How to Talk To Your Parents About Weed
How to Talk To Your Parents About Weed

How Do I Talk to My Parents about Weed? (The Step-by-Step Guide)

How should you approach your parents about smoking marijuana?

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christalcann on Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Your Parents about Weed

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Times have changed.

Unlike before when youths had to hide their smoking history from society because it was seen as an evil of society, now they can be more open with it. Cannabis users are no longer ostracized by society in large numbers.

With the laws and regulations in place for the medical and recreational use of cannabis, now might be the right time to discuss the vast world of cannabis with your parents. Before you go ahead with your decision to talk to them, understand that your parents may not fully agree with whatever you say to them. For this reason, you must be fully prepared to answer their questions while trying to switch their staunch positions against weed use.

Members of a family have to be open with one another. The parents with the children and vice versa. With research and the right manner of approach, it should be easy to educate your parents on the best sides of cannabis use. If you have an underlying health condition, you do not have to postpone this talk with your parents, you can show them that cannabis use is a safe and therapeutic activity.


A Guide To Tell Your Parents About Marijuana

This guide will be broken down into three segments.

  1. Before the talk

  2. The talk

  3. After the talk


Before The Talk

There is no proper way to talk to your parents about weed, so while getting ready for the discussion, you need to be certain about some things. Missing the next steps and heading straight to discussing with your parents might leave you in a bad spot.



Have you ever asked yourself for the exact reason why you use weed? Consider the benefits you derive from using it, is it worth it? You have to be honest with yourself while pondering these very important questions.

Grab a pen and a paper to document your points. If you end up having recreational benefits alone, that might not be enough to convince your parents if they ask for your truthful opinion. If you can note down the values cannabis adds to your life, you would be able to point these out to your folks.


Your parent's acceptance

Not all households have parents who are accepting of cannabis use. Ascertaining whether your parents accept or are against the use of cannabis will show you the angle to pursue while preparing to have this talk. You have to think back to discussions your parents may have had about cannabis or anything close to it to gauge your parent's views on cannabis.



It will be very bad of you to talk to your folks without having the necessary information at your disposal. You may be about to fight a war of words, and researching information is the only way to arm yourself. Just a few minutes making some google searches could make all the changes you need. Arm yourself with facts, only facts!


Cannabis legislation

Is marijuana use legal in your state and country of residence? If yes, you may have less stress trying to convert your parents.  If not, you need to buff up your argument with legal weed laws in neighboring states.


Time of Discussion

Decide on the time that would be most appropriate to have this discussion. Make sure your parents are not stressed or engaged in other important duties when you choose to talk with them. Prepare a proper agenda for the discussion before the time, this way the dialogue would go smoothly.


The Talk

It's finally time to sit down and have a meaningful dialogue with your parents. You're mentally prepared and you have worked on a good tactic to follow in this "battle".


Mom, Dad, I use cannabis

You have to go straight to the point. No dilly-dallying around in a bid to waste everyone's time. Just lay your points concisely. You don't have to say it this way, just gently tell your parents that you've called their attention to let them know that you use cannabis.

One thing is certain, if you've been using it in the house, they already know.


Positives first

Now that they know you use, let your parents know about all the positive impacts of cannabis use. You could show them positive stories of other people online that use weed for medical purposes. Prove their claims by bringing up clinical researches that have been down over time. Put all your research to use and try not to overseell yourself.


Question Time

After giving your brief, you can now sit back and let them throw their questions at you.

Just imagine you're back in college, and you're having a presentation. Let your parents assume the role of your professors and take their questions on like a pro. But then again, try not to be too formal, they're your parents after all.

This would also be the right time to ask for their experience in using cannabis. Ask why they started, and what prompted them to quit.



Let your folks know that your marijuana use will not impede your performance in any way. Neither would you end up causing trouble for them by misusing the products?


After The Talk

Now the ball is no longer in your court. You can only hope that your parents are on board with your decision to use weed. It is quite impossible to control the way your parents took the discussion. Just hope for the best.


Further Talks

Don't cancel out the possibilities of having more talks on the subject. After the talk, your parents can either agree, disagree or ask for more time to discuss and further digest your relayed information.

You need to be fully prepared to have other discussions on the topic.


Respect is paramount

Whatever final decision your folks take must be respected. They're your parents and they would have their good reasons for deciding on the next course of action for you. Your choice to respect their decision may influence them to have a change of heart if they rejected your stance initially.



In everything you do, make sure your parents' peace of mind is not disturbed. Don't stop using weed responsibly!








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