parents and weed
parents and weed

How To Smoke Weed With Your Parents

Why Parents Should Educate and Learn

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Aug 2, 2016

Why Parents should Smoke up with their kids

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I remember when I started smoking weed at the tender age of 13. My brother introduced me to the herb out of concern that I was becoming “too uptight” or even “nerdy” in his words. While his concerns were misdirected, I do appreciate the fact that he introduced me to the plant. It’s been a bountiful 20 years of smoking and I believe it will be something I do till the day I die.


When I started smoking, it was entirely a clandestine act as my father, who was special forces in the military, wasn’t too keen on my brother and I smoking cannabis. My mother, was not the savviest when it came to drug use. Despite the prohibition of using narcotics in our house (save alcohol), my brother and I were “busted” by the family on more than seventeen different occasions. You’d think that by the fourth or fifth time my folks would have caught on, but they didn’t.


On several occasions we attempted to let them all smoke with us, to debunk their fears and show them that it’s actually a lot safer than alcohol. They would have none of it. Then, one day we spiked their food with about a quarter cup of reefer. While my entire family got high (except good ol pops because he was out of town), it didn’t change the dynamics in the house. We still weren’t allowed to smoke weed. Bummer!


Fast Forward


Several years later, I finally got to toke up with my mom. It was a glorious day where finally I had achieved my childhood goal of smoking up with my parents. Well, parent…seeing that my dad died from cancer a few years earlier.


I remember that one day, when I was about 23, I simply came out to my mom and told her, “Mom, I’m tired of hiding…I smoke weed”. I also continued to explain to her how cannabis was safer and so forth but issued a challenge to her, “If you can prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt that cannabis is bad for me…I’ll quit”.


So accepted.


It took us about six months to cipher through all of the information about cannabis and finally, she came to the conclusion that marijuana is NOT bad. In fact, she is one of the biggest advocates I know these days heavily vested in the medical possibilities of the plant.


Since then, I have smoked with my mom on several occasions; she isn’t too keen on smoking however she does light up every now and then. Our Christmas get togethers usually comes included with a bag of green as most of my family now smoke pot.


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How a simple act could have changed my life


Reefer wasn’t the only psychoactive substance I used in my teens. In fact, some could say I was a heavy abuser of drugs in my teen years, having tried everything from LSD, Ecstasy, Peyote, Mushrooms, a large regimen of pharmaceuticals, cocaine and so on. In fact, I pretty much ate anything that would get me high except for a few substances like heroin, meth and so forth.


While I don’t advocate kids doing drugs, the fact of the matter is that many of them will take it regardless of the fact that it is permitted or not. For me, this was definitely the case.


The major issue however I see with this is not so much that kids will do drugs, because they will…but rather that we as a society deem it responsible to let them do it without supervision. We say, “You can’t do this” and then leave it at that…hoping that kids will abide….which they don’t.


So many times have I taken drugs without proper guidance and fortunately for me…I came out unscathed from my youthful endeavors, but I also know of many who weren’t so lucky. If only there were a parental figure that could have guided me through the proper use of psychedelics and mind altering substances, I could have potentially not made many of the mistakes I did make during my teen years.


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This is why toking up with your kids, obviously when they are already smoking weed, is not a bad idea. There are many cultures that give their kids a sip of beer or wine during festive events in order to make them become aware of the substance, the effects and educate them prior to being let loose on earth. Why should it be any different with other drugs?


Why shouldn’t we be educating our kids on proper use as opposed to leaving it in the hands of the government, who have been systematically lying to us about cannabis for more than seventy years. It’s not like we could trust them or anything of the sorts.


I would have much rather had one of my parents teach me about cannabis when I was ready to learn. In fact, if my folks would have told me at age 13, “Just hold out till you’re about sixteen and we’ll show you everything about smoking weed”, I probably would have obeyed.


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However, my parents didn’t share this view. They maintained the narrative of the government…prohibition and that ultimately led me to purchasing kilos from Mexican drug cartels, dealing in school and of course going for week long psychedelic benders out of rebellion.


The moment you remove the taboo from smoking cannabis or drug use in general…the less likely teens would like to try it. It’s just simple teen psychology.



Have you ever smoked up with your folks? Would you smoke up with your kids when they are ready?



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