cannabis meditation techniques
cannabis meditation techniques

Cannabis Meditation Techniques for Higher Vibrations

Meditating with cannabis can take your vibe to a whole new level

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Aug 13, 2019

Cannabis Meditation Techniques for “Higher” Vibrations

cannabis meditations

Since ancient times, people have been using “sacred plants” to achieve higher vibrations. The Mayans used Ayahuasca, Mescaline and Psilocybin to commune with the gods. The Vedas – ancient Hindi texts dating back some 3500 years also ascribe a sacred element to cannabis. In fact, the Hindi god Shiva as a passionate cannabis lover.


For those of us modern folk who smoke weed, it’s not difficult to wrap your mind around the idea that cannabis does elevate your vibrations in the sense that it shifts your perspective to look at the world in a different light.


Then, there is meditation. The art of inner stillness, utilizing the power of your mind to explore the inner-reaches of your own soul. Not everybody can sit quietly and simply meditate. Meditation also provides a plethora of medicinal benefits from reducing stress and depression and allowing you to deal with the onslaught that everyday life throws at us.


However, what happens when you combine cannabis and meditation. That all depends on the strain you smoke and how much you smoke. It’s true that cannabis can take you deeper, but certain strains will do the opposite.


For those who would like to explore further the concept of cannabis and meditation, I will provide some insight on the types of strains that work best, along with a few meditative techniques you can do right now.


Let’s talk strains…


Firstly, you don’t want to be “too high” when you meditate. Certain strains, typically Sativas, makes your mind super active. You’ll have thoughts popping into your head a mile-a-minute which goes against the idea behind meditation – where you’re trying to still your mind.


Thus, I find the best strains to be mild-hybrids with a slight Indica dominance. This relaxes the body and the mind and will allow you to drift into the infinite cosmic space living inside of your mind.


Let’s talk techniques…


I personally try to meditate daily, even though sometimes I might skip a few days. The following techniques are proven to be “trippy AF” and will provide you with some serious introspection. It’s also important that meditation has cumulative properties, meaning, that the more you do it the deeper you can go.


Obviously, you’ll be taking 1 or 2 big hits prior to starting your meditation.


Starting off slow


The first thing you need to understand is that meditation isn’t as easy as just sitting down and “quieting your mind”. Your mind will fight you and it takes a certain will to be able to master your mind. Thus, for those completely new to the art of meditation, start slowly and work your way up.


Set a timer for five minutes and during those five minutes, simply let every thought drift into the infinite space in your mind. You see, the problem most people have with meditation is that they can’t seem to “think of nothing”. In fact, that is thinking of something.


Rather, I like to imagine that my thoughts are leaves drifting on a stream. I have the power to hold a leaf in sight or to let it drift on. The trick is to not focus on a particular thought, simply appreciate that your brain is generating these thoughts and in your mind tell your subconscious, “Thank you for this thought, I would like to go deeper”.


Do this every time you get stuck thinking about something too long. Start with five-minute meditations and then scale up your time (10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, etc.)


This type of meditation is known as Transcendental Meditation


Candle Meditation


Another form of meditation is called Candle Meditation. In this exercise, you’ll simply take a candle and place it roughly 3 feet in front of you. Turn off all the lights in the room and simply focus on the flame and your breathing for the duration of your meditation.


This type of focused meditation will help you control your thoughts. The candle will become the central point of focus and no new information will enter into your mindscape. It’s sort of a hack when it comes to quieting your mind. You’ll notice the flame dance, your eyes might get watery, but simply continue to breathe and relax until you are calm.


This type of meditation is quite awesome for newcomers who still have trouble quieting their minds.


Binaural Meditation


This type of meditation utilizes binaural beats to change the frequency of your brain waves. This can take you from alpha to theta states allowing you to go deeper than you ever did before. This type of meditation can also be used for “Power Naps”.


If you’re ever tired throughout the day and need a “reboot”, load up this Youtube Video and simply rest. The vibrations being played will help guide your mind through the different wave patterns within the brain. It will take you from Alpha (your active state) down to Theta (REM sleep) and back to Alpha in 15 minutes.


Smoking some weed before the time will allow your body to relax and by the time you’re done, it will take about 10 minutes for your brain to reboot. You’ll feel like you just woke up from a long sleep.


Higher Vibrations


I could probably write a book on Meditation, however for now I think these three techniques are a good starting point for people looking for something “more” in life. Try it and let me know. Allow the cannabis to sync your mind and body and then explore your mindscape. You’ll start seeing the effects of meditation immediately and as mentioned, they are cumulative – providing benefit over time.











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