reasons you should start growing your own weed
reasons you should start growing your own weed

Five Motivating Factors to Start Growing Your Own Cannabis at Home

What are 5 good reasons to motivate you to grow your own weed?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jun 1, 2021

The Top Five Motivations for Growing Marijuana at Home

reasons to grow your own weed

Growing cannabis is one of the most rewarding activities a human being can do – that is if you smoke cannabis. However, even if you don’t particularly smoke it – there’s plenty of benefits from growing it.


While most people may assume that the primary motivation for growing cannabis is money – especially since there is a lucrative potential behind the plant – there are in fact multiple reasons why someone would take up cannabis cultivation.


This article aims to take a closer look at the more “common motivations” for growing weed at home. Motivations that convinced certain people to circumvent the law in order to grow a forbidden plant.


Quality Control

These days, quality may be a more consistent factor when it comes to cannabis flower. Back in the day however, there was no guarantee that your weed was “pesticide free”.


You got what you got and had to be happy with it – even if it smelled and tasted like it was stuffed into petroleum sacks buried in compost.


One major motivation why people begin to grow weed is to ensure that they smoke the most “organic” as possible. If you grow it, you know exactly what you put into it.


For cannabis users that are interested in keeping their bodies safe from pesticides and other additives – home growing is the only way you’ll ever know 100% that your bud is clean.


You also can decide how “ripe” your crop is before you harvest, giving you ultimate control over the experience.



Another factor that these days seem to be less prudent is the problem of consistency. For example, if you rely on a dispensary to get you weed, you are ultimately subjected to their purchasing habits.


In most cases, the popular strains become a staple – however, what happens when you come along a special strain you absolutely love!


If the dispensary runs out or stops restocking – you lose your access to that particular strain. If you’re buying off the streets, you’re essentially buying “blindly” with no way of knowing if the strain your buying really is that strain.


However – this is completely solved when you start growing. If you like a strain – you can simply order the seeds and start growing. If you are planning on growing this strain over time – don’t get feminized seeds. Breed a few crop cycles and create a seedbank of your favorite strain.


That way you become your own supplier!



We have to bring “money” as one of the motivations for growing weed. Not so much in making more money as much as reducing costs.


Cannabis is not a cheap product if you’re buying from dispensaries and it simply isn’t consistent if you’re buying from the streets.


If you’re treating a medical condition, or even if you decide to consume a lot – stock up for parties and what not, the cost can become quite intense.


$100-$250 ounces is not something everyone can just swing by weekly. Life can get expensive and while growing indoors might raise the cost of lights – it will be a manageable increase since you won’t have a fluctuating expense such as the case of buying weed per gram or ounce.


A fixed cost allows you to budget better, and the fixed cost will produce more gram per dollar, meaning you’re increasing volume of bud per dollar spent!


That’s just smart economics!


For those who can’t

The previous points all related to the individual growing for him or herself. However, there are others who grow for more altruistic reasons.


Some people grow cannabis to create infusions for their neighbors, family members, community. At times they sell these products to help offset costs of operations, but in many cases they aren’t in it for profits.


Most people I know that grows weed for their community don’t consume it themselves all that often. They are more focused on the health benefits of the plant and eat the leaf, make teas and other types of infusions.


This motivation for growing marijuana is rare, but these people do exist. I have had the pleasure to know several of them throughout the years. 


It’s rather enjoyable…

The final reason why people grow weed is because – it’s fun!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work too. It takes time to learn the ropes and even then, more discipline to remain patient as your plants develop.


Nonetheless, the process of growing cannabis is thoroughly therapeutic on its own. I guess this could be transcribed to gardening in general – as I have a similar feeling when I harvest some vegetables from the garden.


However, with cannabis – there’s a very unique element to the entire process. Cannabis is a very expressive plant and each strain is unique. The smells, the development of the trichomes and pistils is mesmerizing.


Those who grow will often grab a nug and just inhale deeply and slowly, soaking up all of the terpenes and flavonoids.


There’s a lot of challenges along the way too – but it’s all worth it and when you’re done….you always want to start “The Next Grow”.


It’s probably the only real addictive quality about cannabis – it’s absolutely thrilling to grow!


That it?

Of course not, there’s plenty of motivations why people like to grow cannabis. These are merely the most “popular” motivations.


There are many other reasons why growing weed can benefit you – making medicine, creating extracts, to prove to yourself you can, to understand the plant, etc.


Whatever your motivation – growing weed is one of the most fascinating activities you can embark on.


But why is it important to understand the motivation in the first place?


Well – because when you know your “why” – you’ve already won the battle. No matter what hardships come your way, you’ll be able to pull on internal resources to solve them. That’s only if you have the objective in mine – the why behind your actions – your motivation to grow marijuana!


Let us hear in the comments what your motivations for growing is (or would be in the “hypothetical situation” that you grow weed….”).


Of course, of course!






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