cannabis vape tech
cannabis vape tech

Cannabis Vape Tech is Hot, But What If COVID Spikes Up Again?

Cannabis vape technology is on fire right now, but will COVID spikes dim its future?

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Lemon Knowles on Monday Jul 26, 2021

Why is Cannabis Vape Tech Soaring?

cannabis vape tech

The goodness of the special cannabis herb can be enjoyed in several ways. Gone are the days when all you could think to do with cannabis is to smoke it in a blunt directly. Now, more exciting ways such as infusing it in edibles like gummy bears and chocolate, vaporizing it, and using oils and tinctures have been provided. This culminated in the massive growth of sales in the cannabis industry as more entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on it. However, our emphasis today will be a bit restricted to the growth experienced by vape tech recently.


Vaporizing cannabis using vape pens quickly gained massive acceptance among cannabis users. Some of its health benefits and the possibility of the desired flavoring made it a better option over conventional smoking of cannabis for many. Since the advent of vape tech in the industry, it has continued to soar in terms of development, and that growth has gotten to an all-time high presently. With every passing year, new and improved modifications are made to vape tech to further attract consumers. The growth of vape tech development in the industry is not too far from what we can easily identify. Read on as we look into some of the top reasons why cannabis vape tech is soaring.


Increase in demand

It’s no news that the population of cannabis users presently isn’t what it was a couple of years ago. This is because the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis in different regions of the world have opened up the industry for more cannabis users. More states are opening up their borders for medical and recreational use of cannabis thereby creating more users. Therefore, it is only natural that with an increase in the number of users, there is a correlative increase in demand for products. This increase in demand can easily be identified as propelling factor prompting the rapid development of vape tech in the industry.


An increase in demand cannot be simply placed at the feet of more open cannabis markets alone. The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge effect on people all over the world in more ways than we can imagine. Its impact was not only limited to physical health alone as it affected mental health as well. This development made more persons seek refuge in the calming and relaxing effect of cannabis to help them get through the uncertain times. This also added to the observed increase in demand for cannabis products experienced.


With more people demanding cannabis products, they are likely to seek unique experiences, and most of these experiences are only possible using vaping technology. Some consumers prefer to use dry flowers with their vapes while others prefer oil. These differences in taste placed the onus on vape tech designers to create new products that can attend to every special need of the user. Pods, pens, and box mods are just examples of different types of vapes created to meet this need. Some of the basic differences that have also been added to vapes accounting for improved developments include longer battery life, self-cleaning, and shatter-resistant casing.


Reduction in the number of smokers

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic with respect to the cannabis industry is not restricted to mental health alone. Covid-19 being a respiratory illness has also drawn cannabis users away from smoking. This deviation from smoking has seen many cannabis users gravitate more to the use of vapes. Vapes are known to not expose consumers to harmful chemicals that are produced and inhaled when cannabis is smoked. The reduction in the number of smokers is a good driving factor propelling more vape tech developers to flood the market with new and improved vapes continually.


For conventional cannabis smokers, making that brave transition from smoking a blunt to using vapes doesn’t come so easily. However, the uniqueness of the available user-friendly devices makes the process seem effortless. Pens, pods, and disposable vapes allow for discreetness and they are also very easy to use. Designers are also introducing different types of easy-to-use vapes for new users, therefore, giving room for more vapes in the cannabis industry. Quitting smoking has never been easier than this as most will agree that vapes are a better and healthier option compared to smoking.  Some new options in smoking like hemp wraps and natural wraps are also gaining market share now.


Collaboration between vape tech producers and cannabis cultivators

While the first two reasons for growth in vaping technology in the cannabis industry might sound predictable, the next reason might not be so obvious. Regulations have always been an issue for many cannabis companies especially those involved in production and vape tech producers are no different. Many cannabis companies involved in production have been jumping ship to focus majorly on producing vapes. This has been strengthened majorly by the collaboration with cannabis cultivation companies. This has provided such cannabis production companies an opportunity to specialize and from the look of things, they are making the most of this opportunity.


The advantage of specialization is that it affords companies involved to apply all their efforts towards specific details in their product with a view to arousing attention and purchasing capacity of consumers. The collaboration between many vape tech producers and cannabis cultivators helps these vape tech producers avoid the hassle of going to obtain licenses. With these, they have more time to focus their resources towards further advancements in the vaping industry. The rate and number of these advancements are why it is possible to say that cannabis vape techs are soaring presently.


Bottom line

The year 2020 came with different types of new realities and 2021 has been trying to adjust to some of the novel realizations of 2020. An increase in demand, reduction in the number of smokers, and collaboration between vape tech producers and cannabis cultivators are some of the reasons why cannabis vape techs are presently soaring in the industry. With the ways things are moving, this growth looks bound to increase continually as there is still so much more that can be added as advancements in the cannabis vaping industry.










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