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Saving Money On Weed

Save Your Greens: Buying Pot On A Budget

10 Ways To Save Money When Buying Marijuana

Posted by:
DanaSmith on Monday May 30, 2016
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Save Your Greens: Buying Pot On A Budget


So payday is still 3 weeks away, but you’re broke and need to refill your stash… What do you do? Read up to learn how to score and conserve weed so that you can get your high even while you’re on a tight budget.


We all know that buying pot is an investment: medicine for the body and for the soul. But that doesn’t mean that you always have to go broke each time you buy a new stash.


But don’t worry: we’ve got a list of tried and tested tricks to help you save greens (both the money and leaf kinda greens):



1. The cheapest way to go about saving money on pot is pretty simple: Grow your own weed. If you live in a state that permits adults to grow their own plants at home, by all means do it.  It will require some time and effort, as well as a small capital to get those leavesgrowing but once you have your own, you won’t have to worry about going dry ever again. Plus you won’t need to take another trip to the dispensary again.





2. Take pot and matters into your own hands - cull the freeloader friends off.  Marijuana is a drug that is best enjoyed shared, like many good things in life, but when times get tough you just have to say no to parasitic friends who always bum off grass from you. We always have that one friend or two who calls you when they want to have a toke and never seem to have their own. Saving bud for your own rainy day will mean spending less time with friends like that.



3. Ask your local dispensary about the THC levels before you decide to buy a strain. This isn’t rocket science: spending money on stronger strains means you’ll get that delicious stoned feeling in significantly lesser hits as compared to smoking many more puffs in order to get a high. Learning about the THC levels from a dispensary will help you make a more informed decision so you can choose quality over quantity.



4. Save your roaches for a rainy day.  This might be the last resort for many smart potheads, but trust me, it works. Each time you smoke joints or blunts, save the remains in a container so when the going gets tough, you know that you have a stash you can turn to. It will only take a few minutes to roll a brand new joint or load a bowl using leftover greens that didn’t get burnt from its last use. Think of it as a “cannabis piggy bank”!




5. Get a group of friends together to pitch in for a few bong loads that can last you a few days. Part of the beauty of being in a community of fellow cannabis enthusiasts is that you know you will always have a friend (or two, or five) who also love grass as much as you do. Besides, who wouldn’t like the idea of getting together a few times a week to share a some bong loads of communal pot?




6. Buying marijuana in bulk amounts can save a lot of money. One of the good things about pot is that it has a very long shelf life; in fact it can even last several years as long as it’s properly stored somewhere dark and dry. If you intend to keep your stash for an extended period of time, make sure that you use a ziplock or a tightly sealed container to prevent air from coming in. Purchasing a large quantity will almost always assure you of a better price and you can sleep well knowing that you have a large amount that can last you for the next few months or even years.




7. Hold in your hit for as long as you can each time you take a puff from a bong, pipe, joint, or whatever device you have. When you aren’t conscious about saving pot, it’s easy to let go of your hit after just a few seconds when deep inside you know that you could actually have held it in for longer. Holding your hit in will give you more bong for your buck and you won’t need to smoke much more because you’d have a stronger, deeper high.




8. Using vaporizers are an excellent alternative way to save greens because these devices are just more efficient at burning all of the weed. In fact you can smoke as much as 3 times more pot just by using a vaporizer. Anything that gets left behind you can store in your “cannabis piggy bank” for future use, or toss into some food to make some edibles.





9. If you’ve never tried dabbing before, you might not want to wait until you are completely broke just to try it. Dabbing is changing the way marijuana is enjoyed today but for your budget-conscious tokers, the good news is that through dabbing you can get more THC in each amount. A bonus is that this process will get you high AF so smoke moderately.




10. Enjoy a couple of good old mangoes before you toke. Mangoes are a potent source of myrcene, a kind of terpene also found in the flowers of the cannabis plant. When you eat mangoes, your body processes the myrcene and then it works together with the THC from pot to give you a more intense high.



What are your secrets for conserving pot and saving money? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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