Does CBD Offset the Psychoactive Side Effects of THC?

Does CBD mute or tone down the intoxicating side effects of THC in the brain?

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christalcann on Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

Modern Investigation: CBD Offsets Psychoactive Side-Effects of THC?


Thinking you know everything about the cannabis plant? We’re going to prove you wrong! Current investigations and findings show you how CBD oil benefits lower the associated psychoactive side-effects. You should consider increasing your CBD stock.

Any Marijuana regular would immediately be interested in the topic above. For some, it may be delightful news; for others —not so epic. Some may still be new to terms used. Well, buckle up as we take you through a bumpy ride on some of the latest discoveries on the subject – don’t fret, it’s all good; more reasons why you should start reconsidering your medication.


Understanding Cannabis

Almost everyone has come by the term and knows what the plant is. It is so mysterious that up to this day in the development of science and technology, medics and scientists are a long way from discovering all the different compounds found in the plant, including their uses. It is only recently that the health industry has realized the bountiful CBD oil benefits.

Understanding the different known components is the first step for anyone interested in the topic.


What Is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is too hard, too long, and too tedious for a regular smoker to pronounce; therefore, THC is. This is considered as the main psychoactive component of cannabis and is among the 113 recognized cannabinoids identified in the hemp plant. What most do not know is that this component is considered to be its defense mechanism for protection against environmental stress, ultraviolet light, and insect predation.


What Is CBD?

Since its discovery in 1940 as a phytocannabinoid of the green plant, Cannabidiol has been under intense study. Farmers have also fought and strained to come with diverse plant compositions of THC and CBD according to the market demands.

Only recently, medical practitioners have been struggling to find out why individuals, exposed to higher levels of THC while having Marijuana vis-à-vis the composition of CBD displayed intense psychiatric effects. This includes not only addiction but also paranoia and heightened anxiety.

Nevertheless, the increased attention on medical uses of CBD and the realized CBD oil benefits prompted researchers at the University of Western Ontario in Canada to conduct further analysis of the two major components.


Ground-Breaking Results

Now, for the very first time, the mechanical mechanisms at play have been clinically proven, showing how CBD predominantly blocks the psychiatric side-effects of THC.

The simple research which was observed in rats showed how higher amounts of CBD as compared to THC produced somewhat normal reactions as compared to the cases when THC was used in higher contents. Ph.D. holder Dr. Steven Laviolette noted how the rats exposed to higher THC levels had produced higher levels of the extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK) with the effects of anxiety and sensitivity to fear-based learning. The opposite was true for the control rats that were exposed to both CBD and THC.


CBD Oil Benefits

Recent times have seen the cannabis plant being legalized in various states and countries. This disturbed the Cartel market, which has dealt with the production and distribution of cannabis before the legendary Pablo Escobar.

The legalization of cannabis in different forms has also seen cartels adapting to the needs of the market. The trend now is CBD oil. Most people, nevertheless, remain ignorant of the diverse CBD oil benefits and are often found asking what is CBD oil good for.

CBD Healthy Line had this to say about the CBD oil benefits:


CBD Oil as a Special Muscle and Body Relaxer

Having been clinically proven to interact with CB1 brain receptors, CBD oil is known to produce a feel-good feeling that makes one relax. This is done without having to worry about psychiatric effects since the psychoactive component is absent. As such, medics are now continually recommending patients to try out CBD oil for depression and anxiety. This is a significant move since the oil extract is purely natural, and one does not have to worry about the side effects of pharmaceutical pills and medication.

That notwithstanding, various questions may arise, such as, How long does CBD oil take to work? To best answer this, one is advised to first consult their GP for the instructions and directions before use.


CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia

Extreme cases of insomnia and trouble finding sleep are now realizing the valuable CBD oil benefits as the relaxation that comes with it helps in aiding sleep. Nonetheless, this can also be a downside for some since the drowsiness may be displayed at work, school, or on important occasions that call for one's alertness.


CBD Oil Is a Pain Reliever

Yeah! You got it right. CBD oil benefits extend to addressing physical pain ranging from migraine and other types of headaches, nausea, nerve pain, among others. For one to follow this route, a medical prescription is necessary.


CBD Oil Side Effects

Since every high is known to have an associated low, so does CBD oil. Even though the side effects are minimalistic and mild as compared to the CBD oil benefits, it is still important to note them down.

The biggest problem presents itself in that there is still limited research and studies that can offer full conclusions on the long-term effects and even short term on using CBD from person to person – owing to the major differences in body composition.

In cases where some have experienced CBD oil benefits, others have experienced dry mouth, heightened drowsiness, vomiting, mood swings, dizziness, diarrhea, changes in appetite, and worse still, anxiety.

Thus, it is possible to experience the very effects one is trying to combat defiantly. Newbies are instructed to kick it off in small doses before increasing their intake.



This leads us to the final question as we conclude: how to use CBD oil? You can access it in liquid for in doses referred to as CBD tincture, mostly found in bottles with dropper caps. This is then put under the tongue and allowed to sit there for up to 1 minute before being swallowed. It’s also possible to find doses in the form of gummies and capsules, which are generally more expensive. CBD sublingual sprays are also sold but mainly used for comfort.

Now that you know about the CBD oil benefits, when will you try out the CBD oil and experience the new-feel? Would you consider CBD oil for anxiety relief? Leave your comments with any question as we keep the conversation flowing.


Author’s Bio: Joe LaBonte knows everything when it comes to the legality of cannabis and the products therein. He has carefully dissected the cannabis trends and market, giving you the latest news on what you should know and the perks you should avoid in the green-business. 









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