Great Awakening with cannabis
Great Awakening with cannabis

We are Experiencing a Great Awakening - Here Is What You Need to Know Going Forward!

Yes, cannabis and psychedelics are part of a larger human paradigm shift

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Sep 15, 2023

great awakening with cannabis psychedelics

We are Experiencing a Great Awakening!


A monumental paradigm shift is underway in human consciousness, marked by the gradual decriminalization of the ancient entheogen cannabis. This powerful plant's slow liberation from the shackles of prohibition heralds sweeping rejections of outdated control structures across our world. We stand at the early dawn of a new era - the long-prophesied great awakening foretold by seers and prophets across history.


The failed drug wars served to keep minds constrained within rigid boxes - easy prey for brainwashing and conditioning. But as the sacred cannabis flower cracks open consciousness, outmodedbelief systems collapse. What was once radical becomes self-evident to the waking mind.


It begins with small reforms, consciousness expanding inch by inch. But soon a critical mass arrives sparking an exponential awakening. The dam cannot hold back the floodwaters of change forever. The cracks grow into fissures racing across the façade, until all at once the barrier crumbles.


The awakening of humanity has always been inevitable. But now in these pivotal years at the turning of the great astrological cycles, the acceleration of evolution goes into overdrive. The shadows must give way to light. What we've waited lifetimes to witness is here - the unveiling of human freedom and potential in all its glory!


Cannabis and Breaking Mind Control


Why was cannabis made illegal and demonized back in 1937? Not because of scientific evidence - its medicinal properties were well known and praised at the time. But rather for its legendary power to radically expand minds and inspire questioning of authority.


The CIA once absurdly declared cannabis a "mind control drug" - but in fact it is the exact opposite. Early marijuana activists like Cathy O'Brien reported the plant's unique abilities to help resist the CIA's horrific MKUltra mind control experiments seeking to fracture the psyche. This benevolent plant silences the conditioned inner voices of control programs.


Classic psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms were also hastily prohibited and smeared starting in the 1960s. Again, not because they were dangerous - quite the opposite. They reliably catalyzed profoundly liberating spiritual awakenings in those who tried them. The truth was that power-hungry elites knew they could never fully control citizens who found their inner divine nature through these substances.


Visionaries like Timothy Leary spoke openly about the incredible awakening and life-changing healing potential of psychedelics. He encouraged people to think freely for themselves - a huge threat to the system of social control. No wonder he was demonized and called public enemy number one!


The Mayans Were Right

Remember the hysteria about the world ending in 2012 according to the Mayan and Hopi calendars? Of course the literal apocalypse didn't come - but their prophecy contained profound truth. The date 2012 indicated a monumental shift from one global age into another.


According to the ancient stargazers, December 21, 2012 marked the precise turning point when our Sun aligned with the dark rift at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, bridging cosmic world ages. While the physical world went on, our collective reality fundamentally transformed.


2012 initiated the gradual "midnight hour" of the passing Piscean era, characterized by hierarchical control structures, divisive borders, and rigid black/white duality thinking that limited human potential. We now steadily transition into the Age of Aquarius - an era of radical freedom, borderless oneness, and awakening to our divine capabilities.


This aligns with the Hindu concept of the great cycles of Yugas. The unevolved Kali Yuga age of materialism, corruption, and conformity is dying to make way for Satya Yuga - the golden age of spirituality, transparency, and unbounded consciousness.


The signs are all around us, if we have eyes to see them. Up is down and down is up. As the old fear-based structures collapse in confused chaos, revolutionary clarity begins to emerge. The veils are thinning. The dark unaware aspects of humanity are rising to the surface to finally be cleansed in the light of truth.


The ancient indigenous elders were right - the epochal year 2012 marked the beginning of our collective renaissance. What has seemed like apocalypse has actually been difficult rebirth pains. Take heart; we are midwives of the future being born!


From the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius


The passing Age of Pisces corresponded with the rise of institutionalized religions demanding blind faith and obedience to rigid dogmas. Hierarchical authority structures dominated society from top to bottom. Questioning established beliefs was forbidden and often punished harshly. Conformity to approved reality tunnels was everything.


But we now enter the Age of Aquarius, characterized by radical freedom, decentralization, and transcending false dichotomies. Outdated categories dissolve into fluidity, nuance, and unity. No longer will corrupt earthly gatekeepers be able to suppress knowledge of our divine spiritual nature.


Where Pisces enforced exoteric religious laws and obedience to intermediaries, the Aquarian ethos centers on direct spiritual experience through altered and higher states of consciousness. Its energy liberates the sacraments of psychedelics and cannabis to facilitate this awakening after their suppression for so long. That suppression was a keystone of social control. But now legalization and decriminalization are the cracks splitting the dam open. The divine waters of expanded consciousness will soon flood over and reshape society.


Drug Reform as Sign of the Times


As cannabis steadily gains acceptance, the re-emerging science around classic psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD also expands minds. Suppressed and demonized for decades, we now learn these substances can rapidly heal PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction and much more when used responsibly.


This revelation profoundly threatens those profiting from the broken systems of control. Why take Big Pharma psychiatric medications your whole life to manage symptoms when just a few psychedelic journeys can permanently transform trauma at its root? No wonder the guardians of dysfunction resist this knowledge getting out.


Yet the truth surfaces anyway, stronger than their feeble efforts at censorship. Widespread medicinal use of psychedelics would completely disrupt the sickness at the heart of social systems based on greed, scarcity and fear. A population that has felt inner peace, oneness and tapped their own sacred divinity has no use for the parasitic deceptions of those who rule by division and enslavement.


The ascension cannot be stopped - the old empire built on lies is doomed. Psychedelics are the ultimate antidote to centuries of programming and control. In their reflection, outdated power structures have no choice but to dissolve. The future is unity!


The Sticky Bottom Line


The signs are clear - a monumental global shift is underway and accelerating! We are taking back our sovereign minds and embracing our divine potential. The old traps we once accepted blindly now fail.


It is an exhilarating yet chaotic time to be alive. But have hope - the cracks in antiquated structures are rays of light heralding a new era. An era of unity, creativity, peace and abundance for all.


This isn’t coming without its fair share of issues. Right now, the whole “gender debate” is a side-effect of the changing of the times. While I personally do not subscribe to the idea that a “transwoman is a woman”, as it would deny their journey to becoming a transwomen and degrade the concept of a woman down to external appearances – I do see it as an indicator of the changing of a time.


I believe, that the pendulums are swinging, and that there will be pushing and pulling from all sides until they settle into a new configuration. In all likeliness, in the next 20-30 years, we’ll have more “structure” to these debates. New norms will be established and new ways of interacting will commence.


I believe the great turning away will be happening too. Institutions have shot themselves in the foot with the Pandemic. Nobody trusts them anymore, meaning we’re going to have to come up with something new to replace them.


Right now you’re seeing the rigor mortis of the old system. Isn’t it funny that a bunch of 80+-year olds are fighting for the Presidency of the US?  This is the old system desperately trying to hold on to power. All these major instructions will begin to fall, new institutions will arise. Hopefully, we embrace a decentralized world where the individual has the freedom to express themselves as they see fit. If they want to do a sex change, so be it. If they want to do drugs, so be it. It should be the choice  of the individual always.


The Great Awakening has begun! It starts inside each of us. Shed limiting beliefs and see yourself and others with compassion. Darkness thrives in division - light is found in love. Step fully into your power. The promised future is ours if we simply accept it!


It starts by planting a seed, and letting it grow. Over the next 10-20  years, the society you know will be forever changed into something new. Old power structures will be taken down – sometimes violently. And a new age of spirituality will be born!


Put that in your pipe and smoke it!





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