Europe on Delta-8 THC
Europe on Delta-8 THC

Europe and Delta-8 THC - How Will the EU respond to the Latest Craze?

Will Europe take a different stance on Delta-8 THC than the US?

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Aug 10, 2021

Europe And Delta-8: How Will The Continent Respond To The Craze?

delta-8 thc in Europe

Europeans have gotten infected with the latest craze for Delta-8 THC.

It belongs to the same family as Delta 9, only that this compound is legal to consume and is extracted from the hemp plant. The hemp plant and the marijuana plants are the two major varieties of the cannabis plant.

Marijuana is associated with the "high", while Hemp can be described as the non-drug form of the cannabis plant.

All around the countries of Europe, you can now find a reputable supplier that deals with Delta 8 products.


General Overview Of Delta 8

Delta 8 is popularly referred to as a little brother to Delta 9. The compound has all the therapeutic benefits of THC/CBD. It also causes a psychoactive reaction that can be likened to that which is produced by Delta 9. The upside is that Delta 8 users have reported that after consuming Delta 8, they are still aware of their surroundings, and their sense of clarity is improved.

Rather than causing a couchlock effect with hypnotic features, Delta 8 gives the user a pleasant experience that leaves him with a  relaxed and sedated sensation.

Like Delta 9, the Delta 8 compound also comes in various forms. It has been infused into edibles— like gummies, brownies, capsules, butter, and honey—, topicals, pre-rolls, oils, Vapes, etc. It is a versatile compound that is available for sale in major cities in Europe.

Europeans have taken it up a notch, you don't need to visit a brick-and-mortar business to purchase your Delta 8 products, you can order online and get it delivered.


The Legality of Delta 8 in Europe

Delta 8 is from Hemp. Hemp is classified as a cannabis plant that contains more than .3% of THC.

Delta 8 is legal to use in European countries. It is available to be sold legally in dispensaries as flowers and oils.

Due to the absence of restricting laws on the Delta 8 compound, Europeans have a high demand for the product.


The Delta 8 Craze

The wide acceptance of Delta 8 by Europeans is astounding.

It's almost as though everyone's attention moved from CBD and Delta 9 THC products at the same time to rest on  Delta 9 products. Delta 8 which was first discovered in 1941 finally had its moments of fame within the last year.

Unlike the past where it was available in limited quantities, the drug is now widely available as the latest cannabis trend.

Suppliers and producers of Delta 8 products claim sales have been rising exponentially in the last months. The online sales of the products have also encouraged more demand. Delta 8 can be bought in virtually all countries in Europe. Countries like France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Germany and the UK have good suppliers of Delta 8. These suppliers provide some of the best supplies of Delta 8 throughout Europe. These top-notch products can be found in gas stations, dispensaries, head shops, etc spread across the continent.



With the latest buyer craze for those hemp products, it has been observed that the products are being muddled with sub-standard products. Not all the hemp products around Europe can be traced to reputable sources. The market has been diluted with bad products.

Also, the similarities between  Delta 8  and Delta 9 is leaving the law enforcement officers in a dilemma throughout the continent.

The flower buds of both compounds look, smell and taste alike. Officers are often confused on how to identify which is which to carry out necessary actions.

In the last year, during the wild boom in the use of Delta 8, many states which have not legally approved the recreational use of marijuana have become ground zero for the consumption of the legal Delta 8 products.


Curbing the Delta 8 Craze across Europe

The EU has to create appropriate agencies to regulate the hemp industry and Delta-8 THC. These agencies will lay down set rules for the actors in the industry to adhere to. Appropriate licenses will also be issued to trace the products being used by Europeans.

Another role of these agencies will be the compulsory inspection of Delta 8 producing companies to verify the quality of the product. This way, the EU can be certain that the products being exchanged around the countries have been lab-tested by a third-party lab or an independent centre.

The agency will also make sure that the products have the best packaging with a highly required certificate of analysis (COA). The COA report shows that a Delta 8 product meets the specifications laid down by the governing agency.

Enlightening videos can be spread across the continent with a step-by-step process for how to scan and view a COA report which is on the packaging. These videos and media can also contain full guides on how to read and understand the content of the COAs.

The EU can also invest in machines that can make more accurate analyses of collected blood samples. This way law enforcement officers can make clearer decisions when napping a drug user suspect. With the available equipment being used in labs and forensic stations, it can be observed that the equipment often shows a false THC positive for Delta 8 users. This might cause a person to fail a drug test, especially when it surpasses the accepted percentage.



The set of people with extremely happy faces is no other than the retailers in the hemp industry. They have all experienced an unexpected increase in sales.

The majority of these suppliers have attributed the dramatic spike in sales to the therapeutic uses of the drug, especially in managing anxiety-related mental problems due to the pandemic stores.

Now, you only have to wait and see if the current craze increases or gradually lessens for another product to have its moment of fame.

The next cannabinoid fad that may be up will be the delta 10. It is still under the radar but it has started creating a buzz, unlike the delta 8, Delta 10 operates on the other end of the spectrum.








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