Valentine's Day Weed Ideas
Valentine's Day Weed Ideas

Bud & Chocolate - Ideas for a Kush Valentine's Day

What are some good cannabis ideas for your stoner Valentine's Day?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Feb 11, 2021

Bud & Chocolate – Ideas for your Valentine's Date

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Will you be my Valentine's? While I personally am not a big fan of the notion of Valentine’s day, I do think that it can be a great excuse to do something lovely for the people you care about. Seeing that I have written on virtually every major holiday or “special day”, I thought it would be proper to create a cannabis-Valentine’s day post.


In today’s article – we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best Stoner gifts to give to your stoner-Valentine’s.


A Box of Chocolates – INFUSED!


One of the more “classic” gifts that you can give someone on Valentine’s day are chocolates. It’s tradition!


But if you really want to add that “cannabis spin” to things – I’d highly recommend making some infused chocolate. It’s not that difficult either. You really just need some cannabis butter and chocolate, melt it all together and then pour it out into any type of cookie-cutter template or something similar.


Be sure to coat the “shape holder” with some oil or butter so that the chocolate doesn’t stick. Your Valentine’s will love you for the chocolate and the high!


A Box of Bud!


Another way you could go about it is to place buds instead of chocolates. For example, buy some chocolate that comes in a neat little box – and simply eat the chocolates yourself [preferably after a toke session] and then replace the chocolates with nugs.


Anyone who smokes weed and receives a gift like that will instantly “like you more”. It may not be the most creative approach – but it certainly will score you some points.


Any type of paraphernalia


A pipe, a bong or a vape will always be a good gift because every time the stoner uses it – they’ll be thinking of you. I find pipes to be the best Valentine’s gift, but a pre-rolled joint or blunt can also do the trick.


Non-Common Marijuana


Most people smoke flower or extracts. Hash, budder, oils – these are not as common. Try giving your significant other a ball of hash, see how that plays out. Behavioral economists


A Stoned Dinner


Seeing that you’ll want to “wine and dine” your significant other, why not make a full on cannabis-infused dinner evening.


You can virtually turn any dish into an infused dish if you know how to make cannabutter or cannabis infused cooking oil.


Of course, for some – this may be a pricey approach to Valentine’s day, but if you can get your hands on some decent weed that is also “cheapish” – why not go for it. Get some brick weed [if that’s still a thing] to make a mild infusion.


Cannabis Infused Massage


Here’s something that anyone will enjoy, and if you’re lucky – you might get the “happy ending” you deserve. A cannabis infused massage simply requires some infused coconut oil and your hands. Of course, if you’re shit at giving massages – don’t try this one.


But if you know how to remove tension from muscles with your hands, this is probably the best bet to getting laid. Sure – it’s not a guarantee and you shouldn’t be giving the massage with the hopes of getting laid, but every time I have given out a massage to someone I liked – it usually ended up with some ‘hanky’.


Of course, everything needs to be consensual and your significant other needs to be comfortable with getting naked – especially if you’re going to be giving a full body massage.


Start from the lower back, work your way upwards. Get to the neck and the back of the head. Then, move on down to the ass, legs, calves and feet. Flip the subject, start at the head, work your way down through the chest, stomach, legs, inner legs and all the way back down to the feet.


This should take you roughly 1-hour to complete. As you can imagine, there are some sensitive spots you’ll be getting close to, respect the person’s intimacy and don’t force anything, but if you’re doing your job correctly – you won’t have to force anything.


Nonetheless, this is probably one of the best Valentine’s gifts you can give your significant other. If you’re already in a relationship, let this be a gift to each other and end it up with some orgasmic, highly relaxed “stone-boning!”


Removing the Pain of Paying


Behavioral economists have worked out that the best gift you can give someone is to remove the “pain of paying”. In other words, getting them something they want but are too afraid to spend on it. Remember, a gift has to have the other person in mind – otherwise, you’re just trying to manipulate their feelings with an exchange of goods.


What’s on your Valentine’s list of gifts? I think I’m going to be giving out a massage to my life partner while smoking a blunt and then…well, that’s for Mrs. Reefer and I to explore. 






What did you think?

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