new cannabis products on the market
new cannabis products on the market

Cannabis Consumerism - CBD Toothpaste, Whole Leaf Hemp Wraps, Full-Spectrum Mango Tinctures Hit the Market

New cannabis products are starting to hit the mainstream dispensaries now!

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Joseph Billions on Monday Feb 22, 2021

New Cannabis Products: CBD Toothpaste, Whole Leaf Hemp Wraps, Full Spectrum Mango Tinctures

new cannabis products

The cannabis industry has changed considerably from what it was years ago. In many states where medical and recreational use is legalized, the era of prohibition and stigmatization are long forgotten. We are currently in the era of acceptance which has allowed the cannabis industry to diversify and introduce new products to meet the needs of consumers.

The expansion of the cannabis industry has seen the development of new consumption methods for cannabis other than smoking. Edibles, lotions, topical creams, and transdermal patches are now in use. Extracts are also being used to make different forms of innovative cannabis products that are mind boggling. We all know that CBD is widely used innovatively to create new products, but the majority of canna users know little about these products. This is why this article will pay close attention to three new cannabis products about to make strong waves in the industry. Fasten your seatbelts, because a fun ride awaits!

SprinJene's CBD Toothpaste

When it comes to oral care, SprinJene is a respected brand which is why it is monumental that they took the step to venture into the use of cannabinoids. CBD Toothpaste is the brand’s first big step to bring cannabis into oral health care. The toothpaste contains the special patented formula of the company which contains zinc and black seed oil. This formula grants antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal activity to the toothpaste. This makes the toothpaste more than your regular toothpaste as it is well-suited to the job of restoring oral health hygiene.

CBD Toothpaste will not be the only product to be offered by SprinJene for oral health care. It promises to be the first of many as the brand looks to fully harness the oral use of cannabinoids. The cannabinoid formulation used to make the products is derived from hemp legalizing the product. The formulation is made by Zelira Therapeutics, a global medical cannabis company. The use of a broad spectrum for the formulations means the benefit of the entourage effect can be enjoyed to dither strengthen the formulation. Zelira Therapeutics happens to be one of the global leaders in cannabis research and formulas and their partnership with SprinJene is bound to birth more products.

Natural compounds like cannabinoids can do a great deal of good when it comes to oral healthcare. CBD has antimicrobial activity which means it can help to eliminate bacteria that cause decay of the teeth. CBD is also effective for dealing with inflammation which is very common in oral health as it commonly occurs around the gum. CBD also has the advantage of increasing remineralization by restoring pH balance around the teeth. These effects of CBD in oral health serves as the basis for the expected growth of CBD Toothpaste in the cannabis market and oral health market.

Nature Leaf’s Hemp Wraps

Compared to other products, whole-leaf hemp wraps are not so common in the cannabis industry. This is because a limited number of cannabis companies take the step to go into its production. Nature Leaf Co. joined this elite list of companies by launching its brand of whole-leaf hemp wraps. A lot goes into making these hemp wraps as the leaf has to go through series of processes before it is ready. After growing the leaf under proper conditions, inspection is done to ascertain the quality of the product and verify if it is fit for use.

The leaf that passes the inspection process is then cured slowly in small batches for 30 days at a time. During this period of curing, the leaf loses a great deal of chlorophyll and starch. This loss however doesn’t affect the purpose for which the hemp wrap is to be used. Cannabis users that are well versed with the use of hemp wraps appreciate its use in rolling the natural herb. Other wraps that are not hemp-based too can be used but the use of hemp-based wraps helps to promote the art of cannabinism. Sidney Quitorio, CEO of Native Leaf has stated that his brand wants to stop the current trend of tribalism. This must have spurred the development of this new cannabis product to further continue the acts that are native to hemp and cannabis.

CBDistillery Full Spectrum Mango Tincture

CBDistillery is well-known for its different CBD tinctures making waves in the cannabis industry. Many people rely on these tinctures for relief from pain while others use them for sound sleep and relaxation at night. The new tincture from CBDistillery is a 1000 milligram Full Spectrum Mango Tincture. The tincture upon every serving provides 33 milligrams of CBD in full spectrum. This concentration of CBD is very beneficial along with the entourage effect of other cannabinoids in the mix. The tincture can be used at night to promote quality sleep from disturbances. It can also be used during the day where it promotes alertness and relaxation.

This special tincture from CBDistillery is quite different from other tinctures that have gone out from the brand. The brand in a bid to expand its range of products decided to go for a flavored tincture. This move is sure to increase the coverage of the brand as some new customers are bound to be attracted to the flavored option. Mango is also bound to add a new scent to the tincture thanks to the presence of myrcene.

Chase Terwilliger, the CEO of Balanced Health Botanicals which is the parent company of CBDistillery has stated that the brand is using new products to react to the rapidly expanding market. The plan to do this by laying emphasis on research and development which will provide ways to meets the needs of consumers easily.

Bottom line

CBD Toothpaste, Hemp Wraps, and Full Spectrum Mango Tincture are just three examples of the influx of new products that have stormed the cannabis industry. More products also look set to take the industry by storm as the needs of consumers in the industry increase daily. These are thrilling times for cannabis lovers, and given what we've all been through in 2020 I think we deserve a little cannabis bliss.








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