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Weed 2020 : Future Marijuana Products We Want

What Are Future Cannabis Products We Want?

Posted by:
DanaSmith on Friday Jun 10, 2016

A Green Mind: Part 1


Wishful thinking: business ideas involving marijuana


We live in interesting times… legalization is upon us and dozens of marijuana startups are being formed each day, possibly with more ideas being conceived by the hour. We live in the age of software for pot growers, fine-dining with marijuana in your meals, and bed and breakfasts that serve pot. During the hippie counter culture movement, nobody probably even thought that these things would be possible or actually exist.


But today, almost anything is possible.


On that note, these are my top 10 ideas for dream products and services that I wish existed (it’s free to dream...) Who knows, maybe one day these ideas might turn into reality and become a big “hit”.


But after reading this list and something does exist that I didn’t know about, do let me know!



1. Hemp clothes or products that you can smoke: Clothing, products, wallpaper, tablecloths, or even mobile phone cases which you can tear off a piece to smoke in a bowl when you’re out of pot. The next time you see a friend missing a sleeve from his shirt, you know it’s time to share some of your stash with him. These products would also lessen your carbon footprint!



2. Ready to bake space brownie mixes: ‘Nuff said.




3. Stoner-friendly amusement park: Fright nights and horror houses, a super trippy Alice in Wonderland-themed ride with lots of crazy visuals, a virtual-reality room, an arcade that includes a game where you have to think out of the box to make your marijuana plants grow faster, would just be some of the attractions I’d like to see and experience there.




4. Strains that don’t show up in drug tests: This way, authorities can easily identify people who take harmful substances. It would also be ideal for people who still live in conservative countries or who work in conventional or sensitive jobs.





5. Complete marijuana cookbook: The book would include a comprehensive and scientifically- proven guide to using marijuana in the kitchen. It would include measurements for using hybrid, sativa dominant, or indica dominant strains in almost everything from appetizers to main courses. It would also include recipes for brewing the perfect cup of marijuana-infused coffee.




6. Culinary schools: The curriculum would primarily cater to chefs who want to learn how to cook with pot professionally, because, ideally it would be an accepted job in the future.



7. Party-planning services and caterers: Piñatas filled with edibles and marijuana buffets for weddings? I’m in!



8. Air fresheners: Imagine coming home after a long day at work to the scent of cannabis lingering in your living room, and getting high off that. Your hands will be free for video games, cooking, or sex…




9. Special aisle at the grocery store: Here, you’d be able to find a diverse range of pot infused goodies, edibles, products, cannabutter, and more. An attendant would be assigned to that area to provide feedback and opinions on the ideal product for shoppers, especially those who have just made a green shift in their lives.



10. Marijuana pizza delivery service: Say no more.



What would you like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

What did you think?

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