how to make a bong
how to make a bong

Do People Still Make Their Own Bongs?

Why Do So Many People Still Make Their Own Bongs

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Jun 11, 2018

Stoners are still making bongs!

Do People Still Make Their Own Bongs? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


With the world of cannabis blazing like a raging fire, the paraphernalia industry has seen similar growth. With more people jumping on the “Toke Train”, it only makes sense that more stoners would be buying their bongs instead of making it.


However, it turns out that there is still a demographic that continues to make bongs as their smoking apparatus.


They Actually Studies This Shit!


That’s right, a study released by Detox looked a bit deeper into the habits of over 1000 cannabis consumers. What they found might surprise you.


The first thing they looked at was the type of material pot smokers use to construct bongs. They found that 35.35% like to use a 2 liter soda bottle and 27.23% use water bottles. Aluminum foil also landed a place on the tools stoners use.


For the stoners who don’t like plastic, the study found that 73.78% of consumers make pipes out of fruits. You can guess what fruit is on the top of the list. Apples took 73.78% of the preferred fruit for constructing a pipe, followed by Melon at 7.27%, Pear at 6.44%, Carrot at 5.60%, Cucumber at 4.29% and squash at 2.62%.


I mean, that’s a lot of science to figure out what is the top fruit stoners use for pipe making.


Considering the age group of Stoner MacGuyvers, 64.06% of them are between the age of 18-24. The second largest group according to the study are people 17 and younger with a 23.92% of them constructing their own bongs.


Above the 25 year old threshold, stats drop significantly. From 25-34, roughly 9.22% of them continue to make their own bongs and 35-44 we have a 2.8%.


What does this mean?


Well, it makes sense that the majority of folks building their own bongs are 25 and younger. Why? Because they don’t have expendable cash on hand. Most of them are either in college or still living with their parents. They can’t afford a $200 bong just because.


Also, since these people are typically scrutinized for smoking, they prefer to have disposable smoking devices as opposed to expensive pieces they can’t afford to lose.


Interestingly, as people get older they tend to build less bongs. This is likely due to the fact that they can afford to buy pipes. Nonetheless, those between 25-34 still continue to build bongs [1 in 10]. This shows us that even if people have cash, they will still continue to build bongs.

This is because of another factor the study uncovered. They found that 48.96% of the reason for building a bong is because people need it in a pinch. 34.57% on the other hand build it for fun. Only 9.51% are too young to buy a bong or a pipe and 6.96% of them can’t afford one.


So what does this tell us?


It means that a large portion of the people building bongs these days do it for recreational purposes. The stoner, as a person tends to be very creative.


I’m sure that everyone of us has a friend that can rig up anything. One of my buddies just created an amazing sploof with a interchangeable filter. No more Smoke Buddies for me!


You can also see that DIY bong building is a popular theme on Youtube. A quick search on “how to make a bong” will reveal many videos with hundreds of thousands of views on it.


You can never kill the ingenuity


One thing about being a stoner is that we’re a creative bunch [for the most part]. Since many of us started smoking at a young age, we were forced to look at common household items and turn it into smoking devices.


I remember taking a 20-liter water bottle and turning it into an 8 pipe bong. Or, the Quadrapod, an old film container forged into a joint holder, with four tubes allowing multiple people to smoke a single blunt simultaneously. Or making a gravity bong from the pool. You had to climb on a ladder to hit that shit!


I have books upon books of designs, ideas and executed plans I have collected throughout the years. I’m glad that as time advances, and while I don’t build bongs nearly as often as I used to, that the stoner ingenuity is still alive and kicking.


The study by Detox reveals a lot about the average stoner. It shows us that while the world of paraphernalia is becoming more apparent, there will always be a bunch of folks that are finding things in their houses to turn into bongs.


I’d like to know what the craziest stoner contraption you have ever built. Post it down below or comment on Facebook. To all you Stoner MacGuyvers out there…keep on building and keep on toking. The world is your workshop!

Do People Still Make Homemade Bongs? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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