheaper than those on the Volcano.

Whilst design can be important, it certainly isn’t the most important quality that you should be looking for in a good vaporizer, so let’s not write off the Arizer just because of the buttons. There’s much more to consider.



If you like features, then the Arizer Extreme Q has then by the bucketload. In fact, we would go as far as to say it has an insane number of features that no other vaporizer really has. The Extreme Q can be used for both balloon and whip vaping, unlike the Volcano with is only suitable for balloon vaping.

The Arizer Extreme Q also has an LCD display screen and a remote control. Perhaps there are a few too many features on this vaporizer, but the big question is do these features have an overall impact on the quality of the unit or are they a step too far in the design process that might have been better used elsewhere?


Ease of use

The good news is that both vaporizers are easy to use and really shouldn’t take that long for anyone to learn how to use them.

But - and there does always have to be a but - the Volcano has been designed in a way that makes it rather difficult to lose or waste anything whilst using it. The bags on the Volcano use a clever “locking valve” so even when you are not using it you shouldn’t be able to lose any of your herb. The Extreme Q on the other hand requires the user to keep their finger over the hole in the end of the balloon to prevent vape escaping.


The Vapor

The Volcano has a ceramic heating element and a much larger vaporization chamber than the Extreme, and this really offers a much denser vapor to be blown into the bag. However, it does only offer the one work mode, balloon, unlike the Extreme Q which is a little more versatile. This can be a huge advantage.

The Extreme Q does have the advantage of heating up faster, however one the heater reaches optimum temperature you will still need to wait around 15 minutes for the glass elements to heat up. Failing to do so means it just won’t be hot enough to trigger evaporation of the herbs. Ultimately the Volcano is ready to work, and work well, in a much shorter time. The balloon of the Volcano will fill much faster, around 30 seconds, compared to the Extreme Q which can take up to 4 minutes. Don’t forget the lack of valve on the Extreme Q also means that you will need to cover the mouthpiece with your finger between draws making it a little less comfortable to use.



If you have the cash to splash and are looking for a vaporizer that is a little more “high end” then the best vaping experience that your money can buy you is, of course, the Volcano. Overall the Volcano will give you one of the cleanest and arguably the best tasting vapes you can get. This is probably just one of the reasons it has been around for quite a while and is rather legendary in its own right.

But if the price tag of the Volcano is putting you off then fear not. The Arizer Extreme Q offers a very affordable alternative feature-rich, vaping experience. It has plenty of great features, accessories and still gives you great quality at an altogether more affordable price. It might not be quite the full experience that you would get from the Volcano but for half the cost it’s an excellent alternative. Which one will you go for?


Battle Royale - Arizer Extreme Q Vape vs the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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