different strains in one grow room
different strains in one grow room

Can You Grow Different Cannabis Strains in the Same Grow Room?

Is it a good idea to grow multiple strains in the same grow room?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

different strains in one grow room

It's a gratifying procedure to grow marijuana.

If we cultivate one strain, smoking a lot of the same kind of weed might sometimes get a little boring. You might wonder if it's feasible to cultivate various strains in a single grow area because of this. Multiple cannabis strains can successfully be grown in the same location to provide you with a variety of buds to choose from when it's time to chill alone or with friends. It only becomes difficult if you select the strains incorrectly or fail to practice the proper growing techniques.


This article demonstrates how to produce several cannabis strains in one location effectively. Although it is technically conceivable, there are several apparent problems with meeting the needs of many cannabis cultivars that are expanding simultaneously. Read on to look at ways to get around them and effectively produce several different cannabis strains in one growing area without compromising quality.


Creating a Multi-Strain Grow

It is absolutely feasible to cultivate various strains of cannabis effectively in the same tent or space; you simply need to make the necessary preparations. The best outcomes won't come from mixing a variety of seeds together. However, it is possible to make it work if you are aware of each strain's demands and cater to them during the grow cycle.


What To Consider When Planning A Multi-strain Grow

The essential factors to take into account while choosing seeds for your multi-strain grow are listed below.

Type of strain

It is possible to grow photoperiod strains with auto flowers. You only need to grow both strains using the photoperiod plants' light schedule. Photoperiod cannabis strains require an equally split light cycle to bloom, 12/12. This schedule works for auto flowers, although they may experience lower yields.


Sativa and Indica

Certain apparent issues might arise if you're growing a mixture of indica and sativa strains. These will mostly be connected to total height and growth rate. Sativas might take anywhere between 9 and 14 weeks to reach full flowering, compared to 8 to 10 weeks for indicas. Furthermore, sativas are known to soar well above 2.0 m, whereas indicas often remain heavy and bushy, seldom growing taller than 150.0 cm.


Due to the sativas' greater height, the biggest problem arising from these variances is that it will be challenging to maintain an equal canopy. The indicas will thus be shaded and denied light, perhaps causing their growth to be stunted.


Furthermore, because indicas don't have as lengthy of a flowering period as sativas, they could never get the chance to reach the provided lighting.


Estimated Flowering Stage Length

The length of time it takes for the buds to develop before harvest is typically listed in strain descriptions. As buds grow, you can harvest each strain separately, although it's frequently more convenient to harvest all plants at once. It is more plausible that each plant requires the same amount of time to mature because all of the strains' blooming stages are identical in duration.


How accessible every plant is

Reaching the plants at the back might be challenging if you have many plants arranged in rows. Training, identifying ill plants, and even simple tasks like watering and collecting runoff can be challenging in this situation. It helps if you make every effort to make it as simple as possible to access all plants.



Benefits and Drawbacks of Growing Multiple Strains In the Same Space

There are benefits and drawbacks to cultivating various strains together, despite how alluring it may seem.


Benefits of Growing Multiple Strains at Once


You harvest a combination of many strains

This is the main advantage. When it's time to smoke, vape, or otherwise consume your buds, you'll have a variety of strains to pick from because they were grown together. You'll be able to choose the perfect strain that suits your present needs, whether you're looking for an energizing Sativa or a drowsy indica. Growing many strains together provides variation, so maybe you want something fruity to start and earthier afterward.


It maximizes the possibility of a fruitful harvest


You are obligated to a single strain if you choose it. It could not be very productive, mold-prone, or maybe you don't like the effects or flavor. In any event, cultivating many strains simultaneously reduces the likelihood that you'll be dissatisfied with all of them.


Helps Improve your horticultural abilities


Every strain has specific requirements. If you cultivate one variety, you will master that one particular cultivar and may lose out on important information about other strains. You may improve your knowledge and abilities by cultivating a variety of cannabis genotypes, which will increase your likelihood of having future successful grows.


Cons of Growing Multiple Strains at the Same Time


Controlling multiple growth


Each genotype of cannabis has distinctive traits. Some grow enormous, while others grow little; some develop slowly. Individual plants (phenotypes) from the same genotype should develop at about the same rates and attain similar heights. This won't be the case if you cultivate several different strains. Others will languish in the shadows below while certain plants leap up and absorb all the light. Some plants will miss out on light if the canopy is not evenly distributed, which will lower the quality and production of those plants. By selecting strains with similar growth patterns, you can avoid this challenge.


Lighting Requirements


Some strains prefer intense light, yet not others. You'll notice that some of your plants perform less well, whether you utilize light that is too powerful for one song or not strong enough for another.


Nutritional Requirements


It may not seem like a huge thing that each plant may require a different feed ratio, but when you mix many other meals a few times a week for months, it may get tedious—selecting strains with comparable needs may be prevented.


Bottom Line

When combining several strains in their grow space, growers of all skill levels, including ardent perfectionists, can get excellent success. To allow you to optimize circumstances for as many plants as possible, it might assist if you are familiar with the different methods/techniques (SOG, SCROG, LST, super-cropping, topping, FIM, etc.) and can test them out.






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