female-led cannabis brands
female-led cannabis brands

Hit Them in the Wallet to Make Them Change - Women-Led Cannabis Brands You Should Support Today

What are female-led cannabis brands you can support today?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Apr 11, 2022

female led cannabis brands

The cannabis movement continues to grow rapidly as more people find the industry to be commonplace across the globe. Today, it's no longer out of place to affirm that a lot of individuals are highly passionate about marijuana. And among these individuals are some empowered and powerful women setting the pace in the cannabis industry.


Certainly, these women are not only setting the pace and making vital moves, but they are also setting remarkable examples of female entrepreneurial strength. Now, let's have a look at some of the prominent women-led cannabis brands within the cannabis industry.



The LEUNE brand holds the ideology that prevailing and winning in the cannabis industry is accomplished with a platform. The brand seeks to use its voice to inspire positive and true changes while also creating more awareness of social injustices.


Since its establishment, the brand has been in partnership with our social justice initiatives like the Last Prisoner Project, and the Floret Coalition. According to LEUNE, plenty of work is still left to be done. Therefore, beyond the glamor and buzzwords, the brand is here to stay to solve and work through various challenges facing the cannabis industry.


Asides from creating social awareness for the cannabis industry, LEUNE produces some of the coolest disposable and pre-rolls vapes in the industry. Some of their products include;


  • CloudBerry Infused Pre-roll: This offers the best of highs with potent California-grown flower

  • 2:1 Pina Day Dream Disposable: An excellent companion for easing stress and anxiety

  • Desert Gold Pax Pod: Offers a remarkable creative and motivating feeling thanks to its Sativa hybrid profile.


Miss Grass

Miss Grass sets itself on a mission to get the world good and potent weed. The brand manufactures its products using three standards; effective, clean, and trusted. Miss Grass is all about making cannabis available to everyone while creating a platform ti nurture and support a proper industry. And above all, to eliminate the stigma surrounding the herb.


Miss Grass is also an active participant in social initiatives like the Trans Lifeline, Cage-Free Cannabis, and the Last Prisoner Project. The brand is one of the few that shows the number of terpenes present in their products. This helps users to guide users and help them understand how they can feel after usage.


Some of Miss Grass' products include;


  • Quiet Times 5-Pack: Helps users to feel dreamy but not spaced out, relaxed but not sluggish. Just the feeling of weightlessness, serene, and smoothness.

  • Fast Times 5-Pack: Thus pre-roll is best for daytime, opening one's spirit to get things done quickly.

  • All Times 5-Pack: Offers enough high that one can control making the body and mind feel like one.




This women-led brand produced cannabis products just for cats and dogs. My Best Buds produces tinctures that are precisely dosed tinctures to help pets with stress and anxiety.


The founders of My Best Buds are known to be serial entrepreneurs with educational backgrounds in the medical field, law, and aerospace engineering. Paving their way through the industry, the founders hope the science behind their products will one day help in medical cannabis research for humans.


Among the many products produced by the My Best Bud, here are the prominent CBD-dominant oils for your furry friends in different ratios;


  • 4:1 – Ideal for pets with high levels of anxiety

  • 20:1 – Best for small pets just getting introduced to CBD and with a small level of stress

  • 1:1 – Remarkable for traveling pets given both CBD and THC work together to ease the body




This is a second-generation, woman-owned family farm established in Humboldt. The products are aesthetically packaged in artisan tins and glass and are well recognized for their smooth pre-rolls. The products are best for beginners given their low THC content.


Juniper's method of culturing cannabis gives their product remarkable trichomes rich in terpenes which allows the flower to smoothly and softly burn. Above all, the brand's packaging is easy to recycle and very compact.


Some of the remarkable strains from Juniper available in the market include;


  • Green Crack mini 5-Pack: The size of these pre-rolls makes it best for just a single smoker. It offers great focus and pleasure

  • Super Lemon Haze 5-Pack: Ideal for a great weekend. It helps to awaken feelings and also lighten the mood.

  • Wedding Cake 2-Pack: This is an Indica dominant strain that offers ease and relaxation to the body.




This is a family-owned brand belonging to mother and daughter to be precise. Christine Skibola is an internationally recognized cancer researcher and a professor at UC Berkeley. Her daughter, Nicole Skibola is a writer, an artist, and a survivor of cancer. This duo was able to work for hand and put together the respected and prominent brand Cosmic View.


Christine and Nicole established Cosmic View as a union between art, the California lifestyle, and science. Their products are specifically produced for women's needs to ensure women pass through more delicate moments easily.


The following are some of the prominent products from Cosmic View;


  • Viva La V: This is a vaginal balm formulated to rejuvenate, protect, repair, and replenish tender skin. Infused with CBD, the product's anti-inflammatory property is highly powerful.

  • 3:1 Restore Tincture: This tincture helps the body to feel whole, making it best for daytime use for simple tasks.

  • Slumber Tincture: As the name implies, this helps to help one kick back and simply relax given its high quantity of THC.




This brand is another ideal example of women's powerful influence in the cannabis industry. Erin Gore, the founder of the Garden Society is a powerful advocate for women-led cannabis brands and is equally committed to changing the perception of the plant. Karli Warner, her co-founder is a working wife, mother, and survivor of cancer. She recognizes the positive effects low-dose cannabis has on the body, soul, and mind.


Together, these women have established a well-respected and meticulous brand, Garden Society that provides aesthetically manufactured pre-rolls and edibles. The brand is also an advocate for using dmsafe and sustainable ingredients to produce cannabis products. The company is a great place to start for those curious about women-led cannabis brands.


Some of the products offered by Garden Society include;


  • Spiced Vegan Dark Chocolate: This edible is infused with potent Sativa strain to help lighten and improve mood.

  • Calm & Focus high CBD Pre-rolls: Ideal for relaxation on most stressful days

  • Sativa Rosettes Pre-rolls: This offers light effects for anyone looking for a brighter day



Undoubtedly, women-led cannabis brands will continue to grow in the cannabis industry. It's evident that they are just getting started as more revolutionary business models and unique products will be unveiled in the future. The coming years will be exciting as these women will lead the industry to greater heights.








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