Best Delta-8-THC Brands
Best Delta-8-THC Brands

The Best Delta-8-THC Products & Brand Reviews in 2021

The Delta-8 product quality will depend on the method used during the extraction process.

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HighChi on Friday Jul 2, 2021

Best Delta-8-THC Products & Brands Reviews in 2021

best delta-8-thc brands

In 2021, the demand is high for delta-8-THC as one of the most popular cannabis products. There is a wide range of brands that manufacture and sell it, and they all claim their delta-8 products are legal and beneficial for our health. However, it’s important to note there is a huge difference in quality when buying from approved companies and scammers.

Due to unclear regulations, we need to be careful when purchasing delta-8.  Doing extensive research on a brand can help us determine whether or not their products are legitimate and safe. Let’s take a look at the top 3 delta-8-THC brands and what their products have that scammers don’t.


Delta-8-THC — Top 3 Brands You Should Try


area 52 delta-8 thc

Area52 offers products in the form of tinctures, gummies, and vape cartridges that all contain top-quality delta-8, extracted from the organic hemp plant using an advanced CO2 extraction. 

After some research, it becomes obvious that the products manufactured by Area52 are more expensive than their competitors. However, each product comes with a third-party lab certificate that lists potency, the origin of the cannabis, and possible contaminants. All lab results are available to the public, so we can be sure that we are getting a premium quality product.


Finest Labs

finest labs delta-8

Finest Labs products are perfect for first-time and casual users, as well as those who might be sensitive to high doses of delta-8. When it comes to quality, the company’s products are made from industrial-grade hemp, making them similar in quality to those made by Area52.

We can choose products ranging from 500 to 25 mg doses of delta-8-THC. The brand also sells vegan-friendly gummies that allow vegans to experience all the health benefits of delta-8 without having to worry about it interfering with your lifestyle and food preferences.

Finest Labs offers premium, budget-friendly, low-concentrate delta-8-THC products that will satisfy every consumer’s taste.


8 Delta 8

delta-8 product review

8 Delta 8 offers an extensive range of products. Alongside the standard vape cartridges, gummies, and tinctures, we can also find delta-8 flowers in their offer.

Unfortunately, they don’t show their products’ lab tests on the site, but if you contact them to request a COA for a certain product, you will receive what you are looking for.


How to Avoid Scammers When Buying Delta-8-THC Products

As mentioned earlier, unclear regulations are allowing scammers to sell their products under the radar. So if we don't want to end up purchasing something that isn’t worth a penny, we ought to keep our eyes open. In order to avoid getting tricked into buying something that isn’t worth a dime, here are some things we need to look for before purchasing delta-8 products.

Third-Party Analysis

To synthesize delta-8-THC from CBD, manufacturers need to use two toxic chemicals (zinc bromide and hydrochloric acid). For the end product to be safe for consumption, these chemicals must be removed entirely before the process is completed.

Third-party laboratories are crucial in providing unbiased results for each sample. If the manufacturer succeeds in creating a toxic-free product, the laboratory will officially declare it safe for consumption. In addition, the certificate of analysis will list the potency, content analysis (possible contaminants), and cannabinoid profile of each sample.


5-Star Reviews

Companies that have too many negative reviews or no reviews at all are a clear indication to look for our delta-8 products elsewhere. However, it is also not uncommon for brands to place fake excellent reviews to further convince potential customers. 

Therefore, when buying delta-8-THC products, we ought to search for user reviews as well as knowledgeable expert reviews of the products. We can look for product and manufacturer reviews on forums and social media groups created by delta-8-THC users. Reviews written by third-party websites help to confirm whether the products being sold are legitimate. The combination of the two should provide us with enough in-depth information to help us make a decision.


Laws and Regulations

judge and jury

The delta-8 product quality will depend on the method used during the extraction process. Premium quality, for example, requires delta-8 to be extracted directly from an organic hemp plant. Although it may be the best way of obtaining delta-8, this method of extraction is federally illegal. Synthesizing delta-8-THC from delta-9-THC is another extraction method that produces top-quality products but is also prohibited because delta-9 can’t be used as the foundation material.

As a result, manufacturers need to use chemicals for the product to be made in compliance with state laws. This method requires the extracted CBD to be converted into delta-9, from which they can synthesize delta-8.

In states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use, we may find products that have been made by extracting delta-8-THC directly from a hemp plant. Before purchasing, we need to be informed of our state’s law regarding marijuana. To make sure the product we are buying is safe for consumption, we need to check the brand's certificate of analysis if the delta-8 was extracted by the use of chemicals.


What Brands Should We Avoid?

To support their marketing, legitimate delta-8-THC brands will provide information on methods used during stages of farming, extraction, and testing.

Cake, CannaAid, CannaClear, Honey Creek Labs, and Truelieve are brands we need to avoid at all costs. Reviews written by delta-8 users claim these companies to be fraudulent and have been accused of forging their lab reports. It is crucial for brands to provide up-to-date lab reports by a third party. By doing so, we can be sure those results haven't been tampered with.

We need to be careful when ordering from brands that provide only the potency results but no information on contaminants. If we can’t see a clear content analysis, we can not be sure how safe a delta-8-THC product is. In addition, we must not forget to check our state’s law regarding the extraction process used. If chemicals were used, we need proof that they have been removed. 


Final Thoughts

Delta-8-THC products will give us that no-paranoia, soothing high sensation while helping to relieve us from pain, anxiety and stress. However, before we get hypnotized by fancy words and appealing packaging designs, let’s remember to take everything we now know into consideration before proceeding to the checkout. 








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