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stoner lore

Coming out of the Marijuana Closet – Dispelling Stoner Lore

Being Painted as a Stoner is Not a Bad Thing Anymore

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday Apr 27, 2019

Coming out of the Marijuana Closet – Dispelling Stoner Lore

stoner lore


Even in a world where seemingly cannabis is unstoppable, there is still a lot of stoner lore out there. The stereotypical notion of “stoners” still circulate within the social narrative. And while more people than ever are admitting that they smoke weed, many still decide to remain in the cannabis closet.

Perhaps it’s time that everyone who smokes, or have smoked in the past…simply admit it. Maybe it’s time we put aside the old perceptions of stoners, and update the term to reflect what that means today. And while there is a movement within the cannabis industry to “distant” itself from the demographic of “stoner”, the fact of the matter remains that stoners built the industry that distains them so much.


Taking a Negative and Turning it into a Positive

When the prohibition machine was operating at full force, they needed to demonize cannabis users. To do so, they decided to create the “negative stoner stereotype”. You know them as the long haired, burn outs that says “far out man” and likes to burn their “doobies”.

Or they could be the “couch potatoes” that ignore the plights of their friends and families. The loser, the wash out, the dumb ass.

The government was convinced that by creating this negative stereotype, they would make people distance themselves from the idea of being associated with cannabis. Boy, were they wrong.

The outlandish claims generated by the government only fueled “stoners” to wear it a badge of honor. Stoners became synonymous with the “counter culture”.  The people who can see past the bullshit being pushed down the throat of society. The people who defiantly break unjust laws in order to keep their individuality.

The Stoner, was a Freedom Fighter. It became a symbol of defiance to “The Man”. The overreaching government trying to oppress the freedoms of the individual.

It was this counter-culture that helped pave the way for cannabis legalization. The grass root activists who smoked in private, built their bongs and grew their weed.


The Distance to Stoner

In the late 1990s, cannabis became legal in several states in the United States. There were no real guidelines, so the laws were pretty relaxed. This was the baby steps of the cannabis industry. Caregiver collectives, home grows and rustic extraction methods gave birth to what would now be the fastest growing job sector in the United States.

By 2012, the cannabis industry evolved significantly. Recreational cannabis was on the ballot in several states, more states opted in for medical marijuana…things seemed to be going good.

Then, marketing firms started stepping into the picture. They wanted to craft a message that appeals to a wider demographic. Sure, stoners were the people who built the industry, but stoners aren’t “frantic consumers”. They don’t fall so much for fads, trends and don’t care too much about image either.

Marketing firms then decided to change the narrative. Distancing cannabis from stoner would appeal to a wider demographic. Yuppies, techies, business folk, soccer moms were the new targets.

As a result, the marketing started showcasing “premium cannabis brands” in the same light as Apple or Microsoft.

However, despite all of their efforts, stoners still make up the bulk sum of cannabis consumers. They might not identify as stoners anymore, but they still follow the same set of behaviors. You can call a rose by any other name…


Forget the labels

The fact of the matter is that being associated with the word “stoner” isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser or a pothead. It doesn’t mean you failed as a human being. You are simply a person who acknowledges that they like to smoke cannabis. That’s it!

If your fear is that negative association, you should put it aside. If it weren’t for “stoners”, you wouldn’t be able to walk into a dispensary today and buy a blend of strains like you do today.

Stoners are the veterans of the cannabis movement. The defiant ones that stood up to an oppressive government, went to jail for you so that you could freely walk into legal establishments to buy cannabis.

Even if being associated with “stoner” isn’t your concern, being open about your consumption practices will help legitimize cannabis on a personal level. I’m not saying you should be wearing, “I smoke blunts” shirts to work, but when someone asks…just say, “Yea I like to smoke weed”.

Of course, if your job security is on the line or there is some horrid consequence to you admitting that you smoke weed, then please don’t. You have to be wise in these matters.

However, for those who are merely afraid of the social stigma, understand that consuming cannabis is about “you” and not everyone else. It’s a personal choice, and while some people might think you’re a “drug addict”, they can go to the seventh circle of hell for all you care. It’s your life, take responsibility for your actions and simply admit that you smoke weed.

Stoner or not, it’s okay to be open about your consumption practices.








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