biohacking cannabis
biohacking cannabis

Biohacking With Cannabis: Are You Ready For Optimum Health?

Will Biohacking THC and CBD create super healthy humans?

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DanaSmith on Thursday Oct 25, 2018

Biohacking With Cannabis: Are You Ready For Optimum Health?

biohacking with marijuana


The health and wellness industry is abuzz with trendy new lingo, and it seems to change every season. 


For some time, it was the likes of kale, smoothies, and other crazy fads. But as more people delved deeper into the science of health, we’re more equipped to make smarter decisions today when it comes to our wellbeing. We also now know that cannabis is a safe and healthy medicine for so many common sicknesses that plague society, and that the opioids being shoved down our throats by doctors are harmful; fatal, even.


But a new buzzword you should know about is biohacking. And biohacking works perfectly with cannabis.


What Does Biohacking Mean?


Biohacking is a fairly new term in biology which refers to making scientific experiments on biological material. Most people who engage in biohacking aren’t experts: they aren’t biologists, nor are they scientists; but they do experiments on themselves. However, many biohackers have eventually grown to become popular for their interesting work. There’s Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof fame, and Tim Ferriss of the 4 Hour Workweek Fame.


But we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of our knowledge of biohacking. “The whole idea of biohacking is that people feel entitled, they feel the ability to just follow their curiosity – where it should go – and really get to the bottom of something they want to understand,” says Ron Shigeta of Berkeley Biolabs, a biohacking firm based in Berkeley, California. He adds that “hacking is kind of like the freedom to sort of dig deep into something, just because you’re interested in it…”, he says in a PBS feature.


In a nutshell, biohacking involves tweaking the human body for the purpose of attaining optimum wellness. It’s all about making changes to the body then monitoring how it affects human health. Biohacking treats the body as a system and individuals experiment with inputs in the form of food and exercise to see how it affects the outputs: mood, energy, weight, etc. It really is all about fine tuning your body to find what works best for you.


Where Does Cannabis Fit Into Biohacking?


If individuals are continuously striving for ways to naturally extend their lifespan and beat disease by experimenting with biohacks, it should only be normal that cannabis would fit into the equation, no?


For many people, cannabis is the PERFECT compliment to biohacking. Many individuals have found that the ketogenic diet works very well with cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD).  After all, our ancestors followed a ketogenic diet – it’s only been in the last century when we started feeding our bodies with carbohydrates and sugary meals, hence, DISEASE.


But the human body has receptors all over, which means that cannabis or CBD is an external compound that is welcomed by the body. This is also why many people feel superhuman when they combine CBD with a ketogenic diet. Even better, if you want to avoid disease, this is an excellent combination.


Cancer cells feed on sugar, the ketogenic diet weakens cancer cells and starves them of sugar, and cannabis causes cancer cells to commit suicide. It all makes sense.


In a feature called The True Entourage Effect: Cannabis and Ketosis, featuring Chef Brandon Allen, he discusses how the state of ketosis is enhanced by the cannabinoids in the plant. Chef Allen is a trained chef who is also the first Top Cannabis Chef of High Times. He has spent many years experimenting with different lifestyles such as paleo, vegan, and pescetarian, and after much trial and error he found the ketogenic diet and never looked back. He also began using cannabis for his chronic back pain, and eventually started cooking cannabis-infused food. “This parallel inspired a theory: the ultimate state for the human body is to be in nutritional ketosis while supplementing the endocannabinoid system with phytocannbinoids from cannabis,” says the article.


Even Dave Asprey has discussed the use of CBD several times in his blog. He also makes mention of CBD, in one of his podcasts. In one episode entitled, “Is Cannabis The New Wonder Drug,” he talks to Joel Stanley, founder of CW Hemp. When Dave asks Joel if people with illnesses should try CBD, Joel replies: “The right pathway for them is to start with CBD……. The cannabis has never killed anyone. We’re talking about a safety profile on CBD. That’s much like Vitamin C. It’s safer than common household sugar. It’s worth the try.”


Biohacking alone is a new idea, let alone biohacking with cannabis. But many have already written about it online, and this is a subject we’re excited to see more material of in the future.


Have you experimented with biohacking?








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