Elon Musk buying Twitter what does it mean
Elon Musk buying Twitter what does it mean

Ganja Theories - Elon Musk Buying Twitter Signals a Shift in the Laws of Polarity and Woke Culture

Elon Musk buying Twitter signals a changing of the pendulum's swing in humanity's awareness

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Elon Musk buying Twitter

“The End is Nigh! MUSK IS BUYING TWITTER!” This was the latest tech news that was spammed into our collective consciousness and will continue to be a point of debate over the coming weeks. Depending on where you stand “politically” – Musk buying Twitter is either a good thing or a bad thing.


On the extreme spectrum of the left, Musk buying Twitter is akin to people tattooing Swastikas on their forehead, whereas on the other side of the coin, he’s being heralded as the “push back for liberty and free expression”.


In Musk’s own words, he said that he’s buying the platform in the hopes of preserving free speech. He called Twitter the “Public Square” where discourse must be protected and considering the excessive account banning from Twitter – he perceived this not to be the case.


It all began earlier this month when Musk purchased 9% of Twitter Shares which automatically made him a majority shareholder of the company. This made the board of Twitter very nervous and they suspected that there may be a “violent takeover” on the horizon.


In retaliation, they offered Musk as seat at the table only for Musk to outright refuse the position. It turns out that if Musk would have accepted a seat on the board he would have been barred from buying the whole platform.


Thus, it was obvious that Musk had no intention of just sitting with 9%. However, before the Twitter board accepted the bid from Musk, a few things happened.


  1. The Vanguard Group – a major holdings company that holds share in all those big corporations that like the screw over the world increased their holdings to “have more shares than Musk”

  2. The Twitter Board was considering the “Poison Pill” strategy, where they would flood the market with new Twitter stocks which would significantly increase the cost of buying the whole company.


Musk made a bid of $46 Billion for the whole cake and called it his “last best offer” which then placed the responsibility solely on the shoulders of the board members. This was essentially a check mate move from Musk since he knew that his offer was nearly twice that of what Goldman Sach’s suggested Twitter sell their stock at - $30/share. Musk’s $56/share made it impossible to say no since doing so would make the board members violate their fiduciary responsibilities to the company.


As a result, Musk pinned them between a big pay day and their responsibilities to the company – which the founder Jack Dorsey said, “was always for sale” and since stepping down from Twitter have become a much more outspoken advocate for Free Speech.


Nonetheless, Musk announced that if the board does not take him up on his offer, he would sue them for being in violation of their fiduciary responsibilities and would probably have won the case. Therefore, after some deliberation the board finally conceded and Musk will soon take full ownership of the platform.


According to him, the source code will become open source, blue checks will be verification for Human users, and he’s going to be optimizing the platform to protect free speech. In other words, people won’t get banned or shadow banned from Twitter anymore.


And now that we’re all caught up – let’s spark up that joint and sit back because in today’s Ganja Theory we’re talking about an ancient law of Hermeticism called the “Law of Polarity” and the “Law of Rhythm” from the book “The Kybalion”.


What is the Kybalion?


The Kybalion is a book of ancient wisdom said to have been written by Hermes Trismesgistus who is the representation of the Greek God Hermes and the Egyptian God Thoth…


The Kybalion contains a description of the Laws of the Universe and is a way for “those who are ready to see” a means of understanding how life works on a fundamental basis. In today’s Ganja Theories, we’ll talk about two laws in particular; the Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm


The Law of Polarity basically states that;

The great Fourth Hermetic Principle — the Principle of Polarity — embodies the truth that all manifested things have "two sides"; "two aspects"; "two poles"; a "pair of opposites," with manifold degrees between the two extremes. The old paradoxes, which have ever perplexed the mind of men, are explained by an understanding of this Principle. Man has always recognized something akin to this Principle, and has endeavored to express it by such sayings, maxims and aphorisms as the following: "Everything is and isn't, at the same time"; "all truths are but half-truths"; "every truth is half-false"; "there are two sides to everything"; "there is a reverse side to every shield," etc., etc. – The Kybalion


In other words, everything in this world has a polar opposite but what people misunderstand by this is that there is no separation between the two points. For example, when we look at the phenomenon of hot and cold – at what point does one consider it “hot” and at what point does hot turn from hot to cold?


What this means that everything in our life has an opposite that manifests with different degrees of separation from its polar opposites. For example, let’s take a look at US politics.


You have two main polar opposites – The Far Left and the Far Right.


Typically, both groups are extremists in their ideology and while they claim to be completely different, their religious dedication to their dogmatic truth makes them exactly the same except on different extremes of the political spectrum. On the Far Left, the idea of post-partum abortion (aka infanticide) is a perfectly acceptable idea, however on the Far opposite side of the spectrum – a woman should have no right in the process of birth whatsoever and any form abortion is murder.


As you can see, in essence both idea focus on human rights with one side focusing more on the rights of the baby whereas the other focuses on the side of the mother. Yet both are human rights.


If you contemplate on this law, you’ll begin to notice that it is present in everything in our lives, from our entertainment to our religion, the Law of Polarity is real ever present.


The second related law is the Law of Rhythm, which states;


The great Fifth Hermetic Principle — the Principle of Rhythm — embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion; a to-and-from movement; a flow and inflow; a swing forward and backward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow; a high-tide and a low-tide; between the two-poles manifest on the physical, mental or spiritual planes. The Principle of Rhythm is closely connected with the Principle of Polarity described in the preceding chapter. Rhythm manifests between the two poles established by the Principle of Polarity. This does not mean, however, that the pendulum of Rhythm swings to the extreme poles, for this rarely happens; in fact, it is difficult to establish the extreme polar opposites in the majority of cases. But the swing is ever "toward" first one pole and then the other.


There is always an action and reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and a sinking; manifested in all of the airs and phenomena of the Universe. Suns, worlds, men, animals, plants, minerals, forces, energy, mind and matter, yes, even Spirit, manifests this Principle. The Principle manifests in the creation and destruction of worlds; in the rise and fall of nations; in the life history of all things; and finally in the mental states of Man. – The Kybalion


What this Law tells us is that within these polar extremes, there is always a shift from one end to the other. Nothing is ever static – everything is constantly in motion, constantly changing. While the Kybalion does mention that the pendulum doesn’t often swing to the “extremes” of the poles – they sometimes may.


If we take a closer look at the past few years, we might recognize that since Covid – the pendulum has swung far more violently towards the left. Within this swing, we’ve seen a rise in authoritarian policies manifest in places that was considered “free and democratic” under the guise of public health. We’ve seen an increase in mass surveillance and the rise of tribal journalism, pandering to the political whims of the people at the behest of the corporations.


As a result, we’re also seeing the decay in public trust in institutions. How can you trust organizations that receive wafts of cash from the very people they are supposed to regulate? The answer is – you can’t unless there is a major rearrangement of the status quo.


Up until about 2012, the swing of the political pendulum remained relatively tame as the Kybalion suggests. While there was a noticeable oscillation between Democratic and Republican leadership in the White House, the Senate and Congress. The changes were pretty static for a while, which is why we have career politicians who are almost as old as America herself.


And then came Donald Trump. This upset the natural swing of the pendulum which enraged the left into a state of hyper-wokeness.


Wokeness is a word I have long thought to be imbecilic in application and a cheap imitation of what it means to be “consciously aware or present in the moment of your existence.” Being “woke” is the counterfeit version of being “awakened” – which comes as a result of a life altering epiphany that knocks you out of the automation of the cosmos. You go “online” and take manual control of your life.


Conversely, the “woke” pretends to be virtuous for the sake of being fashionable and trendy. Their outrage is only expressed digitally and amplified by organizations that benefit from the mass confusion and the obfuscation of what is generally accepted as “reality”.


In opposition to Donald Trump, who is a self-preserving billionaire who would sell out the average Joe & Jane to the highest bidder without batting an eye, the “Left” went “Woke” and began to assault all aspects of the Norms.


However, this reaction is only “additional force” that will be applied to the backswing of the pendulum, as the Law Rhythm dictates – there will be a backswing.


I believe that we are beginning to see this happen all over the world and that it’s important that we don’t swing too far to the Right either – as history would teach us, that didn’t bode well either for humanity.


Heart Racing? Getting a Little Nervous? Puff on that blunt, it’s going to get better…


I’m not talking about all of these things to scare you, nor am I trying to peddle the latest conspiracy theories. Rather, I am only a solitary stoner observing the world around me coming to conclusions on my own.


Perhaps all of this madness is merely the result of smoking too much weed and spending too much time on the internet. A cerebral influx of data warping my perception of reality around me due to the immeasurable bots and artificial intelligences tweaking algorithms to get me to buy the things “they” want me to buy. Perhaps it’s all just the narrative I’m comfortable to use as a vehicle to express the anxiety of uncertainty that lingers ever present in the air these days.


Or – I could be getting some things right, others not so much and some might be way off.


The point I’m trying to make however, is that if you’ve been paying attention. If you’ve been tuning your Awareness and silencing the Wokeness you might begin to see that there have been more positive changes. More people have become aware of things that others have been talking about for years.


More people have learned to read between the lines. More people are realizing that the people they thought they could trust – are not worthy of their trust


The question is – how do we respond on the Backswing of the Pendulum?


This is where we have an opportunity to create the world we desire. Many people have been turned into tribal creatures that band together behind certain ideologies. This is an automated response – they believe they are in control of their actions and emotions, but the truth of the matter is that when you operate under dogma much of your “choices” are dictated by a higher internal authority.


Therefore, I’m seeing many people getting ready to “pay back” by going “anti-woke”.




Ridicule is not the way to a better world. Sure, it was incredibly annoying for people to talk about their “safe spaces” and people wanting to force their ideology on you without your consent – and not seeing the irony in their behavior.


However, the underlying message of the shallow philosophy of the woke is an idea of individual expression and the freedom to be who you are.


This is something that is a fundamental need of everyone, something that irrespective of your political or religious affiliations – we desire.


While the execution of the woke was abysmal, it doesn’t deserve to be met with the same degree of hatred as was being projected. Rather, we can use the law of polarity and utilize the polar opposite of hate – Love – to correct the swing.


Smoke some weed – find some compassion!


One thing that is different than from before is that cannabis is breaking out of its chains slowly but surely. It’s had a major impact on the way people perceive the world around them. As we swing back from the absurdity of the left and into the absurdity of the right – let’s try to remain human.


But then again…maybe I’m way off and too high for all this stuff…after all, this is a Ganja Theory! 








What did you think?

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