Dear cannabis a Bono Fan letter to weed
Dear cannabis a Bono Fan letter to weed

Fuck You Corporate America, Cannabis Is Never Going Away, Again! - A Bono Fan Letter to Weed

We put the plant behind bars and unrelenting capitalism took over our souls for 80 years

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Thom Baccus on Monday Oct 10, 2022

dear cananbis a bono fan letter to weed

A fan letter to cannabis in the same vein of how Bono reads his fan letter to other stars on the U2 Sirus XM channel, because, as Bono says, before he was an artist and a star, he was a fan.


Dear Cannabis,


I want to apologize for the past 80 years.  You were made illegal for the sole purposes of robber-banker capitalism, and you had no right to be put behind bars.


Your return to glory is coming fast, prohibition is ending soon, and the world will know your healing powers and mystical effects soon enough.


A very strange thing called a coronavirus came upon this earth and we soon found out we could not live without you anymore.  The calling back to times of freedom and love, a thing sorely lacking in today’s world, were embedded in our cells and DNA from our forefathers in the 60s.  While you were well kept and protected by underground cultures this whole time, you are too powerful to keep hidden and bound by archaic laws and paid-off politicians.


The world you are coming back into now is a strange place.


Generations of young people have rejected corporate America and unrelenting capitalism. With their ghosting, quiet quitting, and no-show jobs, they have said fuck you to your corporate job and never-ending rat race, forsaking higher riches for better health, more family time, and mental stability.


And yes, my friend cannabis, you are a big part of this new awakening.


The false profit of happiness, alcohol, lost all his clothes as the tides went out with COVID.  No longer do the people believe that drowning your sorrows is a good thing.  More and more people, young and old, are converting to your ways and leaving alcohol behind. 


Ah cannabis, as one of your main stewards and keeper of the faith said so aptly, with cannabis “everything is gonna be already, yeah, everything is going be alright”.  Whether from Marley’s voice, Dylan’s writing, or Tommy and Cheech’s never-ending laughs, you were well protect all these years, sitting right in plain sight.


One puff and the pent-up knots of anxiety and worry grow slack in our minds.  The problems of the moment turn from mountains to hills, to no-worry at all. You give us back our soul, our humanity, and our empathy for everyone else going through this turbulent time. 


Fight a war against our will, no thanks. Work 60 hours a week just to be used-up and replaced with the next person in line when we finally tap-out? No thanks.  Put companies that make billions in profits off the backs of the proletariat classes around the world ahead of family time, happiness, and the human experience? No thanks, anymore.


Without you so many of us would have given up and lost hope.  Hope in a better future, where we can find forgiveness and empathy for everyone around us who is also going through this God-awful time.  Without you the bottle or the gun would have broken us all by now.  What did we have to live for but a slow death of trying to keep our heads above water, 80-hour work weeks, 2 jobs, 2 incomes, get up, work all day, eat crap, no time for your health, exercise, family, or happiness.


This world we created, and our fathers and mothers lived in, looks so strange to us now.


Where was the work-life balance? Did it end with the smartphone and always being at corporate America’s beckoning?  Sleeping? Too bad. At your son’s baseball game? Too bad.  Eating a meal with your family? Too bad, pick up.


Somewhere along the lines, in the race for ultimate efficiency, we tipped the scales over into non-stop work.  That created new medical problems for the patient under the diagnose of stress, anxiety, OCD, ADD, and a variety of other abbreviations used to explain our newfound behaviors.


Why did we believe we had to be so efficient, anyway?  What happened to not being efficient during a day in the park, or at the lake, or at the ocean?  We reached to try and have it all, but instead fell hard from the sun like Icarus.  Chasing false profits of extra cars, houses, social media status, made us push harder and harder, until we finally broke.


But you where there to comfort us, cannabis.  You healed our pain, you let us sleep again, and you gave us hope that maybe, just maybe, there are better times ahead.  That we can fix what we broke, undo the wrong moves and habits that we now consider everyday life. 


We got lost, but you helped us get found.


We wanted to quit, but you told us everything is gonna be alright.  Everything is gonna be alright.


Welcome back my old and dear friend, the world needs you.






What did you think?

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