pot dealers go from zero to hero
pot dealers go from zero to hero

From Dealer to Hero - The Coronavirus Pandemic's Perspective on Pot Dealers

From ‘Scourge of the Streets’ to ‘Heroes of the Pandemic’ – The Funny Shift in Perspective on the Pot Dealer

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Apr 1, 2020

From ‘Scourge of the Streets’ to ‘Heroes of the Pandemic’ – The Funny Shift in Perspective on the Pot Dealer

hero to zero cannabis dealer

Isn’t is strange when a job title – once revered for its devilry – now is hailed for its heroism? If you’re not sure of what I’m talking about – I’m referring to the ganja dealer of course. Since the human discovered that smoking this plant gets you blitzed, consumers have heralded the pot dealer as “a friend [sort-of]”, “an essential part of their acquaintances” and even as a modern day “medicine man or woman”.


However, mainstream media always painted the pot dealer as this shady character that works for the cartels, sells “drugs to kids” and corrupts the innocent souls of the world through their drug pushing. This was until those who didn’t consume cannabis for recreational purposes, started to consume it for medical reasons. Then – the pot dealer suddenly became “the hero we deserve” who defies Johnny Law to bring much needed medicine to those who cannot go out to get it for themselves.


Recent Google Searches revealed that there might be a lot of people “looking to sell weed” as the search term spiked right after the first Covid-19 Quarantine was announced. We wrote about it here on Cannabis.net – RIGHT HERE! This was echoed in a recent NY POST article where they noticed there was a definite spike in cannabis sales in New York because of the pandemic.

SIDE NOTE – “The Pandemic” is a fucking brilliant band name – probably for something like ALT Rock, Punk, or even a Rapper. If you choose to use this – you’re welcome! If you do become famous – drop a line about your friend “Reginald Reefer” as a call back. I’ll know!


Since we know that Cannabis is an Essential – and the government agrees – those once thought to be crooked-individuals are now the unsung heroes bringing life-saving medicine to those in desperate need of a little peace.


Isn’t it funny – how the pot dealer evolved over the last century. From a medicine man to drug pusher, to cartel kingpin, to caretaker, to hero. How strange is the human collective?


Cannabis and the Modern Human


If there is one thing that is certain during all of this uncertainty – cannabis has integrated nicely with “modern-human”. The previous century’s cannabis-hating ways are officially behind us. Sure – there’s still some prohibition on the books – but the human spirit has once more reintegrated with the idea of cannabis.


This entire pandemic has forced people to reflect on what’s truly important. The world is still – and eerily so. This planet is usually spinning a thousand miles per hour, with billions of life forms speeding across its surface oblivious to the “big picture” ever present within their psychocosm.  


Things we take for granted are showing us just how important they really are. You only know the value of someone until it is lost. For the past twenty years or so – we’ve seen a radical transformation within the cannabis-paradigm around the world.

People tout it as medicine; they equate it with liberty and industry. Gone are the days that “drug users” were “junkies”. Psychonauts survived the post-hippie puritanical purge and became scientists, researchers and psychologists.


Pot dealers and growers evolved and became botanists, caretakers and…well some of them still grow pot and deal…but you get the point! It is easy to forget that we’re in a constant state of flux – shifting from one idea about ourselves and our environment – to another.


Now that everything has slowed down significantly and we have decluttered our heads a bit – we’re beginning to see things a tad bit more clearly. We’re re-prioritizing our lives – taking stock of what’s working and what isn’t. This is partly the reason why so many people are getting divorced and while people are engaging in “Tiktokian-Behavior” – [As in acting batshit crazy].


Nonetheless – throughout this period of reflection we have come full circle and realized that cannabis is an integral and essential part of society. It is no longer the “whacky-tobacky” or “stoner activity” it was for so long. It has creeped into the hive-mind of humanity; it is part of our mainstream culture. It is no longer the “rebel thing to do”.


What is to come for cannabis?


To be honest – if anyone is telling you “what’s going to happen” with cannabis over the next few months – they would be lying. The truth of the matter is that nobody has a clue of what’s really going on or what’s going to happen.


Nobody alive has gone through something like this in the past. This is not a “televised” event – this is “Pandemic in real time” where no matter where you look – somebody’s got something to say about it.


Therefore – we can only wait and see what happens however, I do believe that we have crossed a “philosophical and ethical” hurdle – one where people admitted publically that this plant is a part of who we are.








What did you think?

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